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What’s one thing you like about Dead by Daylight?

Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 5,000

Just the title, what do you like about dbd right now?



  • RainehDazeRainehDaze Member Posts: 1,293

    When it works, the cat and mouse stuff is fun.

  • I love the immense customization, like, there are so many builds and playstyles that you can use (Not Just Meta).

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,247

    Mechanically, I like the hide and seek and chase main loop of the game as a killer and the wide variety of abilities and maps. I also like asymmetric 1 vs many games

    Thematically I like that the game is more or less an homage to a huge number of classic horror movies and tropes. Before DbD came out, would anybody have been able to guess that you could have Freddy and Michael Meyers and Ghostface and Leatherface and a bunch of original killers, etc, all in one game as playable characters? Kind of cool! 😄

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,555

    I can play a game where I'm ash Williams being chased by pyramid head from silent hill on Gideons meat plant from saw with my teammates being from left 4 dead and resident evil

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,801

    The characters and the lore (when it actually stays consistent)

  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,651


  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296

    I like the friends I met playing the game.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    I just like walking around. It sounds stupid but the downtime when you're a survivor and you can't find a gen and the killer isn't chasing you, you can just kinda look around at stuff. The maps are pretty cool. Same thing as killer but to a lesser degree.

    To me the game as a whole is pretty chill but I've been playing for a long time. I instinctively optimize loops etc. The atmosphere is pretty good times.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    The game being the super smash bros of horror.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,629

    But how do you cope with her face in this game and the fact they may not fix it anytime soon?

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 3,126

    Feng 🤤

  • deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 3,660

    I honestly don’t mind her face. In the lobby, she looks cool to me. This all my opinion tho I know a lot of people complain about her and Jill’s face. I use both of them and I like the way they look in the lobby. They look weird when the camera shows their face when the game starts but as long as they look good in the lobby it’s fine.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    Demogorgon and Artist

  • SomberNokkSomberNokk Member Posts: 732

    The licenses, its cool to load up a game and be able to play some of my favorite horror antagonists. I feel like theres no other game to have done something like that, bring all these characters under one roof.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 1,147

    Fair matches between Survivor and Killer that come really close are very, very fun.

  • LegacySmikeyLegacySmikey Applicant, Member Posts: 241

    Honesty I like getting killed by Mori as a survivor especially the good Mori's even they tunnel me out at 5 gens I get a fun death I don't care so much!

    I love meg (kate is a reasonable second)

    I like the fun outfits I can dress my killers as (even though I can't see them!)

    & I've genuinely been hooked since my first ever game over 4 years ago (even though my teammates threw me to the wolves in that game you know who you were Dwight main!)

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 3,628

    Dead by Daylight

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,583

    Many people have already said this, but it is just so true. The crossovers it has. I once had a game where we were on Gideon Meat Plant, killer was Freddy, and I was Leon, my friend was Laurie, the other 2 were Nancy and Bill. In no other game can you find 6 different iconic horror licenses in the same game. It's just so crazy to me.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,944

    Sound and Art Design. Like. Damn! It’s really good.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,875

    The verity of Killers and their powers

  • Danielgdp3Danielgdp3 Member Posts: 452

    Mainly just the premise of the game, love the horror genre and a group of teens going against the baddie is just my cup of tea.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,984

    I get to be Michael freakin' Myers.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    The chase.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    It's a very unique game. My first 6 months I put so much time into this game. All the killers who play different styles for me to learn is what pulled me in. Ofc Freddy, Mike, Bubba, Pig, and Demo being here at the time has something to do with it as well.

    I will admit I am seeing my play time decrease but it's because the game is getting repetitive to me...Lack of unique mechanics ever being added. Could be because people cry so ######### much when they do (Snowmen) but this game desperately needs new mechanics/gameplay even if it's just a damn snowman. If not for Artist I would probably be playing 1-2 games a day but now I play 2 trials on each side.....a significant decrease to my usual playing time.


  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    To elaborate on the repetitive aspect I turned off DBD last night to play this old game I had installed called Mutant Football League.....Yes BHVR I turned it off to play ######### Mutant football league....I need some new mechanics asap.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    This event. I know it doesn't seem that significant but the developers have put more effort into this event than ever before. Excluding the Halloween event where you could kick pumpkins, all we've ever had before are reskinned gens, hooks etc and some skins we earn for hooks/gens. Ever since the Halloween event, the developers are doing better with events now.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    The licensed killers.

    Without them...I would of jumped ship a long time ago.

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