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The Artist is Unfair and Unfun, But Not OP

thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,227
edited December 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

While I understand people saying that The Artist is unfair and at times unfun to play against, she is not overpowered, though she’s a bit close to it.

The Artist has a few annoying mechanics that at times can create binary decisions for survivors, or put survivors in lose/lose situations. Putting a crow at certain loops can make it completely useless, forcing those survivors to run away. If the loop is small enough, the survivor won’t have enough distance, and they’ll be hit anyways.

Her hook defense is equally as annoying and oppressive as Hag’s as well, allowing her to either keep survivors off of it for a while, or force them to reveal themselves early by running through the crows, otherwise, both the unhooker and unhookie will be hit by the crow.

Cross-mapping survivors with crows can also feel frustrating at times, though much of this is due to the seemingly large hitbox the crows have. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t ample time to move out of the way of those crows because they cover such a wide area. It feels like The Artist is just getting free hits if she has another crow.

Here are some of my suggestions to scale back on some of these frustrating mechanics to make her a bit more healthy, while retaining as much of her strength as possible.

  • crows within 20 meters of a hooked survivor immediately dissipate when the survivor is unhooked (this includes crows that are moving)
  • reduce the width of the active crow hitbox by 30%, forcing The Artist to be more accurate with her shots
  • Increase the duration of the movement speed penalty after The Artist places a crow by 1 second.

yeah i can tell i’m going to be yelled at

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  • Shirtless_MyersShirtless_Myers Member Posts: 248

    Oh, no. The killers who deserve a nerf got hit with it!

    Every single example deserved the changes they got.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,865

    I struggle to understand how she is "unfair" to go against but not OP. If a character can't be countered, it sounds like they just might be OP. I just came back to the game and I've only gone against her three times, but she's had 4ks in every game, and I can't figure out what to do against her yet. I can't use pallets or Dead Hard or windows to prolong chase against her. A killer who takes away everything survivors have certainly seems OP. I guess just being immersed and never interacting with this killer is the way to go. Fun for everyone!

    I can certainly see why killers like her though.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,337

    Nerfing a killer because they're unfun is just as invalid because the definition of what counts as fun changes from person to person. There is absolutely 0 way to rate fun for what it means for everyone. The fact that people think the devs should balance around fun shows they don't know how to balance and, although I don't think all suggestions made based on the idea of "fun" are bad, 99% of the time the suggestions made are made to kill a killer or survivor mechanic.

    If the suggestions this person is making went through, the devs would literally kill this killer.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171
    edited December 2021

    I have played her exclusively since release and survivors at my level no what to do in chase. When she starts dropping crows go to a different Loop the crows are not that hard to dodge as some of you are claiming.

    Small loops if the Survivor stays in the loop she can get them down pretty easily but so can clown, trickster, nemesis, huntress, and everyone else who has some form of anti loop. You get an audio cue and can see the crows in flight (unless an add on is used).

    The game is catered to bad survivors so I'm sure you will all get your wish for nerfs and will be bullying and tbagging her in no time.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 12,473

    I'm going to be considerate and ask for justification considering the fairly heavy-handed nerfs you are proposing.

  • LoneSlingerLoneSlinger Member Posts: 500

    Or you know we could stop asking for killers to be nerfed cause every time people spam these threads the killer gets gutted and then months later everyone is always like where did this killer go

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 618

    At specific spots you are trapped? Maybe that is bad positioning of the survivors or extremely good herding by the killer.

    Cross map shots free hits? Not ample time to respond? That means you are extremely predictable, don't repel crows or she went for a high risk move and you greeded.

    Hook radius is fine and the crows are easily enough avoided, it isn't even remotely as good as the Hag at this. Removal of well timed moving crows?

    Punish her more for placing down crows? Are you telling us that 2.5 seconds with her dropping below survivors speed isn't enough. It feels clunky as is...

    People, maybe go play the killer first at a decent level before they try to make nerf suggestions. She is skill based, she has counters and you state she isn't OP... which means she is actually fair? Because that is what that means.

    Facing an artist learn to repel instantly you don't lose speed doing so, move more unpredictable and bait shots and know when to leave a tile, positioning and all that. There is gameplay to be had on both sides.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,799

    Artist is already largely countered by holding Shift W, increasing the duration of the speed penalty for using her power would just make her feel even more lethargic when survivors run to the next loop. Plague just recently had her penalties drastically reduced because as killer, constantly being slowed down because you try to use your power is incredibly unsatisfying to play.

    Decreasing the hitbox of the crows is also a terrible suggestion as they already require a lot of precision, and anyone who plays Artist will attest to the fact that quite often crows which appear to hit survivors directly will only register as close misses and give killer instincts.

    I think she's in a really good spot at the moment. She has counterplay, her crows are highly telegraphed allowing survivors to play around them long before they launch, and she has a relatively long cooldown for a power which is meant to be used for basically every hit. I've had pretty good success playing her, but coming up against good squads of survivors they're definitely able to dodge a lot of shots and waste time effectively.

    You have to remember that the killer is a player too, something feeling "unfair" because you weren't able to dodge 100% of hits doesn't make sense, the power SHOULDN'T be easy to avoid every time, and her design as a killer is to make strong points on the map more risky, or to push you into making bad decisions.

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,293

    So you just want her to be Straight bottom B tier?

    She don't need a single nerf, if anything... a buff or some QoL that's it..

    Lest you just want only 3 killers at S tier and everyone else F tier...

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 645

    I dont think she's unfair or unfun to play against. I personally like the idea of having to pay attention to the crows and their positions, its similar to Huntress and her hatchets. Now if you're a player who doesn't really look behind themselves, then yea she's ultra punishing.

    I've outplayed numerous people playing her and I realized pretty quickly where she slacks heavily. She stops loops, she doesn't stop chaining tiles. For ex, you can loop shack once and because she thinks you're going to use it more, she'll start setting up her crows, which is the moment you break off from shack and move somewhere else, so she has to set up crows again and again.

    I don't find them as strong as you do, I guess.

  • ManyAchievablesManyAchievables Member Posts: 645

    If The Artist still had her insanely pea-brained strategy of trapping windows with crows for free health states, I think she'd be overpowered.

    She is very unfun to go against, however. These nerfs, though, are way too much and unnecessary.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 3,163

    How even? I'm going to focus on Wraith, because his was somehow the worst possible idea for a nerf they could have done to him.

    His extended lunge was an anti-looping tool for a killer with no anti-loop. Wraith is a lowbie stomper who suffers greatly in higher MMR when survivors know how to evade the killer. When they can loop, he has nothing, but for a brief time, the extra lunge let him play around shorter loops and some windows (such as shack window.) He was still quite loopable, always finds a mortal enemy in windows, but had more options in some loops than playing Benny Hill Simulator. When survivors can't loop, he destroys them, because he counters holding W more than anyone else, has high map presence outside of chase, and can't be seen until he's close. Less skilled survivors struggle with attentiveness to surroundings and utilizing map resources, so Wraith is newbie kryptonite.

    Killing his lunge destroyed his only tool to compete with stronger teams while doing diddly squat to his ability to massacre weaker players. It lowered his skill ceiling without affecting the skill floor. When it first happened, it was a rare buff where it didn't actually make the killer harder to deal with at the bottom of the game, while noticeably improving performance in middle and upper levels (because if you don't run for a window or pallet, the extended lunge damaged you a second faster than it will now - but that isn't really significant, you're still getting caught.)

    I can argue the issues with the others, too. Everyone liked Billy except for a few addons and they completely gutted all of his addons in response, in addition to overheat, making it easier to read him in chase, and giving his FoV drunk goggles. Cenobite was similar to Wraith; pub stomper who had his tools to deal with stronger teams taken away, though at least his changes did make it easier for the pubs to handle him (though solo queue still suffers in general against him, because lack of info is enormous against his box.) Deathslinger was annoying in the 1v1, but his 1v4 was always terrible and now he's worse than Huntress in every conceivable way because everything that differentiated his playstyle from hers got whacked with the nerf hammer. But seriously? Wraith was a wee bit OP?

  • LabracLabrac Applicant Posts: 1,285

    Your post would have been better if you just called her OP anyway. It's just stupid saying she is not OP and then suggesting completely gutting her anyway.

    But just to dismiss your point:

    1) There's no way to get damaged by crows while unhooking. The damage path is only 8 meters and she can't place them 10 meters from the hook. She might try to align them from away, but then you can tank the first crow and dodge the second.

    2) The hitbox is generous for the same reason Huntress' hitbox is. You can clearly hear her lauching the crows and see their path auras. Getting a cross map snipe is more a problem of the survivor messing up.

    3) She moves slower than Nurse while placing the crows. On 90% of the occasions there's enough time for you to chain another tile while she places the crows. The cooldown doesn't need to be longer.

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,227

    Because she straight up is not fun to face, due to her creating binary lose/lose scenarios for the survivors while denying the most engaging part of the game: chasing, in favor of survivors just running away and mindlessly dodging in hopes that they aren’t caught. I’m not saying she’s too powerful, but she’s a design failure, and something needs to be addressed to mitigate that.

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 1,922

    I get all the people saying that she doesn't really deserve a nerf since she's nowhere near nurse level but at the same time I think we can all agree that this a problem because she's just not a well designed killer to begin with

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,854

    eww clunk.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,462

    I don’t see how you find her sending crows across the map is frustrating. You can literally just move away from the gen (because that is where most of them aim for) additionally get in a locker and crows will auto clear.

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,227

    I don’t agree with this. Both Freddy and Wraith got the wrong end of the nerfstick. Though Freddy was really unfun, he didn’t deserve that. It was more because of his design.

    These are proposed with 100% certainty of course. I just believe that by design, The Artist is not good. Her power can create scenarios in which a survivor can’t really do much. I don’t think her power should be 100% avoidable all the time, super slow, but I think she needs some tweaks that scale back some of these frustrating mechanics— and of course, she should be compensated.

    This isn’t a dedicated rework suggestion, they’re just some ideas. I feel like we’ve interacted enough for you to know this Gann lol.

    If I WERE to propose something in return, WITH the clarification that not all of these need to happen, and that I’m not proposing something like this with 100% certainty (they’re just rough suggestions— which is why i didn’t put this in feedback), I say something like having her crows speed up even more with distance, slightly reduced power cooldown, etc.

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