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Fellow Pyramid Head mains, I call out to you.

my fellow PH mains, i have summoned you for a reason, one for us to join together and overthrow the entity and get us some good addons but also out of curiosity as to what perk loadout you lot use.

+ bonus question what pyramid head skin do you think is best



  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,698


    Also as for cosmetics, his P3 for sure. His Blight was kinda disappointing, I like the Cheese Knife but not the helmet and the body makes me so uncomfortable, and the Torment is just very meh... at least he's shirtless?

  • Sandwich_JesusSandwich_Jesus Member Posts: 256

    guess ill need to get i'm all ears then, lets hope it comes in the shrine soon

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,650

    P3 all the way.

    As for builds, I used to run bbq, corrupt, pop and Im all ears as above, but lately I started experimenting with other perks.

    Like Monitor and abuse, Nurses calling, Deadlock with ruin and also some Pentimento with Plaything.

    I am a BP slave so BBQ is in every build even tho you can cage people. However survivors use to evade trail like its lava or something so you get plenty of hooks even if you dont have any hook perks so it works

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,078

    Throw out all existing Add Ons and make a new set from the ground up. They're all trash currently. The only ones anybody uses are the shockwave range up, and those just train you to think you can hit further than you can normally. Totally useless purples and iridescents across the board. I just Prestiged him and didn't mind losing a whole ton of addons in the process because I wasn't going to get any benefit from them anyway.

    I was using BBQ for the BP, but he's, like, the one killer who doesn't get the full bonus of BBQ due to the cage mechanic, so I don't use it anymore. Mostly just tracking (whispers, tinkerer) and slow down (ruin). Pop's out too, due to the cage thing. I'm All Ears has a good argument, except the survivors can see your shockwave path due to the absurd Warning Light that goes through terrain, so everybody just moves out of the way anyway, so I don't like it.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,125

    My casual go-to Pyramid Head build is:

    - BBQ

    - Monitor & Abuse

    - Nurse's Calling

    - Scourge Hook: Pain res

    BBQ is just a, quality of life perk because of the extra blood points and could be easily swapped out for something else. M&A is awesome on a somewhat ranged killer and it combos extremely well with nurse's calling, giving you tons of downs via wall hacks, often hitting two survs at a time.

    The scourge hooks are my new, favorite killer perk and even though PyHead has his cages I only use those when there is no scourge hook around or I need to keep the pressure going.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    Can't help with perks and add-ons, since they're always randomized anyway, but I have learnt how to use Obsidian Goblet pretty well to my advantage, so that's currently a favourite of mine. Any add-on that keeps Rites of Judgement for longer I also like.

    As for skin, Prestige 3 all the way.

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 637

    I really like his Blighted outfit, but there's no way I'm spending 16 bucks for it (nzd), so I settle with the P3

    For a build I just run anything, I believe right now I've got on Corrupt, Deadlock, Brutal Strength and I'm All Ears.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,859
    edited December 2021

    My build?

    • IAE
    • BBQ
    • CI
    • Scourge Hook: Pain

    My fav skin has to be the P3

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 637

    Yup, people like to pre-drop against Pyramid alot, also it just feels nice to have.

    I'm not too interested in really optimizing my builds anyways so as long as it works, it gets the job done.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    I've not been playing too frequently, but I like Thrilling Tremors, Starstruck, Agitation, and Distressing.

    In terms of addons I'd like to see:

    • Addon that prevents Survivors that rescues another Survivor from a Cage of Atonement to retain Torment, if they have it.
    • Addon that applies Torment from a successful PotD attack
    • Addon (or base-kit) being able to break dropped Pallets/Walls with PotD (Though this might make him too oppressive in loops and just enforce pre-drops/hold W rather than actually trying to play the loop)
    • Addon that causes all Survivor to hear your Distant TR (+Music) while a Survivor is in a Cage of Atonement (pseudo stealth, but more intimidating)
  • ReverseVelocityReverseVelocity Member Posts: 1,087

    Not a main, but my go to build for Pyramid Head is:

    Hex: Ruin

    Amazing regression perk, especially with a killer that can end chases pretty quickly. Yeah, sure it can go early in the game but I don't personally mind that.

    Save the Best for Last

    Pyramid Head is a killer that has decent flexibility on when he wants to use his basic attack, meaning he can save stacks easily. A very nice perk to have.

    Corrupt Intervention

    Another amazing slowdown perk, can't really go wrong with this one.

    Infectious Fright

    Great information for snowballing and in general, along with the fact that having info on who's nearby lets you use your cages to their maximum potential. If I see 3 people in my Terror Radius, that's a no brainer, they're getting the cage.

    My favourite skin has to be the Corrupted. The barbed wire and razor blades look so cool, and plus, he's shirtless :P

  • RathoricRathoric Member Posts: 566
    edited December 2021

    I just use the + potd Range addons tbh, everything else is kinda wack.

    A few builds i use on him:

    1st - Block thy Progress

    Corrupt - Buys some time to trail some pallets / shack and doorways

    Pop - Seeing as i only cage if i can chase another survivor immediately or to avoid possible DS or Deliverance or Flashlight Swf's. Might as well get some gen regression value.

    Thrilling Tremors - Tells where to use Pop or spread my pressure more on that side of the map.

    Infectious Fright / Deadlock - Depends on what get's brought into the match item wise.

    2nd - Hexy Beast

    Hex:Pentimento - I love this perk, when it gets used.

    Pop - Standard

    Hex:Plaything - Try to force a pentimento play or increase my odds of sneaking a potd hit on oblivious survivors sitting on gens.

    Discordance - Most survivors spawn together, early pressure and useful throughout.

    3rd - Hook City ######### / 2nd build variation

    Dying Light - Reduced speed, i'll take it.

    Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance - Gen regression and where to apply pressure.

    Hex: Pentimento - Combined with dying light is absolutely brutal.

    Hex:Plaything - Again forcing a pentimento or oblivious play.

    Corrupted skin ftw.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,243
    edited December 2021

    Hey there!

    I don't go for slowdown but rather my personal preferences: (Don't use this build if you're new with him as it's mostly tracking)

    1. Monitor and Abuse (reduces your TR, therefore possibly reuducing the distance Survivors get because they don't hear you to early.

    2. Whispers (To basically find my first chase as fast as possible, helps midgame sometimes and helps after closing the hatch.

    3. BBQ and Chili: Blood points an once again, tracking.

    4. Infectious Fright: Again, info. I don't slug with it unless I have to.

    As for Add-ons.. yeah there so many great Add-ons. (I am joking)

    I mainly use range + power duration, double range or no Add-ons.

    Those would be:

    - Burning Man Photograph

    - Wax Doll

    - Black Strap

    - Tablet of the Oppressor

    - Spearhead

    - Copper Ring

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,859

    Obsidian Goblet

    Ultra Rare Rights of Judgement add-on

    • Hitting a Survivor with Punishment of the Damned will make them suffer from the tormented status effect.
    • Rites of Judgement will no longer leave trails of torment

    ”Forgive me for waking you, but without you, I can’t go on” - James Sunderland

    How does this sound?

  • OiryOiry Member Posts: 170

    I am amazed that people run Pop so much... Why? Its so weird on pphead.

    I run BBQ but just for the BP, usually get like 2-3 tokens. Sometimes I run No way out, because2-3 tokens is enough for it to be worth it

    Deadlock. OP

    Corrupt or Ruin

    Old-school version can be Run Undying, Tinkerer and +1. Then again, deadlock is incredibly strong

    Skin: P3 all the way

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,125

    Honestly, I think Pyramid Head has one of the best, if not THE best, P3 outfit in the game.

    It's bloodsoaked and stained through and through, you can clearly see it on the weapon, and the helmet looks grimy and caked on the soot and rust of ages.

    Let any puny survivor know that you didn't just shell out some quick money, but that you mean business and have a true passion for slaughter, executions and the punishment is the dammed.

  • DarkMagikDarkMagik Member Posts: 793
    edited December 2021




    Im All Ears


    Outfit:Prestige 3


  • PizzasaucePizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    I'm trying to go off Karu's guide for perks but I don’t have divine intervention yet so right now its just BBQ, IAE, POP, M&A. As far as skins go, I like his corrupted look the best.

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 748
    edited December 2021

    I would never prestige any killer as there is just too much to spend points on if you play all killers. I did buy one of the PH skins in the store though. I really enjoy him.

    As others have mentioned nurses, monitor, and sloppy can lead to double downs through walls.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,859
    edited December 2021

    I made all these in less than an hour :)

    Brown Add-Ons:


    Lead Ring: 

    • Punishment of The Damned will move 10% more slowly
    • Receive 100% more blood points for all Punishment actions


    Dead Butterfly:

    • Rites of Judgement recharges 5% faster


    Copper Ring:

    • Punishment of The Damned will move 5% faster


    Black Strap:

    • Range of Punishment of the Damnedincreased by +.75 meters


    Yellow Add-Ons ————————————————

    Wax Doll:

    • Range of Punishment of the Damned increased by +1.5 meters



    • Punishment of the Damned will move 10% faster


    Leopard-Print Fabric:

    • Rescuing a survivor from a Cage of Atonement will not remove Torment


    Forgotten Videotape:

    • Punishment of the Damned will move 10% faster


    Cinderella Music Box:

    • Crouching through a Trail of Torment will still torment a survivor


    Green Add-Ons:


    Valtiel Sect Photograph

    • Injuring a survivor suffering from Torment will leave them with a deep wound
    • Injured Survivors that go through a Trail of Torment will suffer from a deep wound


    Tablet of the Oppressor

    • Punishment of The Damned moves 20% faster


    Misty Day, Remains of the Judgement

    • All Survivors start the trial in the Tormented status effect


    Mannequin Foot:

    • Rites of Judgement trails remain for +30 seconds


    Burning Man Painting

    • Punishment of the Damned range increased by +2.25 meters


    Purple Add-Ons:

    Scarlet Egg

    • The Obsession starts the Trial in the Tormented status effect
    • The Obsession can not remove the Tormented status effect


    Rust Colored Egg

    • The repair speed for Tormented survivors is decreased by 20%


    Lost Memories Book:

    • Survivors affected by Rites of Judgment suffer from the Exposed status effect for 45 seconds


    Crimson Ceremony Book:

    • Punishment of The Damned warning outline is removed


    Iridescent Add-Ons:


    Obsidian Goblet:

    • Hitting a survivor with Punishment of the Damned will make them suffer from the Torment effect.
    • Rites of Judgement will no longer leave Trails of Torment


    Irridescent Seal of Metatron:

    • All survivors within a 12-meter radius have their aura revealed to you for as long as Rites of Judgement is active.


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  • _NIGHTMARE__NIGHTMARE_ Member Posts: 693

    My current build with him is

    • I'm All Ears
    • Hex: Devour Hope
    • Hex: Undying
    • A Nurses Calling

    My favourite skin is his P3 skin (still waiting on more unlinked cosmetic pieces - though I doubt it's going to happen.)

    My favourite add ons are all his POTD range add ons.

    I've yet to have a Pryamid Head match with James Sunderland in it...

  • gentaclegentacle Member Posts: 254

    I've been having fun with Scourge Hook Pain Res/Hex:Plaything/Starstruck/Deadlock even though they all have negative synergy with each other but that discordance adds to the appeal.

    Starstruck forces people off generators near you. Plaything makes survivors have a secondary objective after getting hooked (and after first hook they're going to the cage if a scourge isn't nearby). They also have to make a choice between getting their totem and being vulnerable to starstruck again or not be aware of the Pyramid Head sneaking up on them. Deadlock is just guaranteed slowdown. Scourge hook pain resonance is there to get some opportunistic gen regression.

    You can also pair it with the obsidian goblet iri to surprise anyone trying to go for a bodyblock/flashlight save by drawing the line of torment on whoever you're picking up and walking them through it.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,199

    I haven't seen you Pyramid Heads in forever...

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,859

    Well there are many other Pyramid Head mains out there.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,698

    there's like 12 in total we're almost as rare as twins mains

  • RathoricRathoric Member Posts: 566

    I'm surprised people are getting a lot of value out of i'm all ears tbh, never known a survivor to stand still long enough or directly run into a potd predicted a couple of metres in front of their forward momentum directly after a rushed vault.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,859
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