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Eyrie of Crows Basement



  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,449

    I would gladly invite you to try and save someone from the basement when a Bubba is patrolling gens nearby. The upstairs totem is actually quite fine, the one OP spot is still easier to reach. The main building is by far the weakest main building in the game. It's only strong assuming you never break the doors. Once you break 3 doors, it's legit a loop that consistently loses you distance no matter how you run it. Where normally main buildings can increase your distance if you run it exactly the right way/trick the killer into thinking you ran somewhere else. Cant do that with Eyrie of Crows.

    "And it doesnt matter which basement you are in if it is a bubba you have no chance of escaping it."

    With the MMR being based on escapes now, this is a sentence that shouldnt exist in DBD.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,449

    No, looping tiles should be neutral, main building should be survivor sided(thats literally every main building in existance) allowing for basements to be killer sided. The whole reason main buildings NEED to be survivor sided, is so that the basement can be killer sided. If a killer basement could spawn in the middle of a Jungle Gym, it's easier to defend than when a basement spawns into a T&L. That's the whole reason why killer shack is quite a survivor sided loop.

    "This talk of killer-sided god loops I don't get. If it's a loop, it's survivor sided."

    Nope, a killer-sided loop is a loop that loses you time as a survivor, where holding W would take longer. Vaulting a window takes a longer time than running around that same window in Eyrie of Crows. Going upstairs means you need to drop down or go down the stairs at some point. Both are a net-loss for survivors as the killer can easily cut you off by dropping down on you at the stairs, or dropping down and having 0 stagger while you still are slowed by stagger.

    Neutral loops would mean it would on average equal holding W in terms of time, which simply isnt true. Main buildings are always stronger than Jungle Gyms, which is why main buildings tend to recieve breakable walls that you can breakdown before any chase happens.

    "Breaking breakable walls only takes 2 seconds, but it costs more time than that realistically. If you're chasing a survivor and you have to break it, they get a huge lead or you can just leave, but that's still a lose-lose."

    Then you're not using breakable walls in your favor at all. You're treating them like they are pallets that need to be removed once a survivor has been there. But that's exactly why breakable walls are a necessary evil. You can simply patrol gens and break the necessary ones open, during a time where survivors are either all at 1 single gen at which point, it's worth breaking down walls early on certain maps, or they spread out over multiple gens, costing them time to run there, allowing you to have a bigger time window to break some necessary walls.

    Seriously, go try the following thing out: Play 10 games on Eyrie and break down the walls early on, then play 10 games on Eyrie and break the walls down once it's necessary for the chase. You'll see how big of a difference in time that is.

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,293

    So getting a basement should mean main needs to be stronger.. AS IF,

    There're Many maps that don't have alot of control when it's basement, I.E Azarov's Resting Place, Both basements are a screw you to survivor if bubba gets one down there, Not complaining bout that,

    Oh Thompson House... Main doesn't really have anything to let you escape, in-fact it's tight / close quarters...Still great for bubba,

    There are Many more maps that has a WORSER basement trap than The new map... literally,

  • Thale20Thale20 Member Posts: 20

    But this is the thing with bubba and not the fault of any basement.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,346

    It's a weird map.

    • Several god pallets but a strong basement and 1 strong hook.
    • 2 possible deadzones where a single sabo can make a survivor completely unhookable without Agitation or similar.
    • Central structure is probably a touch too strong, and it's a huge time commitment to pursue survivors upstairs, but this can also be a trap for new survivors as once the pallet is gone, it's almost a dead end.
    • Moving the god pallet from the open upstairs path to the outer balcony actually made it stronger.
    • Removing a pallet or two from the walled structures outside would help a lot. These are a bit too strong and densely situated for such an enormous map.
    • When certain tiles spawn close to each other, the map practically plays itself if you hold 'W'.
  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,449

    I mean, I've done very similar things with Clown and Legion. It's definitely the basement.

    That basement is so powerful that Basement Bubba can patrol 4 gens that spawn nearby and still arrive in time before survivors can place a wall, window or pallet between them.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,449

    Yeah, that is literally the only way survivors can win on this map, they are forced to hold W away from the main building if they can be downed. And holding W is so powerful on that map, it's not even fun. I have only had somewhat fun as a survivor if the basement spawned in the killer shack. I've only had somewhat fun as a killer if I ignored early chases to break the 2 walls on the bottom floor as it was a gamble for survivors to reach it or not reach it in chase.

    It's a very competitively designed map. Making it a very boring map.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,449

    The difference is that in those basements, Bubba himself is the issue. At least the argument there can be made that survivors can finish all gens before Bubba gets 1 kill.

    And Thompson house has 3 exits, 2 with a nearby pallet right next to the basement. Heck, there is a reachable window that buys you quite a lot of time that's always a fast vault window. Eyrie does not have any exit nearby and the nearest thing is a med-vault window. The nearest pallet is out of reach.

    So no, you're objectively wrong, and I can prove it if necessary.

    None of those maps allow Bubba to patrol gens nearby while still having enough time to return to the basement to down 2 people. Eyrie gives Bubba 4 gens that he can patrol and still get back quick enough to down 2 people.

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,293
    Thompson house can force a three gen....

    One in the slight mid of cornfields, One on top of the house and one on the side of the house..

    Even by the time they come back up, bubba can still be there and get a double down easily enough..

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 1,119

    This post is so off base. Eyrie of crows is a severely survivor sided map. The map is huge, meaning it is impossible for the killer to control, and it it is loaded with safe pallets along the perimeter, not to mention the main building itself which has god loops and infinites. Breakable walls favor the survivor since it creates an infinite or forces the killer to spend time to they don’t have to break it. You are bad at the game if you think that the basement somehow tips it toward the killer.

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