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To follow is the list of common role-play rules that every role-player should understand and follow.

Do Not God-mod
God modding is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility, mind control, or other unrealistic powers that might not fit with lore. Another form is when your character does something impossible that could kill them.

Example: Eric would grab the sharp edge of the sword with his bare hand, not having his palm or fingers cut in half.
Another example: Luke would punch his opponent chest, despite it being covered with armor, it would break through and impale him despite not having any enhancement, or claw on him.

Do Not Meta game
Meta gaming is when a player applies out of charter retrieved information to their in-character, such as having information that only several in-characters players knows, and you obtained it without having your character there, or by just hearing it from others out of character.

Example: A player watches a role-play about a secret item, that only they would know. That said player would enter a role-play with them talking about the items, which he doesn't know of.

Do Not Auto (Auto hit, Auto walk, etc)
Auto is when a player performs an action without giving the affected players a chance to respond to those around him. More advanced role-players will go into detail with their actions and emphasize their attempts.

Example: John grabs the target by the neck and kisses them.

Do Not Power-play
Power-playing occurs when a player operates someone's character without the other player's consent. The most blatant example of this would be a player writing, "Your character falls off the cliff when he walks up to it." As you can see, you take active control of what the other character does. Not only is this not fair to the other player, but it's also discouraged because often players will misconstrue the behaviors and personalities of characters they didn't design. Power playing goes into more subtle situations, however.

Saying, "Sally charges towards Jack so fast that he wouldn't be able to react enough to avoid it," can also be considered a violation of this rule since Sally's player has controlled Jack's abilities, possibly in a way that doesn't accurately represent his character.

Do Not Play Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus
A Mary-Sue is a specific kind of character that has a lot of feats, and no flaws. A Mary-Sue is any character (of any gender, age, race, or species) who fits this description:
A character who’s too perfect, lacking realistic or logical flaws, or whose flaws do not affect them in any ways.

Do Not Roleplay Sexual Situations and Actions

This is an online forum with no age of consent laws or restrictions currently in place. That means you have to keep it PG-13. If you have to remove clothing/change clothes/ take a shower/ go to sleep....etc......Do Not Describe anything sexual. Be mature individuals. Fade the scene to black, skip scene, or just steer clear of it please.

Role-play is about creativity and while these rules are not just needed they can at times during very deep and important role-play points be a bit constricting. That being said, like many things in life the rules of role-play are not the be-all and end-all. It takes skill and knowledge to know when one can bend one of the above rules to affect a role-play in a positive manner, this is usually done in small groups where the people involved know what they are getting into and are okay with it.
Always keep in mind that the purpose of role-playing online is to have fun - for everyone, not just yourself.

Follow the Forum Community Guidelines

Found here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/94/community-guidelines

Character Creation:

Character Creation guide can be found HERE

Roleplay Setting:

"I could barely believe my eyes. No, it must be a trick of this hellish nightmare I'm trapped in. Soft white wings of pure moonlight appeared tucked away in one of the most darkest corners of this maze. Upon attempting to inspect the peculiar object, it fluttered as if alive and then dozens of bright wings flapped about me spreading feathers everywhere. I knew I should of been afraid. The beast would surely see this and be on me in moments. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the unusual spectacle however.

A tap on my shoulder startled me and I turned to see the small Asian boy that I noticed would follow me periodically around these "trials". I smiled and pointed back to where the mess of feathers and vanishing wings should be, eager to show him of my discovery. Not a single feather was there. No sign of the strange wings. Nothing to even mark they were ever there at all....nothing....except for the memory of something that shined like hope against all the darkness i have become accustomed to. Hope? Or Madness? I'm still unsure."
~Dr. Jennifer Yarrow

"The wings began appearing in random places from then on, almost taunting me and the other people I met around the darkly lit flames of the campfire. I would see a few of them sketch in the dirt an assortment of wings attached to a central mass. This must be "It's" new plan. Drive us mad with hope, and then snatch it away...sending us into debilitating despair. That was until a "Daniel Bates" managed to grab a single glowing feather. Whispers and rumors spread slowly between everyone. Daniel never came back. Two people supposedly saw him leave one of the trials, carrying a brilliant white feather and that was it. No more Daniel. He may of just gotten lost in the fog, many people do. But I wonder...is it wrong to have hope?
~Dr. Jennifer Yarrow"

"I can't believe my eyes. I was free! I awoke in the woods outside my family's cabin. I've never raced up those stairs so fast. The door was locked, but thankfully the spare was still hidden in it's usual spot. I called out for my Mother and Annete. Only silence greeted me back. Where could they be? The car was still in the drive. I took a shower for the first time in forever, and crashed on my bed. I slept for awhile. Suddenly I awoke, something was wrong. I felt eyes staring at me from my window across the room. I bolted off the bed and saw in the fading light a black shape with red eyes staring at me from the windowsill outside. A crow, with malicious crimson eyes was observing me intently. I crossed the room and threw up the window, shooing the bird away. I had no reason to worry, why should I? This cabin always had a problem with birds after all. I started to close the window and check to see if my family had gotten in....that was when I saw it. At the edge of the woods, and staring at me, was "her". The sight of the Beast confirmed what the crow couldn't for me. The nightmare wasn't over. I wasn't safe. Despair and fog closed in like the fear inside my mind."
~Dr. Jennifer Yarrow

"I don't understand. I thought I was in New York's countryside. And yet, I know I ran past what looked a lot like a southern plantation house. Up ahead in the fog, my eyes beheld the Eiffel tower and what looked unmistakably like Paris. I knew it was too good to be true. The nightmare isn't over and the Beasts still track me through the fog and shadow. The rules have changed somehow. I don't understand. No more hooks or generators can be seen as I run past. There must be a way to stop this. A way to get home. To my real home. I fear I will never figure it out before the darkness claims me."
~Dr. Jennifer Yarrow

Characters will awaken near their "home" or the place they called home.

Characters will originally believe they are Home, but will come to the realization that something is wrong, and realize the "Trials" are not over.

Characters will not be able to find standard hooks or generators. No exit gates currently, just a giant mass of different areas from around the world connected to the survivors and killers alike. Fog fills every nook and crevice, attempting to confuse and confound it seems. Figuring out where to go and what to do, is only part of the mystery surrounding our characters.

Story Recap

Survivor group 1:
Chris and Johnathan ran into each other figuratively and literally on the city road. Neither one injured too badly, Chris may have some bruising. A store alarm was triggered near the couple by Mike.

Woke up in 'Atlantic City' and started wandering about.

Spotted her first prey and is stalking him.

Opening post:

Chris felt the grass and weeds beneath him, the smell of the forest singing to him as the wind swept gently past. "Ugh, Was I not just running from that crazy maniac? I feel dizzy and light headed." He thought to himself while slowly opening his eyes.

A cheerful and happy sight greeted him. A brightly lit blue sky, surrounded by the familiar trees of Georgia. "Why does this look familiar?" Chris asked the wood. Not expecting an answer, he trudged onward, trying to get his bearings.

After walking for a bit, Chris found his way onto a dirt road, one he knew like the back of his hand. "Oh, sweet Christmas cookies! Please let this be real." He exclaimed as he lengthened his pace with renewed vigor.

It didn't take long for a small town to come into view and Chris's family house to appear on the horizon. "Last house on the left...!" He shouted chuckling to himself over his own little joke.

Jumping up the stone porch steps, and swinging the faded metal screen door open, he shouted at those inside. "Mom! Judy! Are you guys in there?! It's me! Chris! I'm coming in!"

He opened the door and walked inside. The house was deathly quiet and the air conditioning was off. Stopping long enough to turn that on, Christopher wandered through his house, hunting for his loved ones.

After realizing they clearly were not home, Chris decided his mom and sister must be visiting some relatives. Jumping on his mountain bike he begged his mother for one Christmas year, he headed toward the rest of town, hoping to spot someone, anyone that could prove he wasn't dreaming.

(Out of Character: Alright, at this point...another character can post in and then either have things happen near their home, wander into Chris, or something completely new. Be creative and have fun.)

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    Jonathan awoke at his desk with a start. He looked up and rubbed his eyes, he didn't know if he was dreaming or what, he looked down at his holster. His gun and it was shown to still be there and intact. 

    "There's...no way..." He said to himself as he tried to comprehend what was happening, the department was empty and he was the only one present. He decided to see if his daughter was still home. Putting on his coat and grabbing his car keys. He headed out the door and started the car and began to drove down the street. Hoping his daughter would be there waiting for him.
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    Several minutes of riding down the familiar street of his hometown, the fog grew increasingly dense and swallowed Chris. Rising in front of him was another town, one that was very new to his eyes.

    Feeling suddenly very lost, the young man stopped his bike in the middle of a quiet red-light intersection. "Where is everybody? Why does it feel like i'm the only one here?" Chris thought to himself.

    Honk Honk Came a sound from his left shoulder. Christopher looked over in surprise and alarm. A car was hurtling down the street at him!

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    Jonathan was on his phone. Trying to phone his daughter, something he doesn't normally do at the wheel. Seeing as he was getting no reception he then threw the phone down and looked to see someone on his bike 

    "Son of a-" he started to honk the horn but it was too late. 
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    Mike woke up in his bed sweating and quickly gasping air.
    "Phew. Guess, this [BAD WORD] was a bad dream after all."
    Mike sat down on his bed and grapped his head with hands. Head hurt like hell and body somehow felt exhausted. Definetly not the common state after awakening.
    Mike glanced at his wristwatch. It showed almost 5 AM.
    "Nice. How am I supposed to fall asleep again? Not like it even possible with freakin headache anyway."
    Mike carefully walked from his room to kitchen, where meds were stored. He tried his best to don't wake up his family.
    "Finally, meds, there you are. Blue or red one? Which one did Neo choose?.."
    Without much thinking Mike swallowed his medicine.
    "Guess, I'll get better soon. For now, I could use some fresh air."
    Mike decided to walk to balcony and watch sunrise. Guess, vigilance had some benefits after all.
    As he walked through living room, he noticed that his dad's couch was empty. Its not like his dad should be awake at this time, its... very uncommon for him.
    "Well... maybe he had some stuff to be done... at early morning... at Sunday."
    Thought wasn't convincing enough, but Mike decided to ignore it. For now.
    As he walked at balcony, strange view opened for him: there was no sunrise. Not even slightliest hint of it. And... fog. Way too much fog around the street.
    Mike understood situation quick enough. Without much enthusiasm nor hope he looked through his home. Result was predictable: no signs of his family whatsoever.
    Mike changed his clothes and walked from his house. Fog and darkness were... way too awfully familiar.
    "Guess, I took blue pill after all" - thought Mike, as he walked away into the unknown.

    out of character: English isn't my native, pls excuse me for possible mistakes. Also, is it okay for me to assume, that still there is no sunrise?

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    @Blaven, @Saxonnn, @xmenfanatic, do you even aware of this thread? xD
    Btw, @ceridwen309, we don't have killers yet. What do we do about it? Survivors too OP here, lol.

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    Christopher jerked hard on the bicycle's handlebars when he heard the honking of the oncoming vehicle, and tried to do the sharpest turn/stop he had ever done. The vehicle just barely touched one of his legs and back tire with enough force to topple him sideways. "Whoa! Clunk Crash Ow!"

    Chris started to pick himself out from under the bike, trying to avoid injuring the already damaged leg any further. A big bruise was spreading quickly across the calf. "This day is not going the best in the world." he said aloud.

    (out of character: your English is alright, no worries there. I have worked with much worse from native english writers.

    There currently is a sunrise, but it's an odd one. It doesn't appear to give off heat or light. However, the sky is lit well enough for now. Perhaps there is a second source of light, being generated somehow. Our characters probably wouldn't have put a whole lot of attention on the sky at first.

    Don't worry, even if no player shows up wanting to play a killer. I have a couple in the wings ready to tear you apart and wonder what makes you tick.)

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    Jonathan swerved the car out of the direction of the young man on his bike. Just barely grazing him, he tries to get control of the wheel, gripping it to the point to where it looks as if his veins are going to pop. He spins in circles until stopping a few short meters down the road. He breathes heavily as he looks out to the young man who he almost took the life of.

    "Son of a [BAD WORD]" Said Jonathan as he unclipped his seatbelt and got out of the car. He was about to give this guy a piece of his mind.

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    Chris saw the tall dark man get out of the car and had a burst of hope. "Yay, people do exist...I'm not alone." He thought to himself.

    Then Chris caught sight of the man's face, and his own fell. He finally managed with a bit of pain to wrest his way free of the bike, and move to a sitting position. "No one was hurt, right?" he called out to the man.

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    Jonathan furrowed his eyes. "The only person who would've been hurt is you buddy. What the hell are doing in the middle of the intersection on your bike?" He asked. Jonathan had to gather some information as much as he could. He needed to know exactly what the hell was going on here.

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    Chris looked down at the bruise, and tried to place a hand over most of it. "I was looking for someone...(anyone)." he started off saying and then almost whispered the last word. "Um, my mum and sis are missing from my house. I guess they went to town, but to be honest I feel lost. Where am I?"

    The young man attempted to stand on his good leg, using the nearby bike as leverage. He couldn't hide the look of pain on his face quickly enough. Once he got in a more standing position, his expression became blank. Chris hoped it would mask his obvious vulnerability.

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    Jonathan put his hands on his hips. "So you to huh?, You haven't seen anyone since you then?" He asked. He knew there had to be some kind of connection as to why they woke up in this strange place. Jonathan knew the place he left off was his office in the Department. But he had know idea how he would've ended up from a city to a small town. He decided to question further. "What do you remember before you got here?"

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    Mike walked through town... and fog. Town changed significantly from that he remember: first of all, of course, fog. It consumed his view and gave unpleasant feeling, as if he was watched by someone. Second thing, darkness. Mike used to wander across town at night before, but back then darkness was... different. It felt very private and comfortable. Night town was perfect listener to his thoughts: it always understood him and never, not even once, interrupted him, as he talked inside his head.
    This darkness isn't gonna listen to him, as it screamed with deafening silence - thing he hated the most. 
    And, last but not least - no sunrise. Mike glanced at his wristwatch: couple of hours passed. "Sun already should be seen, where the hell it is?"- thought Mike as he raised head to the sky. 
    Well, sun was in place. But its light was consumed by darkness, along with warmth.
    "Niiiice. What the [BAD WORD], sun? You kinda shouldn't use me as example and became a bleak copy of yourself, y'know?"
    Another thought sparkled in his head.
    "Wait a minute! If its morning already, where are all the people?" 
    Mike slowly realised source of this silence. He even laughed, cause he missed such obvious thing. No people. No cars moving across the road. Nothing.
    "Well, I always liked Silent Hill. Beware, since your dreams might come true, I guess."
    Mike looked around. No Pyramidhead in sight. But, something different draw his attention...

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    Chris shook his head gently, trying to recall what happened before his arrival to this strange realm. "I remember the trials and the beings inside of them. I remember waking up in a forest a mile from my house, and that's it." He said with obvious confusion.

    "I feel like I'm missing some of my memory. If only I could figure out what it was...." The young man rambled off as he looked around at the deserted streets, and the fog circling around the city buildings. "The only person I have seen since I woke up, was you."

    Chris reached down gently and pulled his bike up by the handlebars and inspected it really quickly. The chain was off, and one of the tires looked bad. "You wouldn't happen to have a clue where everyone has gotten off to then, do you? What should we do now?"

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    Jonathan looked around the misty covered intersection before answering his question. "No, sadly i don't. I was just heading home to see if my daughter was ok before i ran into you. " He threw his hands in the air at the young man and sighed.

    He looked down at the bike and seeing the damage he caused to it. "Sorry....about the bike" he said.

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    ...Radio tower. Best place in town to be headed. Whether to understand what is going on, find other people or simply rock the [BAD WORD] of this place.
    "Or, I can just barricade inside and think of better plan. If there is a better plan."
    The only problem - radio tower was almost at the other side of town.
    "Too bad I can't hotwire engine and steal car... I really doubt it have something in common with those generators. Well, time to wake up my inner Jack and hit the road."

    Out of character: Just noticed I still [BAD WORD] up with all description of darkness in previous message...
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    ((OOC: My apologies, I didn't realize this started, I hope I'm not too late to join the party!))
    Malibu fluttered her eyes open, looking ahead at the oceans crashing against the sand. Malibu was away from the shore line so she felt the soft sand underneath her body. Sitting up now, she brushed off the sand that stuck to her one piece outfit before putting a hand against her forehead, realizing a sharp headache that made her wince.

    Determined, she still got up and looked around. Aside from the crashing of the waves, it was dead quiet and she did a 360. Nothing. But this area looked familiar to her. Something she long forgotten. Was she...home?

    Malibu took a few wobbly steps in her heels in the sand and made it to the border between the sand and the concrete and looked down the straight. Everything came back to her now. Remembering that dreaded night where she was cornered in her own backyard, pleading for mercy against a dark figure. Then everything went blank. So where was she now? Was she okay? There were no people out and that's rare for Atlantic City except during Hurricane Season. But it wasn't as cloudy to excuse the weather as why no one was around.

    Malibu began to walk down the street, remembering now where her home was, and turned street corner after street corner making her way from her hazy memory.

    She asked herself, however, "What happened?"

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    "Walking down the lonely road..." - Mike sarcastically quoted random song's lyrics in his head. He walked about half of hour already, but radio tower still was far away. Distance wasn't the only consistent thing: streets were complitely empty. Mike didn't notice a single person, dead or alive. Time to time Mike quickly glanced inside cars, left on the street, or opened windows. Result was the same every time: nobody around.
    "This is the lamest apocalypse scenario I've ever encountered." - thought Mike as he kept walking.
    Another half of hour passed, and Mike decided to take a break. He tired from walking, he tired from monotourus empty streets and he was hungry.
    "So... no people around means that all stores are opened for me? I doubt somebody looted them already. Well... maybe, ten minutes later I'll be part of some thief brotherhood. Or guild. Or whatever."
    Some unlucky store was already in Mike's sights. He tried to open front door, but it was locked.
    "Of course, stores are locked during night. Its kinda morning now, so its make sense. So, basically, two options now: first, check for another entrance. Either roof or backdoor. Or, second one: broke in."
    Mike thought about his dillemma for two seconds. Too lazy and tired to climb on roof, too hungry to waste time searching for another entrance.
    Two seconds later heavy bottle broke the store window.
    Another two seconds later sound of alarm broke the silence.
    Mike kicked window and pulled some shards from the frame, making his way inside.
    "So yeah, knowing my luck, some random police officer shall appear. Whatever. I'll just offer him doughnut. There must be some... "

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    Mike entered store via window frame. Then he slowly walked between counters. Grapped chips pack and then opened it. Ate some.
    "Shtill nowbady?" asked he with full mouth.
    Question was left without answer.
    "Guess, town is really empty. Well, my stomach isn't full yet and alarm is screaming loud enough to be heard. I'll wait a bit more."

    Come on, guys, do stuff!

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    @ceridwen309, @Detective_Jonathan, @Saxonnn, @xmenfanatic, @Blaven, lets make this thread great again

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    Jonathan looked down at the bike and seeing the damage he caused to it. "Sorry....about the bike" he said.

    "It's no problem, I guess. Although, now I don't have..." Chris started to say when the sound of an alarm broke the silence. "What the sweet christmas cookies is that about, you suppose?" Chris said as he winced and covered his ears a bit.

    Looking quickly at the detective and then jumped in the passenger side of the car. "C'mon, let's go investigate. Maybe we are not alone after all."


    Eleanor stirred and threw the nest of covers and silk off her supple frame. Looking about, she came quickly to the realization that she was in her keep, her castle. A curved smile pierced the dimly lit room.

    The young female walked over to a nearby wardrobe and donned herself in leather armor, and grabbed her favorite 'toys'. "Mama has missed you."

    She did a quick stretch, her ponytail bouncing. "Now, let's go see what's happened to my city."


    The city streets of Avalon, New Jersey were quiet as Eleanor flitted among the rooftops. "I hope I don't have to move again. This place seems suddenly very dull." She thought to herself.

    That was when she spotted a young prey throw a bottle through a distant shop window and climb inside the suddenly very noisy building . "Don't move a muscle, tasty morsel. I'll be right there." Eleanor thought while slinking her way closer.

    ooc: let's see if this adds a bit more flavor.

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    Mike finished with chips and threw away empty package.
    "Not too bad. Now, lets see if I can find something interesting in this store. Radio tower is pretty far away, and, looks like I'll need to start making my own 'survival-in abandoned-town-kit'." 
    Mike looked through store briefly. Store was small: only few counters, vendor's place in corner and stockroom in back.
    "Welp, sadly only food is sold here."
    Mike checked vendor's table. The only thing that caught his attention was lighter. Mike figured, vendor was a smoker.
    "I'll take it. Cause, why not. Now, let's see what can I find in stockroom. Maybe, switch for alarm system? Its not like sound bothers me, I kinda got used to it..."
    Mike entered into stockroom. Too bad he didn't know what sound of alarm was hiding sound of someone's footsteps entering store...
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    (uhhh... y’all know discord exists, right?)
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    B.O.B.  Guys! Do something!
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    Eleanor walked slowly through the building, her shoes crunching on the window glass. Her whip was out and she casually flicked it at a can of soup and a nearby bag of flour. She chuckled as both objects got knocked over and ripped into respectively. Heading toward the back room, she smelled for the scent of her prey. It wouldn't be long now. The sound of the alarm masked her approach well. 

    Around the next bend, she spotted the young male, casually looking at something. Eleanor smiled as she raised her whip and prepared to let it fly.


    (ooc: discord sounds nice...but it's mostly a chat engine...and standard text rp using more than two people i think benefits from a more permanent and slower moving format. However, not as slow as the RP is currently progressing. Most of our group has vanished and/or gotten busy elsewhere. We need more fresh blood that will engage more often.

    I suppose we could create a discord RP room and have sepperate places for in character and out of character, along with rules and concepts. This could function better...but would still require willing participants. Hmm, not a bad idea. What do you think rattman?)
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    Stockroom was small: something around 3x3 meters (that's aproximatelly 10x10 ft in case if you hate metric system). From the right hand was bucket with mop, without water tho. Mike found this out by expiremental way, when he almost stumbled upon it, while walking in. Giant cupboard was located along the opposite wall from the entrance. It was imposible to hide inside, since cupboard didn't had doors - only shelves - five of them, one under another. Also, worth to mention, stockroom had only one entrance - the one Mike used.
    "Yup, guess I was right when I decided to break in through window. I don't think it would be possible from roof. "
    Mike briefly glanced at stuff on the shelves of cupboard. Nothing really important, nothing that could catch his attention: glass cleaner with sprinkler, bottle of solvent, some soap, dirty clothes and some other stuff, which lied without even slightliest hint of order.
    Mike turned his head and noticed alarm switch. He turned it off.
    Simultaneously with alarm going off, pain quickly burned his back, like a lightning. Despite the fact that attacker didn't use full strength, surprise factor did it job.
    Mike turned around and saw woman in cheeky leather outfit, with a whip in her hand, smiled at him. Something was in her eyes... something sadistic and evil. Pain in his back willingly confirmed it.
    "Deepshit. I need a plan. Need to think something out. And quick." - thought Mike.
    He turned to woman. Trying to buy himself some more time, Mike said the dumbest thing that came on his mind:
    "Hey, you got the wrong door. Leather club two blocks down."

    @ceridwen309, I don't really like Discord and don't use it so often. I have some problems with it. Despite the fact that it could proof to be comfortable enough, I'd prefer to stay here. Well, as you mentioned, we don't have much players anyway. Still waiting for others to comeback here.

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    Why this thread is dead...

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    "As much as I enjoy talking to my meal, I would prefer to hear them scream and run away in a blind panic." Eleanor smirked and flicked her whip quickly, catching the boy by the arm.


    "C'mon, let's go investigate. Maybe we are not alone after all." Chris said to Johnathan. No answer replied to him. When Chris looked over across the car top, the other man was no where to be seen.

    Chris quickly walked around the vehicle to once again find nothing. There was simply no trace at all of Detective Johnathan. It was like he was swallowed by the fog.

    Quickly looking over the rest of the vehicle, Chris found a police issued billy stick, car keys, and some gum. "Where's a good bearclaw when you want one." he thought aloud.

    Chris grabbed the three items, jumped behind the wheel, and arrived at the scene of the crime in seconds.

    Getting out of the cop cruiser, he noticed there was no longer an alarm blaring. Although, the shattered glass window indicated this must be the place. Psyching himself up, he slipped inside the store.

    ooc: The entire month of December was a busy time for me, so I had to allocate time and resources to other venues. Until such time that more people arrive, I will increase my presence on this thread so that at least the show can go on.
    If I'm going to be absent for more than a few days, I'll drop a correspondence.

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    Mike's thoughts raced quickly inside his head. Despite the situation he kept think rationally. 
    "Damn, she caught me! Trying to untie my hand isn't an option - this would take way too much time. More than I can afford. Then..." 
    Mike quickly grabbed soap from cupboard with his free hand. Aiming at wrist of woman's hand, he threw it, hoping to knock whip from her. At the next second after throw he made an summersault to the right - this was made to double his effort and pull whip towards him.
    He felt that whip around his hand became loose, before he noticed his plan succeeded.
    Using this, Mike broke free.
    "I bet this gonna leave a bruise... Damn, that hurts! Why you did that?!" - asked Mike, pretending to be offended, as if bruise was the biggest worry he had at the moment.
    Needless to say, he still tried his best to piss off this woman and make her made some kind of mistake, which he could use.
    OOC: Just trying to use Mike's advantages against Eleanor. Which is agility and ability to stay calm and think rationally. Need to appoint, as you can see, breaking into the store might not be the most logical move in the first place. Just as going for his friend in his bio. So, despite trying to be logical, Mike is not always think about consequences of his actions. Or, maybe, he doing stuff which seems logical only for him at the moment? We are all humans, after all.
  • ceridwen309ceridwen309 Member Posts: 497

    The killer had caught her prey by the arm, and relished in her favorite part. The squirming and sinking despair in her victim's eyes.

    The prey said some words about being caught and not being able to untie themselves in time.

    "Time? What's your hurry, we are just getting start--" Eleanor broke off mid-sentence as a bottle of soap flew at her.

    She easily avoided the soap, but the moment of distraction was all her prey needed. He managed to roll through the air, which further loosened the whip, and suddenly Mike was free. "I bet this gonna leave a bruise... Damn, that hurts! Why you did that?!" The prey asked incredulously.

    "Why. Why. Why. They always ask why. What you should be asking is how. How I'm going to kill you. Haha!" She stated with a smirk and glee. Her whip still being flicked to and fro from her hand.


    Creeping through the small store, he found small food items and bottled drinks. Nothing amazing though.

    The sound of something clattering to the floor in the back of the store drew his attention. Grabbing a nearby plastic broom, he twisted off the bottom and brought the pole for a measly defense. "Please don't let it be killer faeries, please don't let it be killer faeries." He chanted to himself.

    Arriving in the back of the store, he came face to face with an odd sight. A lady in tight leather wielding a whip and staring down some other dude. "I don't think these kind of scenarios usually play out in stores like this." he thought while ducking quickly back the way he came. "Does he need help?"

  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,192
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    The prey said some words about being caught and not being able to untie themselves in time.

    These ones were thoughts actually. He didn't said it aloud xD
    Ok, suggesting new rule: thoughts should be written in Italic with commas, "like this"
    Words said aloud - with commas, "like this".

    "How do you going to kill me?" - slowly repeated Mike woman's question. For the second he stood silent, but then pulled himself together and continued: "Like, seriously, just look at me, Iam a handsome dude. My mum said so, mum wouldn't lie. How do you gonna kill such a handsome dude like me?" - words still ran like river from Mike's mouth. He tried his best to play it cool and be annoying as possible at the same time. As far as Mike could judge, he failed at both. But, despite this, he wasn't gonna give up yet.
    "Too bad, you aren't my type..." - said Mike, as his eyes catched label "Flameable" on the glass cleaner. Casually, he put his left hand inside his pocket where he put lighter before.
    "Your temper is way too hot for me."

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