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Alright, I'm bored

I'm sick of using the same build every 3-4 games in a row so I'm asking you all to put a build below mainly survivor cause I don't have very many killer perks


  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 3,126

    What are the perks you use in every build?

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,387

    Autodidact, solidarity, empathy(or aftercare) and BT. Enjoy playing Russian roulette dbd edition

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 952

    Depends. Are you playing solo or SWF

  • BubMickey07BubMickey07 Member Posts: 99

    Iron will cause I can't stand the survivor crying

    Lithe/adrenaline cause why not

    Prove thyself/ resilience for faster speeds

    Spine chill

    Pretty boring tbh

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 952

    DS, pick the exhaustion you like more, Spine chill, Resilience.

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 1,891
    edited December 2021

    I'm assuming you have access to all the Survivors' perks.

    Overcome + Circle of Healing = you take a protection hit for a teammate in need, you go away very quickly to the area with CoH (or you find a totem as soon as possible to bless). You helped the teammate to gain more distance during the chase. WGLF can be a good addition if you're looking for extra BP.

    Small Game + Counterforce + Clairvoyance = no totems allowed, and you got the power to see everything around you.

    Plunderer's Instinct + Ace in the Hole + Appraisal = you are making you're own black market of Survivors' items. Bring them in a corner of the map and make a deal with your teammates. (Well, maybe it's a big waste of time but I like the idea.)

    BT + We'll Make It + Kindred + Botany Knowledge = you're the healer of the team.

    Not the most effective builds (the first and the last one work actually pretty well, I play them from time to time), but surely fun. At least, from my point of view.

  • emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 141

    Dead Hard


    This is Not Happening

    No Mither

    Enjoy ;)

  • conqueror_worm__conqueror_worm__ Member Posts: 86

    Windows of opportunity - it'll give you a massive boost in the chase...I tend to do well in a chase 50% of the time, with Windows it increases dramatically

    Overcome - When you do cop a slap off the Killer you get a massive speed boost which will help you to get away

    Vigil - once you have got away from the killer your exhaustion will recover a lot faster

    Self care - once you have escaped do a bit of self care and you are ready to head right back into battle with Windows and Overcome ready to go again.

    I've not used that build but it sounds like it'd be pretty decent to me.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,322

    Let me introduce 1 aspect perk build

    • Sprint burst, Fixate, Urban, Tenacity (all movement are faster)
    • Ironwill, Urban, Calm spirit, Spine chill (Blend)
    • Ironwill, Light, Dance with me, Quick & quiet (a fast vault and guarantee disappear)
    • Sabo, Diversion, Red herring, Any mean (makes alot of noise)
    • Bond/Empathy , Kindred, Aftercare, Blood pact.
  • FrootLoopsFrootLoops Member Posts: 376

    I've had a lot of fun with inner strength, iron will, quick and quiet, and lucky break. First order of business is do bones

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 717

    WGLF always for BP, Botany for fast heals of yourself and others, Kindred for the info, and the last one is up to you. I usually run Leader to help the team cleanse totems faster, so the team heals me and saves me from hook faster, and so I can help them open gates faster.

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 692

    then stop using the same build ez

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,854

    Dance with me, Lithe, Quick and Quiet, Windows of Opportunity

  • AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,115

    Use perk roulette and have fun with it.

    Sometimes it will show you an interesting build.

  • GillyBeannnGillyBeannn Member Posts: 317

    Smash Hit, Alert, Windows of opportunity, and Any means Necessary

    Lucky Break, Overcome, Bite the bullet, and Botany Knowledge with a fast healing medkit

    Boon: Circle of healing, exponential, Shadow step, and detective's hunch or any other perk, and bring a Map

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    If you're still bored after messing about with this, I don't know what to tell you.

  • JaDeN89JaDeN89 Member Posts: 14

    I usually experiment if i get bored, try with some fun perks like flashbang, blast mine, breakout and stunning perks, combine with boon to heal yourself after the risky plays.

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