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Maybe we're not so different.....

GloamGloam Member Posts: 633

Man when is BHVR gonna fix their game?! So tired of how hard [Survivor/Killer] is! I'm always losing to crutch perks like [Dead Hard/NOED] and there's no counterplay! It makes playing at high mmr so unfun, I mean mmr is an invisible number that I can't see and I usually have middling results that makes that number probably stay still for the most part but I know I'm high mmr cuz it's me and of course I'm at high mmr.

It's already bad enough I need to deal with [tunneling/gen speeds] but to have to deal with [boons/whatever killer power you think is the most annoying to play against] on top of that just makes the game impossible! It's not just me btw [insert dbd content creator here] agrees with me and here's proof [insert video from same dbd content creator here] so that means I'm right don't even try to debate the point. BHVR needs to prove they're not all [survivor/killer] mains and fix broken maps like [haddonfield/midwich] and things like [camping/map size] once and for all! Don't they know the game is only fun when I [escape/4k]?


I could go on but you get the idea for all the us vs. them topics on here they're all roughly the same regardless of who's making the post and it's basically just dbd mad libs. I'm not saying the game doesn't have problems and certain things arn't unbalanced but it's very silly to act like either side doesn't have it's strengths and weaknesses and that the game is actually unplayable for anyone.


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