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I'm done

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I'm done with this trashy survivor sided game which the devs don't care about. Survivors are overpowered and it's bullshit. I have somehow held on 4/5 years and watched as the game has slowly got more trash. Well done devs you have managed to sell it about leaving the game yet again another almost veteran player. How the hjrll you don't find anything wrong with your game is beyond me. Killers have said regularly for ages now and do you listen no you don't. The survivors ask for something your there bang on following there suggestions. Forget what killers say they clearly don't matter to you. You have had time upon time to sort your game out add balance but you have skewed more to survivors still.

- maps are highly imbalanced with most apart from maybe shelter Woods are survivor sided.

- flashlights are overpowered and need token charges very similar to likes of distortion and bubba chainsaw. So every click reduces a token

- pallets are broken

- loops are unbelievable

- gen speeds (no matter what perks a killer has they are still stupidly fast)

- it takes no skioll to be a survivor really as you hand it to them on a silver plate

- killer I understand needs to be challenging but right now its not challenging its unbearable, unplayable and ridiculous we may as well sit in a corner

- survivor is easy mode

- boons are overpowered these should be separate totems to our hexes and should be able to be broken not just snuffed out for unlimited usage.

- hex totem spawns are beyond a joke

Overall the game sucks and considering you have a lost a lot and I mean a lot of players in last few months mainly killers you should have worked out something isn't right. The new players just joining they are even saying the hame is survivor sided. When I first started both sides had minor issues which were copable. Then over last 4/5 years what do you know many many issues for killers. Very little issues for survivors.

You need to sort your game then I will maybe consider returning along with the other god knows how many who have left. It was a fun run to start with then it just got trash.

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