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what's the point of playing dbd if i get insulted for everything i do

I've been playing DbD before Legion came out, and each second of it was fun, but it just seems like I'm always "cheating". If i down a bodyblocking survivor? I'm toxic, If I down a teabagging survivor at the gate and hook them? I'm toxic. If i kill all 4 survivors? I get called every offensive name in the book. I don't know what to do anymore. Is it because I main killers? Am I just really unlucky? Am I in the wrong for trying to win as killer? What am I doing wrong?

At this point, I just want to uninstall the game and never look back.



  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,526

    hide endgame chat. you bought the game, play how you want. if people keep being #########, then taking a break or quitting altogether are completely valid options

  • It's not just endgame chat though, I just get insulted for playing and winning games as a killer in general, I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong, I don't tunnel, facecamp, or cheat in anyway, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 634

    Insecure people are just upset that you're better than them, simple as that

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 4,056

    Doing nothing wrong, people will be toxic regardless of how you play. Just ignore them all together and don't take it personally.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,953

    who is insulting you besides people in endgame chat?

    Besides, its just generic toxicity in games. Dead by Daylight is unfortunately not exempt from this

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 1,922

    That's most multiplayer games with any kind of communication between sides

  • Guest1567432Guest1567432 Member Posts: 728

    Yeah you wanna close end game chat and pretend it doesn't exist.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672

    Best block the chat, as others say. Because somebody feels upset, angry or threatened doesn't mean it's because of you. The near-absolute reason for post-game salt is because of the weakness and insecurities of the person doing it. Prevent their insecurities becoming your own.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,484

    you didn't do anything wrong, its just the type of people this game attracts after whatever streamer they watch encourages that behaviour.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 5,231

    True. I try my best to encourage people to be nice to everyone. I don't judge people and never say if they're good or bad. I typically say I'm playing bad(which I hate too because it's implying the survivor isn't playing good. Humility is lost on kids online today

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,568

    Its for reasons like this that I'm so glad console doesn't have end game chat.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,054

    I feel you mate this community can be just ugh.

    Turn off endgame chat, make any profiles private and then make your own fun.

    You don't owe anybody else a fun game just focus on your own enjoyment. People abusing you post game says more about them than you.

    Its only a game and not worth getting worked up about.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 2,026

    We play DBD

    We are all defo slightly masochistic

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    A thinly veiled us verses them thread.

    You have been playing sine legion came out and you haven't learned to ignore chat yet?

    Somehow I knew this was going be a first or second post account.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,940

    What is the point of playing online games if you want to be praised or validated? You have close friends and family for that. Stranger danger as they say.

    Gaming culture is toxic as hell but luckily you can always block or hide messages. And if someone tells me I am victim blaming again just by stating how things are... I am not going to have that discussion again.

    You either adapt in this world or expect others to behave how you want which is impossible.

  • Artemis5Artemis5 Member Posts: 47

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear of your frustration, it may be a good idea to take a break from the game and maybe revisit it in a while when you feel ready again (or not, that's your valid choice to make).

    The game is set up in an us vs them mentality - for survs, it's them against the killer so it's easy for them to only think about their fun and if things don't go according to plan, most of the time they'll easily blame the player they went up against, the killer, because that's how the game is designed. And the same goes for the killer, it's them against the survivors, if they lose they can easily blame the survivors or claim SWF and/or comms are at fault or the map or whatever. It's unforunately the nature of a game like this when you have two "teams"/sides going against each other. And with a lot of ppl in the community being very bad sports and being toxic, that's how it goes. It takes a lot for some ppl to swallow their pride and ego and congratulate the opposing team if they've beaten them, especially if they've done a great job beating them.

    Just yesterday I was looping a killer (I play surv mostly, but I also play killer (Wraith) from time to time and enjoy it, I just don't take killer seriously and just go for challenges - it makes it a lot less sweaty and stressful and more enjoyable for me) and I was doing a great job looping/rabbiting (if I do say so myself), got a few pallet stuns as well, but the killer eventually bamboozled me and caught me (well played to them). It was a ghostface and they then teabagged me when they finally downed me and camped my hook. I never teabag as survivor and I didn't teabag him once. I just had a challenge to get pallet stuns. So I felt like that was poor sportsmanship on their part, I didn't gloat in their face when I stunned them, I kept focus, so I felt it was unnecessary. But that's my point, it's how it goes. People take the game too seriously (I do as well at times, it's easy to get caught up in it at times).

    TL:DR; it's the nature of the game - take a break if you feel you need to, I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. Hope you feel better soon!

  • TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 1,666

    I don't get why people say this. Toxicity is such a small thing. Like why does it bother anyone? I just don't give a crap if someone tells me that I'm cancer or whatever.

  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 2,060

    Why do anything online if people being ######### is going to get to you so hard?

  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    I just don't why are people defending being POS in this game.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,151

    The language they use just shows you they have no concept of what they're doing. They're expecting you as the killer to entertain them, not kill them, and then suffer their abusive condescending words either way.

    Yes, I'm such a "scumbag" or I'm "braindead" because I played killer efficiently and got kills. I hear it from my toxic friend all the time when we play SWF. You know they don't play killer at high level. You just know.

  • VanitasRyuzakiVanitasRyuzaki Member Posts: 104

    People are always gonna talk trash no matter what. I got bullied repeatedly by a swf bully and subtle hacking Kate with speed hacks. Here was the mindset they had "if you're trash at the game, you deserve to get bullied".

    What kind of sick mindset is that?!

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 510

    Eat that toxicity make it your bread and butter. On a serious note just ignore them. Your playing Killer not a cuddle teddy bear.

  • KurriKurri Member Posts: 1,601

    That's not a solution. That's a band aid for a much bigger problem.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,821

    Taking the opinion of survivor mains seriously is where you went wrong. Fix that and surely you will have fun once again.

  • WarpheadWarphead Member Posts: 623

    A Killer can not seek the approval of survivors or he will cease to be a Killer.

    You'll never get it, they'll train you to play badly and then insult you for doing so. Tribalism is a fun and unavoidable aspect of DBD, but the survivor community has made it a toxic part of the game, many of them only play in hopes of ruining it for others. Nearly all of them want to use peer-pressure to convince killers to go easy on them. Survivors are not your peers, Killers are.

    Instead of asking yourself "why are they acting like this" ask yourself why you want people like that to be your friends. Instead you should be recognizing that this is a game where you get to kill people like that. It's fun as ######### if you play killer like a killer.

    Hell, the reason I come to the forums is I like to read a bunch of hateful survivor posts to inspire me for a session of killing. Every time I read a "Killers shouldn't be allowed to use perks or strategies" post, my enthusiasm grows. Everytime I see "he's scum because he ______" I remember why I rarely place value on their opinions.

    But let me tell ya, there are lots of survivors that are straight up AWESOME. I've been focusing on learning some new killers lately, and I've encountered so many that went out of their way to be cool about it. I'm not saying all survivors are toxic, I'm saying the survivor community has normalized it.

    But most of all I'm saying: their opinion doesn't matter. There's a shortage of killers, why are you wasting time in afterchat? You should be jumping in another trial.

    Seriously, before you give up, play correctly. Be the killer and play the way you want. That's what your actual peers expect of you.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,227

    I just played a match where I was Wraith.... But I didn't Chase, Down nor Hook a single Survivor... I just stayed clocked for the entire match.... And a Survivor DC'd right at the end..... LOL

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