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Evil incarnate achievement

How the hell does one get it


  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 1,535

    Pure luck, if any survivor is competent they will just hide in a locker, really sucks to try and get

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,946

    Judith's Tombstone, Fragrant Tuft of Hair, bring Play With Your Food and maybe Corrupt Intervention, Deadlock, or Ruin for passive gen delay. From there, you're forced to rely on survivors not ragequitting or jumping in a locker to spite you.

    When I went for this achievement, I tried to play normal at first to give survivors a more fun game. I recommend not doing this, because the number of survivors that will kill themselves on hook when they realize you have Tombstone is nutty. (Also because you really don't have the room to get some hooks and then get infinite T3 in time to get 4 kills. It's a tight time game against all but the most potato of survivors.)

  • HorrorFan101HorrorFan101 Member Posts: 10

    Just tried it and one complete ######### decided to throw a pallet down vaulting over it in endgame collapse at the the last second and getting killer by entity. If he wasn't a jerk id have had it

  • HorrorFan101HorrorFan101 Member Posts: 10

    Could have had it if it wasn't for one jerk vaulting a pallet in last second egc. Why the bell is it even an achievement unless I get completely stupid survivors you an t getting it

  • foxsansboxfoxsansbox Member Posts: 2,004

    It's a horribly designed achievement, that I've wasted 30+ attempts on so far:

    • Lockers
    • Intentional DCs
    • Survivors with half a brain
    • Intentional suicides on hooks if you try to play nice in the beginning
    • MMR basically forcing you to let tons of survivors go until you get the absolute bottom of the barrel

    There's so much going against this achievement that it has nothing to do with your ability and everything to do with the willingness of your opponents. @MandyTalk if the dev's change one, stupid thing about this game. Let it be this god forsaken achievement. They should know better.

  • HorrorFan101HorrorFan101 Member Posts: 10

    I know right. It's a day one of playing the game newbie achievement

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 1,143

    I've done this achievement multiple times over.

    My advice is to run Judith's Tombstone with J. Myers Memorial.

    Monitor & Abuse, Enduring, Whispers, and Corrupt Intervention

    You're going to be tempted to run Tuft of Hair, but the infinite is not worth the time it takes to reach T3. Plus, once you insta-kill one survivor, everyone else is just going to jump in lockers around you.

    Being in T2 has several advantages.

    1. Smaller Terror Radius -- You will have a much easier time getting the drop on survivors
    2. False Sense of Security -- Survivors won't jump in lockers the second you come around because you're not in T3

    Whispers is used for finding the 4th survivor before or after you have a chance to close hatch--RNG is the biggest killer with this achievement. All it takes is a survivor to find hatch and its GG. Therefore, you can down the second to last survivor then insta-kill the last after letting him wiggle off.

    Enduring makes a map with many strong pallets a little more tolerable. Plus, there is the added benefit of getting a bit more stalk off after being stunned.

    As far as approach goes, you absolutely CANNOT kill anyone you haven't stalked. Ideally, you kill whoever has the most stalk, so that you can make it to the 4k.

    Good luck! :)

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,489

    People really sleep on single Tombstone since the buff.

    Double iri. Myers takes far to long.


    I got this trophy on ps4 a long time ago. I got a ps5 and gotta have all the trophies over again. This one is going to suck. Ugh!

  • FreshCoalFreshCoal Member Posts: 174

    I got mine in only 3 tries. The build I used was Corrupt intervention (non-negotiable), Play with your food (Also non negotiable), Ruin, and Iron Maiden. I would also recommend using a Dead Dawg Saloon offering as I believe that is his best map to get a lot of stalk.

    Another necessary part of the achievement is to purposely de-rank your mmr so you get worse survivors. Any experienced survivor is going to immediately jump into a locker or exploit animation frames from vaulting to deny your ability to mori them.

    After only about 5-6 games of letting all 4 survivors escape, I got mine almost immediately.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,634

    PWYF, Corrupt, Ruin, Undying and a lot of luck.

    I managed to find obsession get 3 PWYF stacks and full 1 person stalk very fast.

    Also hope that survivors wont force you into grabbing them at the end.

    Good luck

  • CarrowCarrow Member Posts: 500

    Don't forget that if a survivor runs to a locker every single time, if there's elevation on the map, you can use the trick of bringing them up there so that when they wiggle free they fall and get a speed debuff. Not always a possibility, but it's a neat trick that might help you.

    Left For Dead is still a significantly harder achievement since it requires so many factors to go right.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 14,166

    Yeah, it's pretty awful.

    I got it maybe 3 and a half years ago on old Lery's after a week of trying.

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