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Last Day Before PTB

Tomorrow is PTB day for Mid-Chapter changes. So before we learn what we will get, which changes you want to see? Lets discuss.

I am going to start. So i want to see this changes:

  • Legion rework or huge buffs.
  • Ghostface reveal mechanic fixed.
  • Ghostface buffs.
  • Swamp rework.
  • Grind and Bloodweb rework. Buff for prestige system (More rewards for prestiged characters).
  • CoH nerf (This perk should not stack with other heal stuffs (other perks and med-kits).
  • Cooldown for Boon totems (60 second after killer snuff it.)
  • MDR nerf (I think this is last problem about Spirit. She is fine except this add-on.)
  • Alchemist's Ring nerf (Blight is perfect killer, except this add-on.)
  • Freddy add-on pass.
  • More Trapper buffs (He is worst killer in game, just give him some love.)
  • Perk buffs for both side. Last perk buffs was pretty good, so i have hope for more.


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