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RCPD map is....bad

eeveelouwhoeeveelouwho Member Posts: 9
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I love the detail and effort they put into it but I just keep finding more reasons to hate it.

Just played a game where everytime I chased this one survivor she ran to a corner of the map where I guess she knew she couldn't get hooked from...like,,,, what??? Fix that #########.

Let her bleed out after the third time, ended up a 3k because her team came for her and I had noed. Not something I usually bring, but I only have a handful of perks on huntress and was just trying to do a challenge.

Anybody else dislike the map?

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  • BlackRabiesBlackRabies Member Posts: 490

    Everyone agrees RPD the worst map in the game to play, yet visually very good. This is the only map I get as killer I just afk or guide the survivors to gens to get the game over with since it's just terrible.

    Also map offerings for either Hawkins Lane or RPD I just close the game during loading screen and let the survivors sit back in que for another 10 min. The only exception is if I'm playing Trapper.

  • TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 1,691

    Good is not spelled bad.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,003

    I like it.

  • sonata93sonata93 Member Posts: 51

    It's an awful map. From an art point of view, it's visually great and they were so loyal to the original RE.

    From a gameplay perspective, it's completely broken. I can't think of any other maps that have so many dead zones for hooks so that if a survivor gets downed, they're most likely to wiggle out because the nearest hook is ages away. Even as a survivor I hate it, it's like a maze and takes forever to find a gen. It's really disorientating and despite playing on it quite a lot, I still can't get my head around it's layout. At least with other large maps (Mother's Dwelling) they're wide open so you can get a clear sense of location, RCPD is just unplayable - especially for people new to the game. It's the only map I genuinely hate.

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