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The biggest problems with the forums and it will forever hold them back.

EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,196

Forums, a place to discuss, ask questions and give feedback. Sadly we as a community struggle to make them useful. Here's why.

1. First and most commonly any post is met with a US vs THEM. Doesnt matter if it's the post creator or fellow commenters they're always made to fight each other.

Nerf this side then we must nerf this at the same time. Changes should be done in small sections so we can see the impact of that change.

2. Gone of the OP, similar to the first point people will change topic which usually ends up in US v THEM again. Its possible to discuss one thing without bring up everything else.

A great example is some posts iv made about DH being disabled for a weekend to see the impact. Instead of discussing if itd be good or what they think could happen lots of people said we should disable X killer or X killer perk

3. Assuming, people always assume and often label people killer/survivor main. For example you talk about changing DH and can get labelled a killer main. Discussions work better when they stay to one point not branch off.

A great example is I want DH nerfed, I feel it's not healthy. I think a nerf would be a good change for the meta (nerf the distance) but that does not mean I main killer and dont want survivor improvements. I want alot for survivors that will scare killers (DS works after each hook even if used) but keep one post to a single topic, I personally go in order I thinks important when discussing changes.

4. Rage filled posts. I get it the game can be stressful, we can all have different experiences and it affects everyone differently. But being rude to other members or devs doesnt help provide feedback or a good discussion.

5. Lies, people will lie about experiences or over exaggerate them in hope for a nerf etc.

All in all the forums would be better and work better if people was respectful, honest, didnt assume or make judgements on people because of a topic and most of all dont make it a US vs THEM mentality. We should work together for balance so the games fun and stays alive, not hate on one side that without the game would die.


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