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Pro Tip Never Watch yourself play a TTV

Nothing will make your blood boil faster than listening to a toxic ttv player saying you are a sweat lord and trash when they have all 16 meta perks against your 4 green perks as legion perks. There are some truly awful people in this world who have should not have a platform and it's not healthy to allow your self to get dismayed by players with an overwhelming advantage. I am done for this game for now, its too toxic for me. I really enjoyed getting to know this game and it had so much potential but is too inherently flawed. When it boils down to it each game is more stressful then it needs to be and the better you play this game the more inherently stressful the game becomes when you get higher percentages of 4 man squads. I go from a camping bubba surv to a 4man swf squad and its apparent that BHVR ironically has no idea how to design a game that prevents players from engaging in predictably awful behavior. Its obvious if they play tested this game that players would always find the path of least resistance. Strategically speaking, this has to be by far the more bankrupt game ive ever played with BHVR allowing facecamping and comms to ruin the solo experience on both sides. I love the idea of this game and I want to like it but I think by now its a sunk cost. Just going to wait untill ELden Ring. See y'all later skaters


  • concernedkillerconcernedkiller Member Posts: 23

    Sorry for Not be sufficiently clear, im not talking about TTVs being bad by nature but its rather an unhealthy idea to seek validation by engaging with players after a game. This game, and most games to be fair has a toxicity problem. This game more than any feels very intimate so its easy to let emotions cloud your logic. Its the end game chats after a particularly bad game that are the icing on the cake. YOu cant draw water from a barren well and at this point Ive realized that the cons of this game out ways the pros.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    That's just SWF groups in general. That's basically my entire experienced joining random SWF groups on discords. TTV streams is just you taking a peek at what happens in comms lol. It's a bunch of toxic entitlement.

    Of course there is some chill groups out there but it is rare.

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 6,750

    Some of you care way too much about what some random on the internet says about you in the heat of the moment in a dumb party game where you vs someone trying to murder you.

    If they ain't using slurs why do you care so much?

  • SmukSmuk Member Posts: 735

    Same here.

    Even got a compliment from them.

    Small streamer with good manners = deserves some bits to make their day

  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 1,318

    This kind of crap is why I actively make sure that nobody I play with outside of friends can ever message me, especially when playing killer.

    Look up the stream? Nope lol

    Party invite? Nope lol

    Message received? Deleted without reading lol

    I'm not antisocial or even asocial, but after awhile you just want to stop risking any interaction.

  • IamFranIamFran Member Posts: 1,030
    edited January 4

    I've watched myself from survivor perspective in TTV sometimes and they were all nice.

    One of the matches I was playing hag and they were saying I was a Christmas Tree hag because I had blighted skin equiped and they were having a fun time considering their commentaries and laughs, I even greeted the streamer in the chat and all of them speaked to me in a good manner.

    Other time with Nemesis he was german and was in SWF too, I didn't understand a single thing they were saying but It was fun to hear a bunch of guys speaking and screaming like whermacht soldiers of a WW2 movie everytime I whip one of them, haha.

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 3,423

    I must have the best luck because almost every twich streamer I go against are nice.

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 2,695

    I watch vods all the times and even save them. My blood doesn't boil ever.

    Pro tip: grow a thicker skin and stop giving a ######### what a stranger on Internet thinks of you in a video game.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,548

    The last time I watched a TTV-player I went against, they did not talk a single thing about the game they were playing. They were talking about Genshin Impact the whole time with another player (3 man SWF) and a viewer.

    Man, my blood was boiling!!!11 /s

  • _NIGHTMARE__NIGHTMARE_ Member Posts: 693

    I always check out a TTV after a match to see the game from thier perspective. Most of the time they aren't streaming - but the one time there was; the dude was really nice and chill.

    I even met him in a PTB match later on as killer, to my surprise and I now follow him on Twicth.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,746
    edited January 4

    I'm someone that absolutely loves rewatching my gameplay from a different POV and the clear majority of the time they're just a normal player though? Putting TTV in your name isn't some kinda mind virus that turns you into an angry little gremlin.

    And since it always amuses me to see the ways people think it's even theoretically possible to stop it in a way that isn't reputation suicide and/or technically unfeasible: how exactly would BHVR stop comms even if they wanted to?

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 2,455

    Oh i love to go watch the stream vod of a TTV i played against.

    As my playstyle is not killing anyone but getting 8hooks, it is always interesting to see at which point or if even they notice what i am up to and how they react to that.

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 952

    Most of them are nice. And because they're streaming the game doesn't mean they have to be always nice.

    Αnd by reading your fuming post, maybe they're right about your playstyle. Also, because you were running 4 "green perks" means nothing. Perks have nothing to do with playstyle.

  • SlavJenkoSlavJenko Member Posts: 20

    I had a game against a TTV player and his team, I was playing pig and using only Lightborn. Somehow managed to 4k because they kept going for flashlight saves and body blocking. I started to watch their stream after the match and they were crying about how I managed to wipe them all out, before I ended up leaving the stream we were all on good terms and they must've changed their minds after seeing I had a single perk and actually interacting with said killer. Irk if that would've still been the case had I not said anything but yeh. Some TTV just get frustrated like us all and blame others for our mistakes.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,603

    I went against a 4 man squad and 2 of them were TTVS. I ended up giving one of them hatch because I thought they played really well.

    Then I went to their streams and said GG and they all were super friendly.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,633

    Any "toxic" streamer I've gone against has had less than 10 viewers

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,982

    I love watching TTVs of my opponent (after the match of course). It's fascinating to see what I did from their perspective (it's amazing how many times I was a arm's length away from someone sometimes but I turned right instead of left).

    If the TTV turns out to be a massive butthole, that's on them, not me. I do not care what random strangers on the internet think about the way I played a survivor/killer role in an online video game.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,862
    edited January 4

    There’s definitely some toxic TTV people, but I’ve also met a few that said gg after the match and seemed nice which I checked out their streams and they were decent people.

    So my pro tip might be if you have TTV in your name and you want me to check out your stream, don’t be an ass in chat or in the game.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,239

    I ran into some in the past and 90 % of them were wholesome. I remember only 2 who were salty. One after losing to my Pyramid Head and I had a good time watching them mald and one where I apparently used J-Flicks on Blight after those were patched, we had a 2 hour discussion until he rewatched that scenario frame by frame just to then realize that it was a legit flick hit.

    But also, I befriended some. We were chatting, starting to play because why not? Mostly the smaller streamers anyways.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,058

    I watched myself on a streamers video. He’s well known due to his Basement Bubba camping Tuesdays. Unfortunately my team lost due to their altruism while I was the only one to know that we shouldn’t go down into the dungeon.

    He was a little annoyed because I was minding my own business in a bush and he happened to walk into me twice and each time I was able to juke him and get away. He never said anything toxic though.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,586

    But then I wouldn't get this experience!

    (for real it's actually very nice to me usually and people are nice. There was this one pyramid head where a friend and I were using blast mine/flashbang/head on and all he could really say was "massive respect for pulling it off I can't even be mad")

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,000

    Most TTVs I've seen have been friendly. Some haven't. It really just depends. I will say though, watching my TTV matches back when I played Off Brand Scratched Mirror Myers was usually great fun. Seeing the streamer's reaction to the jump scares and them trying so hard to figure out what on earth my addons were was great. COH kinda made that build not function anymore which is so sad.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 237

    My one observation about TTVs is if they're streaming they're usually all GG and stuff but if they're not they'll be just as toxic as everyone else post-game, it's pretty funny.

    Most arn't toxic when streaming although I do get complained a lot on stream but that might come from me generally playing killers that arn't well liked (Hag, Twins and Slinger before they got nerfed).

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,293

    Should i take great offense if im a streamer and i also like to watch fellow other streamers...? Orrr...

  • selflessneaselflessnea Member Posts: 558

    I like the in game trash talk (most of it is not meant to be hurtful and is just in the moment type responses). It's also nice to get an ez ban from the toxic streamers chat :P

  • gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 105

    My only bad experience with a TTVer was when I noticed that she seemed AFK somewhere in the corner while I was dying on the hook. After I died, I checked her stream to see why I wasn't saved and it turns out that she was doing some mini game thing with her chat for a DLC giveaway, lol. When I died, she was like "Oh no! Anyway, the winner is..."

    While that annoyed me a bit, I left the stream without saying anything and moved on to have a better game.

    Unless the killer/survivor does something cool or strange that I'm curious about, I don't usually care enough to check the stream out. They're like any other player to me.

    So, if you get that angry when TTVers put on a personality they think will get them viewers (because that's all it is), then you should do the same. Don't look them up.

    As for camping/comms--yeah, man. It's a good idea to just step away if all of these things make the game unfun for you, because they likely aren't going away. Hope you enjoy Elden Ring.

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