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There is so much copium surrounding this forum today

Downplaying and calling people babies over their concerns are going to meet the same fate that part of the community is already facing (quiting / moving on). I believe Dbd is in a phase that is weeding out players, IE veteran players in the community or people that don't agree with the direction of the game. More and more balancing in this game seem to be around what most people play / use and not about how much power they provide. It seems more and more that the developers are heavily balancing and gearing their new content towards new players, and I can't interpret it any other way.

Sure you don't care because you are a "god" at the game or these changes don't affect you. But I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you eventually when you get bullied by the community by not sharing the same views / ideas.

Keep pushing everyone away, see what happens in the long run.


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