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BHVR do you like swiss cheese?

SmukSmuk Member Posts: 735

Becouse that how many holes ur anti cheat system has.

I wouldnt honestly be suprised even if ur database queries are ordinary string instead of parametrized.

Honestly, maybe the only thing that will change ur opinion on swiss cheese is when somebody will actually inject “; drop database”

The amount of cheaters from those who showoff to those that are using them subtle is extraordinary.

Yes it is endless loop with security vs hacking.

There are companies which for god sake i hope you hire, to do the pen tests on ur swiss cheese and give you a brief review. Or either you have a flaw in the department. Too many juniors doing spaghetti code or ur seniors are actual juniors.

Just by googling dbd cheats there is frikkin 286282 guides and to purchase how and why. If you cant dedicate budget to purchase and perform reverse engineering. You should honestly sell dbd to other company and play civilization instead


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