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Remember, there is always a 'Uninstall' button

BlighTownBlighTown Member Posts: 153

Let's face it, there is no hope for this game with the way it goes now. The path they take is obviously the wrong one. People always say "Be patient, wait, hold on, let me explain.." No, accept the fact that this game is going in a downward spiral. There is still no word about Ghostface or Legion, they will 'look into it'. 6 months further, no words or even the slightest signs, nothing. Deathslinger nerfs that were so unnecessary it made my skin itch. 5th Anniversary and Binding of Kin chapters that induced the worst type of lag, crashes, freezing, bugs and disconnects and removing disconnect penalties. It was the worst matches of my life. Console optimizations are still not mentioned and not actively worked on. Anti-cheat is a joke. Report system doesn't function. More cheaters by the day, more killers afk by the minute.

They continued to ignore the issues in this game and now they bring in the most ridiculous crap with addon nerfs for Nemesis, Blight, Clown, etc. and of course, removing leatherface masks because some people were vocal about it. Whoop die doo.

This is going too far, BHVR. Some people might still accept your #########, but not me, and I'm sure that others aren't happy with whatever you're doing either.

Anyway, good luck with your endeavors. I don't think you'll get your ######### together by then, I haven't seen a good change for 5 years anyway.



  • DeathBeamDeathBeam Member Posts: 257

    I think I'm at the point that there is competition coming (VHS), I'll just stop playing the game until actual balance changes and console optimization comes along.

  • VeinslayVeinslay Member Posts: 753
    edited January 5

    Just stop spending money on the game. I don't want to quit entirely because of sunk cost fallacy and I've almost got every killer to p3 l50 all perks, but I at least stopped spending any money on the game. Admittedly, I've spent hundreds on killer cosmetics in the past. I haven't bought anything since boons became a thing and they destroyed Deathslinger. People paid money for that killer and they made him complete crap. Not only terrible but unfun. The Ring killer will be the first licensed characters I will not buy. Hitting them in the wallet is the only way to get them to consider changing. As long as people keep handing them cash hand over fist, they have no incentive to change

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,927

    The ones I watch are still playing, who are you thinking of?

  • MarcoPoloYoloMarcoPoloYolo Member Posts: 508

    And then as soon as the pressure dies off if VHS dies, it'll be back to business as usual for them.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,927
    • I don't watch Dowsey but I checked out his most recent stream and flipping through it looks like he was only playing killer for half of it and also played VHS. (Sounded like he was having trouble with hackers?)
    • I looked up Otz's video today and he's still playing killer. He didn't seem like he was in a good mood generally speaking. 🤷‍♂️

    I didn't bother looking up Tru3ta1ent. He's a good player but he complains about everything all the time. Some of his complaints are valid, some are just sore losing, it just wasn't worth watching any more with him.

    (For reference I mainly watch Youtube uploads, not Twitch. I like OhTofu and Otz's uploads, some of Dowseys, and some of Scott Jund's. And of course Samnation. 😄 Tru3 is really prolific on YouTube, like I said though I got tired of his stuff.)

  • VeinslayVeinslay Member Posts: 753

    I stand corrected on Dowsey. I honestly didn't realize he went back to Twitch. I saw he had nothing but VHS streams on YouTube

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,927

    Scott Jund did post in a different thread today that he's definitely going to be taking a break from DbD when Elden Ring comes out. Some of the other streamers probably will too, it's got a lot of hype. (I'm not all that interested in Elden Ring personally, it just looks like Monster Hunter World with better graphics to me. 🤷‍♂️ Totally different genre of game.)

  • VeinslayVeinslay Member Posts: 753

    I wouldn't watch any of that so they'd lose me for sure. This is the only game I like watching streams of because I can learn and get better at the game and be entertained when people rage and stuff. The other games I like are jRPGs (which are boring as ######### to watch on stream) and horror games like resident evil and until dawn and soma, which I'd rather play myself than watch other people play

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,162

    I'm almost doing that and i don't even mind the balance right now, the game has been pretty stale for me for a while and i was hoping this patch would bring something interesting (realm rework perhaps) since there isnt anything i might give this game a break.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,098

    That button is really tempting, ngl.

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 268

    This. The last $ i spent was on Nemesis. I asked for a refund b/c it was so broken on PS4 i couldn't play killer for 6 weeks. Survivor was playable but any exhaustion perk caused latency. I haven't bought Pinhead despite i love his character. At this point i'm glad I didn't b/c they nerfed him pretty hard shortly after release. So sad their history with license characters is to release then nerf them into the ground shortly after. I'm looking forward to the new Outlast game. VHS is too cartoonish for me. I loved the Outlast games. Looking forward to a multiplayer version.

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 636

    At this point, I only occasionally play because I feel obligated to, I've spent way too much money on this game to drop it now.

    But I'm not spending a dollar more, seeing how the game looks like it's getting progressively less fun.

  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 1,237

    I enjoy the game for the most part. I play solo survivor and killer. Though, mostly I admit I play survivor. Not because killer is a terrible experience, but mainly because I game while I walk on a treadmill and it's just more difficult.

    I will admit killer is not fun when you go against the following play styles;

    A) Bully team that is actually good at bullying

    B) Gens are done in 5 minutes or less squads

    C) Stealth gamers

    But in reality there are things that killers can do to mitigate going against those type of teams. Most games though, don't fit these three types though.

    And believe it or not, survivors also have games that aren't fun as well.

  • ThanosPAWGThanosPAWG Member Posts: 329

    You do you but as long as I can hit ready up I'll be playing as I am still having a good amount of fun with this game. I wish you and all who decides to quit good luck.

  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 3,233
    edited January 5

    There is still no word about Ghostface or Legion, they will 'look into it'. 6 months further, no words or even the slightest signs, nothing.

    That's wrong, this was answered in october about 3 months ago.

  • scubasydscubasyd Member Posts: 71

    Yes I love this game but with sh*tty mmr and all the nerfs to killers and the dumb useless perks piling up

    they pump out new killers, survivors, and cosmetics to spend money on but ignore creating new maps, new game mechanics, game qol fixes, perk tweaks because everything is about money.

    so stop spending money!

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,244
    edited January 7

    Honestly, I'm completely done with this game until it gets a least a bit balanced. I've been taking a break for 3 days now and it's probably going to keep going.

    And if VHS comes out on console, I'll just go play that instead.

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 645

    A lot of people dislike him because he comes across in a 'know it all' way and is passively condescending. Not to mention, like you said, he just complains about everything while preaching this holier than thou attitude. But he has mostly stopped playing killer from what I've seen.

    Spooknjukes still plays killer. Hexy still plays killer (although he camps no matter who he plays).

    Scottjund barely touches killer, or at least recently doesn't.

    LilithOmen still plays killer (big surprise arguably the best Blight player still plays Blight lol).

  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    I honestly hope VHS comes to console along with a real cross progression system

  • BlighTownBlighTown Member Posts: 153

    Good for you! It's better to stay away from this stinking, rotting corpse of a game.

  • BlighTownBlighTown Member Posts: 153

    It's honestly pathetic. Now they bring voice lines for Pinhead just to put salve on the gaping wound. It makes me want to facepalm.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,427

    I'm still having fun, but I must say - yeah. 5.5 is one of the biggest 'is it worth it?' moments I've seen in DbD in a long time. Near unanimous frustration and annoyance.

    I'd add:

    • No adjustments to boons (CoH in particular) despite basically everyone I've seen agreeing that CoH is brokenly OP and unhealthy for the game.
    • Bizarre nerfs to addons on Nemesis and Twins that seem to boil down to 'well, these addons were used too much'.

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 430

    I'm not uninstalling it, but honestly, I'm just keeping it up for the slight, tiny, probably painful, hope that DBD will somehow bounce back when VHS threatens their financial status.

    Course, chances are, their panicked attempts to fix the game and try to make it better than "VHS" might end up with us laughing our butts off as we see them work overtime just to see their lack of experience *with their own game* causes them to fold harder than paper.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,633

    Matthew Santoro complains too much about survivors. Always talking about getting gen rushed in matches where he over commits in chases.

    Also he says SWF is cheating and if you’re in a SWF squad you should get some sort of action speed penalty or whatever.

  • Barbarossa2020Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 893

    Civilization 6 is isn't bad, bought it on Steam last month.

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