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dead man's switch on the artist will be a nightmare

artistartist Member Posts: 1,509

this was literally the first thing i thought of when i read the dev update today. how easy would it be to hook someone and launch crows at gens to force survivors to let go? obviously camp the hook because after forcing them to activate dead man's switch you'll know there's no gen progress being made.

take this a step further by running pain resonance, thrilling tremors, and starstruck with it.

pain resonance because it's already very good and it would instantly activate dead man's switch on the furthest repaired gen (at least i think it would, someone fact check me on that).

thrilling tremors so u don't even have to guess which gens are being worked on, aka more efficient use of your crows.

starstruck to make nearby survivors think twice about going for quick saves while you're setting up crows for dead man's switch activation.

often times when a player asks what to do when the killer is camping, they're told to go do gens but what do you do in this scenario?


  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,416

    Who knows, it probably will be good.

    People still insist that Franklin's is OP on Pinhead so I'm gonna reserve judgment and see for myself on live servers.

    And in the case that Dead Mans Switch is actually poggers, what will Artist players give up for it?

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,509

    probably one of their other three slowdowns lol. fr tho, this perk does seem like it would be a must have on her with the upcoming changes, but i really dont expect it to go to live the way it is now.

  • RathoricRathoric Member Posts: 617

    On my artist i run Pentimento, plaything, pop and Pain resonance, so if it goes live, i'll most likely drop pop for it. Gives them more incentive to cleanse totems even more.

  • Regulus47Regulus47 Member Posts: 183

    I don't know if that'd work very well? Doesn't artist have a big range around a hook where she can't place crows?

  • LeFennecFoxLeFennecFox Member Posts: 269

    I don't see it as being uncounterable even with a full build just for DMS value if survivors play smart and just do gens. Survivors can play around it by getting off super early and just eating the 16s of thrilling and giving no indication they're there. If she's far away her birds can be reaction dodged. She also has cooldowns on her birds and has to choose which gens to focus. With deadlock this could be insane though for camping since the average survivors just feed you hooks when you face camp.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,509

    I guess we'll have to see in the ptb, but that's why I recommended staratruck. no one would want to get the save when you're only 10 meters away from the hook and they're exposed.

    that's the point of dead man's switch on the artist. If they dodge the crow, you got what u wanted! that gen is now blocked and the survivor cant do anything about it.

    if they play around thrilling by letting it activate on the gen they're on, you still get game delay. and it's not like u cant shoot a crow at a gen once it becomes unblocked. also you'd have to first learn thrilling is in play to even know to let go when someone goes down.

    Not to mention I think bbq would work just as well as a replacement for thrilling.

    The cooldown for 1 bird isnt that long, and there is an addon to shorten that time even more. Sure it could take some time to hit all 3 survivors if all 3 of them are on gens that u dont know about because they all played around thrilling or bbq (not likely).

    I just hope someone tries this out on the ptb and let's me know how it works cuz I hope I'm overestimating how good this would be

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    DMS is bad combined with PoP and Ruin is also not that good with it.

    So best combo will be DMS + Pain Resonance.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,182

    It won't be. Nobody plays that killer anyway. I wouldn't.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 815

    Sounds like a fun build for me. Something that could be good and not uses Ruin/Undying is a step in the right direction. I think Freddy will like this perk too as he can just hook, BBQ, teleport and block the generator same for some other Killers too. Sound interesting and maybe this makes Deadmans Switch a nice perk.

  • Travis_BatemanTravis_Bateman Member Posts: 201

    Oh no,a killer have synergy with a perk and vice versa,we can't let that happen.

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