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Survivor Totem Experiment 200 Games

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Hey all, I've been collecting stats for quite some time.

We've never gotten stats as to the average number of totems cleansed in a game (and I haven't seen anyone do it) so I thought I'd try it out. So, I've had roughly 200 games worth of stats and I'm gonna try my best to condense them down into a easily legible format because I took notes by hand.

I recorded whether or not I was in a SWF, how large of a SWF, how many totems were cleansed, how many were boon'd at the end of the match, what Killer we played, whether or not they facecamped, what map we got, whether or not the Killer took us there, whether or not the Killer had NOED, the result of the match (2K, 3K with Hatch ect) and any additional notes I had. Forgive me if there are slight discrepancies, I'm basically copying this from paper.

So, without further ado, let's get into it.

In total, I played 95 Solo Q Games. In those 95 games, a total of 289 Dull (or Hex) Totems were cleansed when the last gen popped. By averaging that (289 totems / 95 games) we get an average of 3.05 totems cleansed in the average Solo Q game.

I did keep track of if any Boon Perks were active when the last gen popped, but surprisingly, it was extremely uncommon to see Boons up when the final gen was completed. I would imagine it is because the effect of Boons (CoH) is so strong that the Killer feels the need to cleanse it ASAP. In regards to Solo Q, there were only 7 Boons up when the match ended or when the final gen was completed.

The most popular Killer in my Solo Q matches was Bubba who appeared in 14 out of 95 games. That gives him a 15% appearance rate in my Solo Q matches. Out of those 14 Solo Q Bubba's, only 2 didn't facecamp.

The least popular Killer in my Solo Q matches was a FIVE way tie. I never saw Oni, Plague, Hag or Deathslinger in any of my Solo Q games.

For the Kill Rate in my Solo Q Matches, there were 136 sacrifices in 95 games. 136/95 gives us about 1.43. So, the average Kill Rate for my Solo Q matches is 1.43, which to my knowledge, means that the Killer is getting a 1K on average with a slight skew towards getting a 2K.

Next up we have Duo Q games. I ran Duo, Trio and 4-Man queue's with players significantly better than me. Thanks to @Shdw_Void for the help. Also, one of the other Duo/Trio/4-Man Survivors has a crippling addiction to flashlight saves. We probably would've survived more if he didn't try to burn the Killer's retinas every 5 seconds.

Anyway, 74 Duo Q Games. In those 74 games, a total of 192 Dull (or Hex) Totems were cleansed. By dividing 192 by 74, we get an average of 2.60 totems cleansed in an average Duo Q game. Kind of weird that it went down.

There were only 3 Boons active when the final gen was done or when the match ended.

The most popular Duo Q Killer was still Bubba who appeared 8 times, which gives him about an 11% pick rate. Out of those Bubba's, only 1 didn't facecamp.

The least popular Killer in my Duo Q matches was a TWO way tie between Hag and Twins. Never saw them at all.

For the Kill Rate in my Duo Q matches, there were 138 sacrifices in 74 games. 138/74 is 1.86! That's quite a bit higher than Solo Q! I imagine this is because of the fact that my teammates are better than me and I am getting matched with better Killers. Could also be the fact that I was getting matched with Killers with thousands of hours, but teammates with 15-20 hours.

Next up we have Trio Q Games.

In my 24 games, a total of 77 Dull (or Hex) Totems were cleansed. That gives us about 3.5 totems cleansed in an average Trio Q game. Definitely starting to spike up.

Bubba gets dethroned here because weirdly enough, we saw 3 Hag's. Pretty odd. The least picked Killers were Freddy, Clown, Spirit, Legion, Plague, Oni, Deathslinger, Twins, Nemesis and Trickster. This means basically nothing because of the very small sample size.

For the Kill Rate, there were 28 sacrifices in 24 games. That gives us a Kill Rate of 1.29. That's pretty in-line with all the others. This is also such a small sample size that I don't think it matters.

Finally, we have 4-Man games. I did not play many of these. These stats are just for fun.

In my 7 4-Man games, a total of 28 Dull (or Hex) Totems were cleansed. That gives us an average of 4 totems cleansed per match. It would've been higher, but a Nurse took us to Midwich and slugged us until we bleed-out, so that screwed up the averages.

There's too few games to do a Killer Pick Rate thing.

For the Kill Rate though, there were 15 sacrifices in 7 games. Kill Rate is 2.14. If that Nurse didn't exist it would've been around 1.5, just like the rest but that's why I need more data and why this is just for fun.

So that's all my data. If you have any questions or anything you'd like to inquire about in specific (ie, more unincluded stats) feel free to ask. I'm not going to draw any conclusions from this data, I set out to find out how many totems were cleansed on average in a match. In general, there were 586 Dull (or Hex) Totems cleansed and 200 games played. This gives us an average of 2.93 totems cleansed per match.

EDIT: Here's the raw PDF of the spreadsheet that I just made.

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