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It look im staying survivor

legrosporc69legrosporc69 Applicant Posts: 250

I was kinda hype for the mid chapter patch i was expecting some survivor nerf or killer buff. Instead we have that ######### patch and no change to boon. That enough for me to stay survivor even if i miss killer a lot and with some game coming soon dbd will be uninstall at the end of the month. I think the new pokemon will be better and elden ring next month will steal many player. The fact they could not produce a patch to bring back some killer is dpressing im tired to wait 7 to 10 minute before i can play.


  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 724

    I would stick with survivor too, but the queue times are going to be painful (even more so than they already are). I was playing at lunchtime today and the killer queues were instant while survivor queues took a few minutes. That never happens for me - it has always been the other way around during early daytime until today. This is a strong piece of anecdotal evidence that killer numbers are already down after the recent patch announcements.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,803

    I really do not think Pokemon or Eldin Ring are DBD killers...

  • Lochnload_exeLochnload_exe Member Posts: 1,252

    Then play killer, it takes more skill than survivor, but not every loss is because the game is built to make killer lose lol if you aren't having fun but aren't willing to try and improve then feel free to stay survivor.

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 1,913

    Evidence from your area I think, because from mine, Survivors queue are faster than usual since a few weeks. At the end of the afternoon (5 PM), I was used of waiting five-ten minutes but not anymore. Now, it's one minute long until at least 8 PM (but I stop to play after).

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,997

    I really hope Elden Ring will acually decrease the player count of this game.

    The fact that CoH still isn't getting nerfed is mind-boggling to me. Definitely a reason to take a break from this game. But we'll see. The balancing of this patch is just so questionable.

  • legrosporc69legrosporc69 Applicant Posts: 250

    Im not saying those game are going to be a dbd killer. But those game are going to take some player from dbd specially elden ring. Elden ring is already taking 3 major streamer on the dbd platform thats huge specially when 2 of those 3 start streaming career with dark souls. I had pokemon because i believe pokemon is a popular game so im sur people will go there for a time.

    Elden ring will kill dbd for me that for sure and 1 thing im sure its im not going to be the only one

  • SunsetSherbetSunsetSherbet Member Posts: 1,292

    Pretty much the same.

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 861

    Yeah go play survivor and learn how bad its there.

  • throwaway79465468797throwaway79465468797 Member Posts: 682

    I can tell just by your demeanor that you dont play high MMR killer games... cant wait to hear your answer for how you improve your gameplay when survivors consistently pop 3 gens in the first chase. Regardless of what non-meta killer you play.

  • TotemSeeker91TotemSeeker91 Member Posts: 758
  • throwaway79465468797throwaway79465468797 Member Posts: 682

    What.... perhaps you could take a minute to understand why he would be winning more of his games? What do you think it takes to get to high MMR in the first place?

    You think he's already at high MMR...?


    I don't blame you, survivor is extremely easy and fun right now with BT/DS/DH/COH and a SWF.

    I still play killer because I'm competitive and enjoy a challenge, but it's getting to the point where I've had enough of the role tbh, playing against COH/DH is just mentally draining.

  • Lochnload_exeLochnload_exe Member Posts: 1,252

    It has been shown that any killer no matter the build can do good, as long as you are actually good at the game. I've been playing for 4 years, and even when playing super laid back and casual, getting up to 8 hook games is easy, most games without trying super hard I can get a 2k. It isn't because they are babies, it is because I've practiced and played the game for so long, like with most pvp video games lmaoo. If I want to go for 4ks, then it isn't hard. I put on my best stuff, and I play to win. It is that simple. When you really want to win in this game, it isn't that hard, because realistically at the highest level, if both sides bring the strongest stuff, the game is fairly balanced how the devs want, around 2k/2escape.

    I can only assume on my favorite killers I am high mmr, because I play them hard and try to win, and MMR only counts for kills and escapes, but even then, mmr is an invisible number that you can't see, and it doesn't even track real skill so why do people like you always use it as an excuse LOL stop coping so hard

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