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If you are defending boons there is something wrong.



  • eeveelouwhoeeveelouwho Member Posts: 9

    Once killers have something that can actually combat them or help you locate totems on killer I wont mind them so bad. I also still think they should all have a set number of times they can be relit. Like you light it once, killer snuffs, the second time you light it, the killer destroys the totem. You can still set it to a different totem, but not the same one over and over because that ######### drives me nuts.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,669

    This. I rarely see anyone using the other ones, and I'd even say Boon: Exponential is at best mediocre.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,003

    Do we actually believe exponential and shadow step are issues?

  • SludgeSludge Member Posts: 749
    edited December 2021

    Another time waster for the killer when killers already have no time. Do you constantly snuff out Boons or give survivors powerful abilities that counter all your pressure? It's a negative either way.

    They turned totems into a weapon for survivors that can be replaced infinitely, while most hexes are a joke.

    CoH also encourages tunnelling instead of spreading hits. I thought survivors didn't like being tunnelled?

    Boons are terrible for the game's health, so of course they will double down on the mechanic instead of removing it. Which means more DLC Boon perks.

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  • FuzzycubeFuzzycube Member Posts: 82

    IMO dull totems should have a limited use, maybe two times total of being either a Hex OR a Boon before automatically being destroyed/cleansed upon stomping out a boon or whatever.

  • hannibal322hannibal322 Member Posts: 17

    Boons are just too strong in general I don't understand how team wide perks made it past the pitching an idea stage if they were meant to be this strong. Then they went and made them infinite reuses.

    I agree CoH is the main offender completely bonkers over powered. Set it near a completed gen across the map the team has permanent healing or the killer loses the game getting that boon snuffed.

    Shadow step I think removing scratch marks would have been enough removing auras too counters some of the most fun killer builds in the game. Looking at scratched mirrors build.

    Exponential I have no complaints about but I have never seen it run after the first week it came out.

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,769

    boons are fine, circle of healing is just absurdly strong, along with most healing related things in the game atm

  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    No no it can't because camping and tunneling is like complaining about a spammer in a fighting game meanwhile boons have no real counter measure now and COH stacked healing time is ridiculous.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 837

    I like Boons and just wished Killers had a cooler animation snuffing them. Just kicking them is kinda lame you know...

    However I think that Boons need a few tweaks to match their power. Mainly they should come with different radii depending on their powerlevel. As an example: Cycle of Healing should be reduced to 16m radius, Shadow Step can remain at 24 meters and Exponential should be buffed to 28m. Different radii would buff or nerf the Boons quit well at it influences their coverage of the map.

  • DeadByStreetlightDeadByStreetlight Member Posts: 150
    edited January 6

    Boons shouldn't be infinite to set.

    The heal speed should be lowered especially for solo heals. Also the speed shouldn't stack with other items or perks. To give perks like self care and sloppy butcher their power back.

    Boons should only work on the map level, where it's placed.

    And to give pentimento a reason, boon totems need a longer place time on hex totems.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,229

    I think so, too, but the counter argument goes something like this: if boons were that restricted/you could lose the use of the perk mid game, then survivors won't play it anymore, turning it into yet another dead weight perk.

    Or: its important that survivors can reboon, in order to give then the much needed secondary objective. Without this its back to slamming gens.

    Or: couldn't survivors learn how to deal with a losable high risk, high reward perk like killers with their hexes? - NO! Boons might accidentally use totems as their vehicle of application, but besides that V they don't have anything remotely similar to each other, so why should any such restrictions apply?

    Personally I think that snuffed boons should be destroyed, as they ARE pretty similar to hexes. And I think that all kind of boons are stronger then regular perks and they would still stay attractive choices, if there would be a max of 5 blessed totems per map and trial. It would indeed make for more interesting tactical choices then more automatic responses "oh there is a totem. BLESS!"

    They would still be different enough from hex perks in that you have to bless them to activate, but don't lose them the automatically the first time they are snuffed out. Every hex killer knows the pain of busted spawns and losing an important hex within the first 30s of a trial just like that.

  • iThe1OneiThe1One Applicant Posts: 45

    Sure it's not fun to play against but if they nerf them like giving them 2-3 tokens per match then they need to buff the effect radius and reduce the audio queue when near them so the killer actually has to search for them. Most times when I play killer I find the boons without even searching for them because the audio radius is very big.

  • DeadByStreetlightDeadByStreetlight Member Posts: 150
    edited January 6

    The audio radius and the bright effect should be reduced. Or give it a try and remove the effect fully. then it only can be heard on both sides or reconized by watching the buff.

    For me it's totally disturbing the game atmosphere. Its like youre sitting next to a broken freezer.

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,690

    Personally I feel aside from Circle of Healing most boons are fine. The only thing I'd maybe change is if a survivor gets hooked their totem becomes snuffed and adjust them after that change.

    Circle of Healing is problematic because it's always in affect and a survivor has a safe haven to heal on the map without needing any perks or items assuming it isn't their Boon. Even if a person who is using it is about to be hooked and then gets hooked the other injured survivors can flock to it and heal whether it be a solo or group heal.


    It's not ''boons'' that are the problem, it's Circle of Healing. Compared to the other two, it's flawed in design by virtue of not needing the killer to be within its radius to work. The other two need the killer interacting within the boon for the survivors to get value, COH does not, hence the design problem.

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 676

    Yeah, Shadow Step is also too powerful, especially for less-experienced killers or those with hearing impairment. Blocking all auras + removing scratch marks (and both effects lasting a few seconds after you leave the zone) is effectively giving 2 free perks to the other three survivors, which is blatantly unbalanced especially as they're infinitely renewing. It's effectively Distortion + Lucky Break for every survivor.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,522

    Boons are an interesting concept which gives the survivors a second objective rather than just sit on gens. I bet if the devs recorded stats for the average match length at high ranks before and after boons, they would be longer.

    Now that's boons, let's talk about CoH. Yes it needs a nerf and pretty much everyone agrees that it does. Don't lump boons in with CoH (like 95% of people keep doing for some reason).

  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    Boons needed more time to be worked cause while the idea of them was good their execution was problematic. COH is the main culprit but due it being part of a problematic mechanic the whole thing needs to be looked at.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

    Boons are exactly what we've been asking for though: A secondary objective. It's one that takes a time investment, both to set and use, and it feels good when your investment gets value. It also takes up slots for other perks that don't take as much time or effort to get value out of. It also has clear cut counterplay of just... well, snuffing the Boons. The same issues people have with locations of Boons is the same that are available for Hexes. Both can be annoying and frustrating.

    That isn't to say that Boons don't have the potential to be strong or some of them aren't strong, but I do genuinely appreciate that they shake up gameplay in a new way that actually feels somewhat substantial.

  • jamally093jamally093 Member Posts: 735

    When it comes to book's I see people use healing circle alot because it's just self care with extra steps but not a slower timer like if I were to fix should it be healing others is faster because healing circle sounds like you need others.

    Shadow step is meh because most of the time it doesn't work

    Then the new one I don't even want to name because I don't care is just unbreakable but bad I get it works like No mither with infinite recovery minus the broken status but you need to be in a certain radius, the killer has to slug you and you need to have it active then why not just bring unbreakable sure getting up is one time but it's better then having all the extra steps.

    Boons are mostly perks but extra steps

    Healing circle: self care

    Shadow step: Lucky break(old I don't remember if it covered scratch marks and blood)

    That other one: Unbreakable and no mither

    Boons I feel like are a one time thing because Mikaela knows magic so it would make sense but Johnah is just some guy(I don't read backstory) how can he make Boon totems.

    If I remember someone said why should hex totems have the chance to be blessed when cleansing is faster and doesn't give away where you boon is.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,960

    Killer mains should be defending boons. They are a time waster and an indirect buff to killers.

    You have to waste a lot of time looking for a totem, then bless it. If it is a hex, it takes light years in DBD time to bless it. Then, all the killer has to do is hear it from a mile away and know exactly where it is to snuff.

    If a survivor is healing, they are not doing their objective. I actually feel like I do better without using them because you can do a gen in the time it takes to find a totem, bless it, and watching the killer come snuff it out instantly is really a disappointment. 14 seconds is a long time in DBD and if the healing is not better than Self-Care speed, then there is actually no point in using it.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 600

    The problem is you're not taking the entire match into consideration. Does the amount of time one survivor placing down a boon, even if they do it repeatedly, justify the amount of healing your teammates may get from it? The pressure a killer loses because of it? You are equally wasting your time as a killer, maybe even moreso than a survivor wasting theirs in placing it. You have a lot more time to work with as a survivor as opposed to a killer.

    You toss a boon in a deadzone, where there is no gen, but is opposite to your current gen you're doing? You take a hit, run down there. Someone else on the other side could do the same. At that point it's just a game of attrition. You can talk all you want about x seconds to self-heal, y seconds off a gen, but if you're going to completely ignore what is required of the other side, then you don't have much of an argument.

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,333

    Yep, stomping on boon totems it's pointless and a very bad though mechanic that should be changed to something more efficient, either that or limit the number of times a boon can be re-lit.

    Right now the only killer that can laugh about CoH is plague, but with the bug of the vomit not registering hits, its kinda annoying to play.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,960

    It's only being used because it is a slightly better self-care. If it was nerfed any at all, then you could use self-care, where the killer can't disable it.

    Its too easy for killers to snuff them, they need to be worth the blessing.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917

    Killers would if they could as being able to do bones and break them would make Hex:Pentimento a reliable perk.

    Remember doing bones means break said bones and killers can't do that!

  • ShadowIceShadowIce Member Posts: 181

    Boons are fine imo but circle of healing is not

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,498

    Right? I would totally break them if I could. But you can only give them a dainty little pet with your soft toes.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703

    Once a totem is snuffed...it should be from then on "unboonable".

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