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Survivor toxicity fix

loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337
edited January 7 in Feedback and Suggestions

.teabgging more than two times during a chase will cause the entity's claw to grab you, leaving you unable to move for 4 seconds. This has no cooldown. If you have a speed boost such as sprint burst active,the affect stays active so you cannot use it to have a longer speed boost.

.flashlights now have a burnout system. This happens when the survivor using the flashlight successfully blinds the killer or if the flashlight is turned on and off more than three times within 4 seconds. The burnout for flashlight clicking only takes affect in the killers terror radius.

These are to remove the overwhelming affect of toxicity in the game for the killer.

The affect of these only happen in the killer's terror radius or during a chase to ensure that toxicity hurts more than helps, while still offering the greeting teabag to survivors or flashlight clicking at the start if the match since there is no other way to communicate, Yet.


  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    Note, the burnout is a cooldown.

  • KurriKurri Member Posts: 1,601

    Is teabagging and flashlights that big of a problem? That wastes time. Wouldn't it better to focus on the end game chat, and other stressful aspects of playing Killer. If Killer wasn't so stressful to play in the first place, would so many even be bothered by teabagging and flashlight clicking? Actions like that are in all online games, the added stress is not.

  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    Forgot to put that

  • StarrseedStarrseed Member Posts: 893

    True tbagging is in so many games and I never got it every one and there granny knows that it's done to provoke and to be toxic there is no game play reason to do it so why not just prevent it and every thing is fine.

    Other survs often argue in this forum that we should just chill and ignore it but no one ever gives a reason that they need the ability to tbagg the all just want to keep there toxic weapon of choice

  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    Yes it is , survivors can click and flash when they want, how they want. Egc is not on my platform so I cannot say anything about it . It's not fun to chase a survivor only to get squats and clicks out of it.

  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    There needs to be things done to prevent it. I can't say anything for egc when 5hey ban weird words ( the damn letter t was banned?)

  • UpsideClownUpsideClown Member Posts: 2

    There's simple way to remove toxicity frrom game. Simply there should be home address next to everyone's nickname.

  • IMhereRUNIMhereRUN Member Posts: 605

    You think this stuff is “toxic”? Might need to acknowledge it’s a video game…and has nothing to do with real life.

    Only you can be accountable for feeling triggered by something in a video game, and if that’s the case, just don’t play it.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 4,335

    Why don't we just cancel the whole ######### game and go play ring around the Rosie?

    It's a game. If a pixelated character squatting hurts your sensibilities too much, perhaps play a different game.

  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 250

    somebody spammed ctrl so now my day is ruined!!!!!! why don't we remove the ability for the killer to move their camera. by looking around you can nod and that is considered toxic. If the killer nods the survivors all instantly escape and the killer gets a 14 day ban.

  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    But if there is no point in it, why not get rid of it altogether. I have had problems with my ears fir a good 30 minutes after a match because of macros clicking. The same philosophy you have can be acknowledged with toxicity. Touch some grass, it's a video game. That how its been since a long time ago. When a survivor wants to out the cherry on top of the meta cake with teabags and annoying flashlight sounds, not only is it frustrating for the player, but headphone users on a game relying on sound as well as skill will have some trouble. If you feel toxic, play another game, calm down , and come back. The killer did nothing to hurt you or be rude to you, why be rude to them?

  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    Its not respectful to show toxicity in a virtual game. It's a bad influence on new players and only adds fuel to the fire. The game has a chance for a bright future this year, a good start to that would be lessening the bm for qaulity of life.

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 394

    you should probably just quit while your ahead if a teabbag or click hurts your feelings

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    heh. Well remember, the folks that do this will more than likely NOT agree on changes. but I have always thought Blood warden should be a game mechanic that PUNISHES players for remaining in the exit zone too long.

    Just think. If any one player remains in the exit zone too long. The path of exit is blocked off for them specifically by warden for that specific zone, and the player that accrues the most of remaining there, either has to escape or it locks them in for 2 minutes.

    NOED becomes a "built in game mechanic" - Interesting?

  • loopsahoyloopsahoy Member Posts: 337

    Let me ask. Why do you teabag? Is it beneficial to you? No. Not at all. There's no point in defending it. Your points aren't constructive at all.

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 394

    i barely ever teabag or click im more of a hook hitter/ nodder but when i do teabag or click its so that they chase me and throw the game to do it

  • XStormyXDayzXXStormyXDayzX Member Posts: 417

    My only issue with that is that it should only be in affect when there is no one left in the match. Sometimes I hesitate at the threshold to see if a survivor will make it, if they get downed I have to decide whether to to go and try to save them or leave them (factoring hook count, Noed, etc.)

    But if it's just all the remaining survivors Tbagging, hell yeah, punish them. If there is nothing left to do in the match, they shouldn't linger

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