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Why not just add some BP incentive to the less played side.

FlimflamFlimflam Member Posts: 94
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Don't really understand why bhvr hasn't tried this solution. Unless they have some data to indicate that more BP incentives don't work. It seems like it'd be a pretty simple solution to a couple problems right now.

1; The grind in this game is agonizing particularly for newer players

2; It would be nice to be able to complete all the surv archives within my lifetime.

Seriously go crazy. Give the underplayed side 100%, 200%, 300%, a new perk for free every game idc. BP is capped at 1mil so it's not like older players would save up some exorbitant amount of BP.

I do understand that bhvr may see this as a bandaid instead of a permanent solution and I guess it kind of is. Band-aids are meant to be removed when the wound heals though.

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