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Nerf the Trickster's laceration meter

FeegsFeegs Member Posts: 3

I feel like there should be bloodweb buffs to increase the time it takes for the laceration meter to start decreasing, but an overall nerf needs to be applied to how long it takes for the laceration meter to start going down.


  • legrosporc69legrosporc69 Applicant Posts: 250

    Plz at least wait until you can play against him on a regular basis before you complain. That killer is a rare one to face dont ask for nerf until he become the next deathslinger

  • BlackRabiesBlackRabies Member Posts: 499

    He was just buffed few months ago as well back then he was considered really bad and needed to land 8 knives. It's been reduced down to the current 6. Just don't be out in the open and break line of sight from him.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 3,664

    I don't understand what you're actually proposing. Bloodweb buffs? Do you want laceration to decay faster or slower?

  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 2,353

    I think they mean add-ons. Other than that, not sure.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 2,529

    Just remove Trickster.

  • FeegsFeegs Member Posts: 3

    I'm saying the time between when the last blade hits and when the laceration meter starts going down should be shortened, but for there to be like a rare bloodweb buff or something for trickster that makes it so survivors hold the meter for longer so people can still have the experience as it is now. Just feel it would work better as a buff and not an all the time thing.

  • FeegsFeegs Member Posts: 3

    lol na. Not a bad killer by any means, just exploitable for tryhards.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 3,664

    They already doubled his laceration decay from its original rate.

    I think what you're suggesting would harm him because it weakens him in the situation he's bad at handling while doing nothing for the things he excels at. Essentially, new players are still going to despise him because he'll mow them down effortlessly when they run in straight lines and don't utilize cover, but this just means that playing Trickster at high levels switches from pain to extra pain when running laps around shack or turning corners in a tight indoor map goes from an extremely slow crawl in Trickster's favor to a total stalemate.

    It's already really easy to utilize terrain to stall Trickster and this could tip the balance to the point where he straight-up cannot use his ranged power in some structures.

  • AngyKillerAngyKiller Member Posts: 1,838

    The Trickster does not need his Laceration Meter to decay any faster. Such a nerf would make him nearly unplayable, as Survivors who hide around a loop for 2 seconds would be free from danger.

    I honestly don't see why you'd want his LM to decay any faster, as he's not OP where it is.

  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 355

    I see so many people complain about him and you people are gonna get him hard nerfed like deathslinger to the point where only kpop fans or simps will play him

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,512

    IMO, Laceration should simply decrease faster if you break the chase and stick around longer if he can keep the chase.

    Right now, it doesnt matter, making it a bit too oppressive on some maps, especially when playing solo. But I think a Trickster should be rewarded for maintaining a chase while throwing his knives and punished for losing a chase because he focussed too much on throwing knives.

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