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animalz606animalz606 Member Posts: 16
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I'll get straight to the point. No killer likes to hear the sound of a boon coming up and having to deal with the pain of it all. In my own opinion, Boons ruin a LOT of killers in their powers. I'll give an example using one of my mains, Legion. The whole purpose of him is to make survivors injured with his power and waste their own time healing. Them healing together or self-caring, however they wanna do it. It's always gonna be a good thing to you to get some time out of them.

Now, say now Boon: Circle of Healing comes up. What the ######### are you supposed to do? It's basically a healing station if the killer can't find it. You heal at good speed (and thank god they nerfed the stacking), a killer had got to go practically at the end of the map to get rid of it which then you can just set back up in 16 seconds, and once everyone basically instantly heals, your power will be useless. Any heal-related perks that used to be pretty decent or good on any killer (take Sloppy, Thana, Hex: Peptimento for examples) are basically useless if you just set up a single Boon. Circle of Healing can also ruin powers of the following at well: Oni, Wraith (if you're hit-and-run), Twins, Executioner (in some cases if you Cage), Freddy (if he leaves for a teleport), Hag (being a hit-and-run secure killer). There's a lot of situations for killer that make it where they cannot leave a chase or that will all just be wasted.

Shadow Step I'm not gonna lie isn't that terrible for killers, it's just that you have to watch for blood in tracking.

Exponential I personally haven't seen it become any useful so I can't determine it. If I see another busted boon, like if you're in range of the boon you get haste or some #########, I'm gonna personally take it to DEVs because seriously, one is bad enough.

Enough about me ranting about Circle of Healing and the others. I personally have no problem with the other 2 boons. It would be nice though if Boons acted like Hexes. For instance, it's a 1-time use thing. You set it somewhere, you can relocate it, but if the killer snuffs it out, your perk is disabled for the Trial. Act it like it's a Hex, just that the totem doesn't die. The reason I say one and not more is because SWFs or just people generally will just all bring it into a single match. Then it'll really get out of hand. Plus the fact of there only being 5 totems on the entire map.

Apologies to those that think I'm just being a tilted Killer Main. The fact is though is that specific boons are just too much to deal with for almost any killer. Even as a survivor I question how good it is. I use it to test the uses all the time and most recently have stopped using it. In my opinion, it's a no-skill perk. Just hold "E" (default) on a totem for 16 seconds and bam you got an instant healing station that you can just keep placing over and over again. Anyways, I'll leave it to your thoughts. Again, sorry if I sounded tilted, but I think a lot of people are tired of it.

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  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Circle of Healing was a mistake and the game would be in a better state without it. This coming from someone who brings COH every trial lol.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    I got sick of it and stopped using it, but it's funny to see how hard are games with and without it.

  • animalz606animalz606 Member Posts: 16
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    Finally people who understand me and I completely agree. The fact that it also ruins the whole point of a killer's power and ######### too, like what would be the point in playing killer at that point? 🤣

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  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    I personally don't need it but boy does it make every random you get queued up with more efficient. They're not running around like headless chicken looking for heals, Go to the healing station deal it with yourself then hop on a generator.

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 2,140

    So not boons. Just one specific boon that you have issue with.

    Any time spent blessing a totem is time not on gens. I'm cool with it tbh.

  • animalz606animalz606 Member Posts: 16

    Well I haven't done too much into the other Boons. I'm going to in time, then I'll get into a Pt. 2 of the post or I'll edit this one. I'm working on it rn which should take about a day or 2. Maybe more

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    Well, after at least two heals by CoH you gained time on gens instead...

    Funny is that blessing + healing is still faster self-care.

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,077

    Your proposed solution isn't a good one, because it focuses too heavily on one boon perk. Making boons one use would be a kind of adequate, extremely lazy, boring nerf to bring Circle of Healing in line... but it would be a nuclear sledgehammer completely obliterating the other two when they aren't even remotely as big a problem.

    What needs to be done with CoH, in my opinion, is to nerf the healing values for it and to put a cap on self-heal speeds in general. After that, the much more minor annoyances regarding other boons can be looked at without the pressing need to fix CoH specifically looming over the decision making.

  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 2,299

    Gotta bring green button nowadays to keep people injured for longer than four seconds nowadays. Thana is a dead perk on everyone but plague and blood echo, which was never really good, is just pointless. Which is a shame considering that dead hard is a certainty.

  • JoaoVanBlizzardJoaoVanBlizzard Member Posts: 374

    The problem is not with the boon totems, but with the cures, there are several quick cure features in the game, I think if they limited the healing options a lot, it would be good for a lot of M1 killers, especially

    I know how disheartening it is if you hit a survivor and he escapes and then he's healed again.

    DBD is one of the only games I know that gives a lot more benefits to injured suvs than when they are healed, there are many perks that help a wounded surv more than healed.

    I think that when the survs were injured, they should walk slower, take longer to do activities, but often the opposite happens, the boons are just the Needle that "blew the balloon", but they didn't fill the "balloon" , the game already has defects even before the boons existed

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,186

    It sounds like the issue you have is just with Circle of Healing, not Boons in general. And I agree, Circle of Healing appears to be overpowered so hopefully when the devs finally do their balance pass on Mikaela they’ll tone down its healing effect.

    The other two Boons honestly don’t seem as bad as that one nor does the Boon system in general seem to be a problem either. It really does appear to be that one perk that’s the source of all the complaints.

  • ggskggsk Member Posts: 48

    Wanna destroy boon totems.

    Too Hate infinity zombie boons.

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 1,104
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    Y'all want CoH nerf. Survivors can live without it and bring back to their build idk, Iron will, DS, BT, Unbreakable or whatever.

    And don't forget, if they nerf CoH, be prepared for a compensation (strong killer perk gonna get nerfed as well) most likely.

    Just a thought for the killer mains.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,525
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    "Exponential I personally haven't seen it become any useful so I can't determine it."

    I had a match a couple of days ago against a Huntress. She had slugged the other three survivors in the radius of the boon I have just previously blessed with Exponential. They were all there because they were all injured and thought it was COH. While the Huntress was chasing and hooking me all three were able to recover. What would have been a 4K match turned out to being a 1K match (I was the 1K)

    We were all laughing about it after. Even the Killer thought it was funny.

    It was just pure chance. I only blessed it because it was a Hex Totem and I was trying to get the "Bless You" achievement (I don't have Mikaela to use her boon perks).

  • c0gnu5c0gnu5 Member Posts: 59

    If you can't stand coh boon, try out Plague

  • MeneLawMeneLaw Member Posts: 311

    They just broke the game with bons

  • FIzzbinFIzzbin Member Posts: 21

    Boons are the worst kind of feature.

    • It made an objective that Survivors did anyway into a straight buff
    • It added a new objective for killers who already are time crunched
    • They are wildly better for SWF teams
  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,077
    • Anyone who hates NOED will happily tell you survivors absolutely were not already interacting with dulls and that it definitely isn't an objective of theirs.
    • It's not an objective for Killers either, but it is meant to provide back-and-forth slowdown only currently made impossible due to how strong CoH actually is.
    • Do agree that it's better for SWF, but I wouldn't say "wildly". Solos still see the aura and still know which Boon it is, they still benefit pretty heavily from one of their teammates bringing a Boon perk.
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