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DC penalty rewards campers



  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    My comment was at 3am ,half awake and ended reading more stuff about the games balance issues but Yeah I did and pretty much said what was on my mind at the time while I can agree being the first one camped sucks I can't really blame killers at this point cause of the ######### MMR system,

  • CyberDragoon656CyberDragoon656 Member Posts: 960

    Another thing I would like to add is that right now thanks to the meta not changing much and the top perks not getting tweaked most people have this mindset that everyone uses said perks so for things like BT,DH,DS ,UB and COH people think to get rid of them asap cause it will lead to problems later.

  • hailxsatanxeveryxdayhailxsatanxeveryxday Member Posts: 334
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    I had two disconnects in a game today. The first one disconnected when he realized a gen had Ruin and I was running straight for him, and the second one disconnected after I barreled around a corner and downed her.

    Unless you do it every single game, you get five minutes.

    I do agree that the DC penalty indirectly rewards campers, but that's only because survivors directly reward campers by DCing and/or throwing themselves at a camping killer instead of doing gens.

    If a killer is camping, and both of the other survivors are taking turns getting themselves hooked to death trying to save each other, you can still win the game all on your own by running around the map and doing gens.

  • KatzengottKatzengott Member Posts: 531
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    Camping, tunneling and / or slugging are part of the game, esp. in high MMR. (nobody asked for this, but hey)

    If you take it personal and can't deal with it, don't play. Simple as. Don't ruin the game for others by DCing or killing yourself on the hook.

    You would be supprised, 5 gens aren't that hard to finish if 4 survs are just STAYING IN THE GAME.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    Camping is toxic, at least let's be honest about this. If you want to say "don't dc regardless" then that's one thing. But let's not lie.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    So you shouldn't dc, or ######### on hook also? Just trying to figure out what the rules are to this.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 3,596


  • habmaniac88habmaniac88 Member Posts: 8

    I hate dc'ing and I think it's a selfish way to play. Having said that I understand where the survivor frustration comes from. I turn on my Xbox, wait 15 minutes for a match. I get nabbed early on (sometimes my fault, sometimes another survivor) and bam my game is over. If my 15 minute waits consistently produces exiting 15-20 minute matches I don't care if I escape or 0K as a killer but damn when you wait for 15 minutes for a 5 minute match it really does suck.

    I don't camp and I am pretty putrid as a killer past the lowest levels but when I only have an hour to enjoy a little DBD it really does suck to have those survivor nights where you either die on first hook or 2 idiots DC while you are the only one working on a gen. I don't mind bad games, it's the WAITING for a bad game that causes the frustration.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    I definitely relate to this! I wish there was a lobby for us casual players, and one for sweaty campers. That way, everyone is happy.

  • AngyKillerAngyKiller Member Posts: 1,838

    You'd see camping, even in causal play, because camping is not 'sweaty'. It's a tactic to win, like...oh, I don't know; doing gens with a toolbox.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    I see your point, but I disagree. Camping is sweaty, if it wasn't then why do so many people dc or kill themselves on hook when they're being camped? Using a toolbox is similar to using noed, or a killer perk, but not camping. In my opinion. It ruins the game for everyone.

  • AngyKillerAngyKiller Member Posts: 1,838

    if it wasn't then why do so many people dc or kill themselves on hook when they're being camped?

    Because they are babies who can't stand losing, and don't want to accept their own toxic behavior, so they blame the Killer for 'cheap killer/perks/tactics'.

    And it works in reverse, too; Killers can DC and blame Survivors, when the real fault is their own garbage attitude.

    Camping, tunneling, slugging. Using items, add-ons, or tactics are all ALLOWED.

    Calling any 'sweaty' or 'tryhard' is a BS attempt to shame the opponent for trying to win. And it creates a toxic mindset that absolves people of their own garbage actions. IE: 'I only disconnected because the Killer/Survivor was being toxic FIRST!'

    Reality: No, they were not. They were trying to win. My hypothetical person here needs to suck it TF up and not DC.

    People will use ANY excuse to shift the blame. And calling an ACCEPTED TACTIC 'sweaty' or 'tryhard' fosters an atmosphere of blame-shifting and toxicity, where players will DC, then blame everyone else for their own, truly toxic, actions.

    For example, in another thread, someone recently said '99% of all Survivor DCs are against campers and tunnelers'. This was shifting the blame from Survivors DCing to Killers 'playing toxic' and FORCING them to pull their router plug.

    People who think like that will ALWAYS DC, because they will ALWAYS blame everyone else for their own garbage actions.

    So please; stop with this '<x> tactic/perk/Killer is sweaty' BS. All it does it shame people for trying to win and increase the toxic attitudes this player base is known for everywhere else.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    Listen mate, I respect your opinion, and your raise good points. Camping IS sweaty, it's already been identified by the dbd community as toxic and a cheap way to play, but that's not the point of this discussion. The point is should I get to choose whether to stay in a game with a camper or leave, and why am I forced to stay with threat of a DC penalty. Dcing is just as cheap and sweaty as camping in my opinion, yet you're the problem if you quit out of a game like that. There's got to be a middle ground.

    Thank you for your opinion though, it is very well written, and I definitely agree with the majority of everything you've said. I know this is a very loyal community, and my intent is not to offend anyone, just get some thoughts going.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    As are you friend. There is also no world in which your comment here is right.

  • Zidane_Tribal112Zidane_Tribal112 Member Posts: 4

    Never have I seen, so many boosted and ignorant arguments from killers.

    Did you guys read the question, he didn't say he want bad killers or anything.

    He's already facing losers that face camp him and tunnels.

    He wants the game not to reward the losers for being losers.

    How was that so hard to understand?🤔

  • SpitefulHatefulSpitefulHateful Member Posts: 135

    Sorry not sorry, but I will never not shame sluggers. In 99% this tactic is used for pure BM, not because the player is actually trying.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    I think people are taking it too seriously, and getting insulted easily, especially the ones that support camping and tunneling as a tactic. I'm all for playing the game whichever way a person wants to for sure, I just want to be able to get the heck out of there if there's a sweaty camper!! Thanks for your comment!

  • Nikatara69Nikatara69 Member Posts: 189

    with new hook mechanic sometimes is not possible to give up on hook as surv, cuz with new timer someone always come to save u without BT and let killer farm

  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 955
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    Tunnelers and campers (at first and each hook) are just the weakest players. If they would be good players they wouldn't feel the need to tunnel or camp.

  • AngyKillerAngyKiller Member Posts: 1,838

    This thread has turned into a bunch of Survivors, salty they lost, insulting Killers for not following made up rules.

    Once again: Camping, tunneling, and slugging are accepted tactics. Anyone insulting people for using them (calling them 'sweaty' or 'tryhards' etc.) is just continuing the toxicity in this game by belittling their opponent for not following their made-up, unenforceable rules.

    Also, every time you shift the blame to 'The Killer was a tryhard!' to excuse your loss; you fail to learn from any mistakes you made, never get better, and thus will lose again. And then make up another Killer-insulting excuse as to why you lost, and thus not learn from any mistakes you made, and thus make them again...

    Stop. Being. Toxic. Camping is not 'sweaty' or 'tryhard'. They are not the 'weakest players' or they would not have won. Camping does not carry the game that much, since they still have to find you, chase you, hit you, chase you more, and hit you again. They also have to use their Killer's power well enough to do all this.

    Bottom Line: If you think camping, tunneling, or slugging is 'weak', 'tryhard' or 'sweaty'; you are the problem with this game. You'd rather insult your opponent for winning in a way you don't approve of, instead of learning for your own mistakes.

    And frankly, I'm gods damned sick of being put on blast by this toxic mindset that 'The Killer camped, so he deserves insults'. Because, 99% of the time? I did NOT camp, but Survivors decided I did, and since there's this atmosphere of 'He was toxic (according to me) first, so I can be toxic back!'; I get treated like shite by Survivors simply angry they lost.

    Knock it the hell off and grow TF up.

  • I think a lot of people here are forgetting something, and it might sound mean and I apologize. There's more than enough anger in this thread to go around, regardless.

    It's a game. It's people mad at a game, that don't even know saying stupid #########. It's people, in a game, doing something admittedly that is just not fun to play against at times. This happens on both sides, killer and survivor. (Both sides have things that just, anyone who's played magic the gathering knows what I mean. You stop playing the game. It's just no longer something you can do.)

    Personally I'm thankful that its harder to direct message people with steam and it really just doesn't happen. Consoles don't quite have that maybe? Regardless, people being ######### happens. Doesn't make it, doesn't make it right.

    Regardless, while currently the thread isn't wrong, I mean the game does give the killer a free kill for someone dcing. (I'm not 100% sure what survivors get, I'll admit I don't play survivor. Like at all.) As for killer leaving, eh its a time out. Personally in either case it makes sense. If you're dcing from a game, you're probably tilted. Upset, annoyed, not in the best state ever and particularly at dead by daylight. So to me the timeout, is a hint I should take a break. (I don't normally dc too often, but it happens. Thankfully I really only play killer so grats on the win I guess? oh well?)

    As for survivors, there is other people involved, normally you don't know them and have no way of communicating to them. As it stands I can't imagine any good system that could happen that would somehow detect why someone dcd, that just no. That's a horrid idea. Punishing everyone in the match, is also a horrid idea. Yes matches happen where people make things very much not fun. Likely its perfectly fun for them, but its a game. Rewards and punishments in a game, don't mean anything. It's a game.

    Behavior towards other people in chat? Behavior towards other people in social settings, even virtual spaces like forums? That means something. My suggestion, the only one I can give to anyone who is currently angry at someone in game for making the game unfun.

    Take a break, seriously just have a drink, coffee, something. Do something else (and don't even look at the end game chat. Just go. I can nearly guarantee that someone will say something stupid that they shouldn't say) DBD will still (unless you uninstalled it) be there. Beyond that, don't make dcing a habit. It starts with games that are unfun because there is something legitimately unsportsmanlike and eventually it becomes "oh well I'm losing".

    I believe once losing games just becomes a lesson in frustration rather than a challenge, that might be a sign to find, in all politeness and well meaning, another game.

    If you absolutely must to talk to the person after a really frustrating game in end game chat. Take a breather, and talk to them. Don't yell, don't accuse, don't attack. That's really difficult, likely everyone is upset. However, I don't know how anyone here expects the game to get better if the community remains willing to just attack people over things inside the game. Keep the attack and pallet stuns to the trials, not the end game, the forums, etc. etc.

    We're all playing the same game after all. Just my thoughts on this and the general discussions I've seen in this thread. (And thank you my dc timer is up. Yes I originally came here to rant about a bully squad, but I took a breather and realized there was a better use of my time. Not sure if this was it or not, but I tried. So there hope everyone has a good day, and happy trials.)

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    This is a discussion, no need for bigotry. You want others to accept your position on something, then respect theirs. I respect your position on this. Thank you for your comment.

  • onekingbeeonekingbee Member Posts: 37

    I think this was a great use of your time, and your points were spot on. The whole point of the DC time out is to give people space to calm down and take a breather. I think the devs saw what you explained in your comment, people getting upset and reacting badly, and the DC penalty was their solution for it.

    I honestly don't know how you keep your sanity as a killer, game after game I see survivors getting mad because they're getting owned by a fantastic killer. I watch survivors dc right by their third hook, but because they've been bullied or camped for 3 hooks, but they've just been outplayed.

    My whole point at the start of this discussion was just to address fair play, and a killer sitting by your hook for 2 minutes while you die isn't fair by any reasonable standard. I suppose, in hindsight, I could have addressed bad survivor behavior, but it took it forgranted that people already recognize that happening.

    I think in the end of the day it's all about respecting other people, their opinions and play styles. But also giving someone a fair choice about whether they want to be around that. A killer DCs, survivors win. Survivors DCing hurts everyone, but gives killers points, and makes it easier to kill the remaining survivors. I'd be fine with getting put into a game where a survivor has quit out, but matchmaking has such a long way to go I'm not sure if that could ever happen.

    I think that people just need some place to vent their frustrations, in a respectful way, and I was hoping this could be it. I guess I touched on a topic that people are passionate about, but some people are reacting in an angry and hateful manner. Your comment, however, I found to be insightful and relatable.

  • AngyKillerAngyKiller Member Posts: 1,838

    This is a discussion, no need for bigotry.

    Ok, then what about:

    If they would be good players they wouldn't feel the need to tunnel or camp.

    This poster Insulting Killers for using a valid tactic.

    Sorry not sorry, but I will never not shame sluggers. In 99% this tactic is used for pure BM, not because the player is actually trying.

    Once again; a poster openly saying they will shame Killers for using a valid tactic.

    I think people are taking it too seriously, and getting insulted easily, especially the ones that support camping and tunneling as a tactic

    You, once again attacking people for using a valid tactic.

    Camping IS sweaty, it's already been identified by the dbd community as toxic and a cheap way to play

    You, once again, insulting Killers. And no; the entire community has not decided camping is toxic. This is you talking out the side of your mouth again.

    So you sit here and act like you have the moral high ground every time someone calls out the BS swimming in this thread. While you also sit here and insult and shame Killers for USING A VALID TACTIC.

    That's the BS mindset that salty Survivors use to attack, insult, and send death threats at Killers in game. They rationalize 'They camped! So they DESERVE my vitriol!'

    You want to have a discussion? Stop being a part of the problem. Then, you can have a discussion.

    All you're looking for is an echo-chamber for your biased opinion on camping, then talking out the side of your mouth to pretend you're 'having a discussion' when all you're doing is getting an echo chamber of 'Camping is sweaty!'

    I hate two-faced people. Hypocrisy makes me sick.

    So either 'have a discussion', which means STOP INSULTING KILLERS FOR A VALID TACTIC.

    Or just admit you were looking for an echo chamber for your already admitted view on camping.

    Because I'm sick of watching Survivors vomit weak excuses to allow themselves to insult me in-game, just because I did not play by their stupid, made-up rules.

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