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I tried using a fun build

About8GenjisAbout8Genjis Member Posts: 100
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I wanted to try a build just for fun and maybe get some fun moments. The build was: Any means necessary, flashbang, power struggle and deception.

Out of the 25 games I played with this game, I got tunneled out in around 10 of them, got camped in 7 of them and the other ones where abysmal, due to the amount sweat that went on in those games.

I soon had to add DS and BT in order to not get tunneled out of the game in 2 seconds and have something for the camping.

Then I added Lithe to have something for the chase, but that means I am already close to a regular meta build.

Same thing for killer, with me soon adding ruin, no way out, pop, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I still had matches where I could use my perks and have some fun, but getting killed a minute into the game + teammates that would insult you in the end game chat cause you are using no meta perks AND the killer spamming "ggez" all killed it for me :P

Are you also experiencing sweaty games 24/7? Cause I feel like the amount of sweaty games have gone up MASSIVELY since the last patch.


  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    You died a minute into the game. I wouldn't be staying to watch a potentially long game. Dying mid game or near late game fair enough you can watch but hey you have a lot of time in your hands so you do you man. Nah I just find it absolutely hilarious that you get triggered by text written by strangers when you fully know it can go badly for you yet you still read it and get triggered when you could have just pressed continue and start the next match.

    It's like you can't stop someone from staring into the abyss and that's funny to me.

  • About8GenjisAbout8Genjis Member Posts: 100

    That is cause I would expect the community to be grown up and actually not act like literal children over someone trying to use a fun build and not insulting them for it. Again, why even have the chat then if should EVERY TIME click on continue instantly according to what you said.

    And I didn't wait and have a long useless conversation with trolls. I read the first thing, see if was an insult, a gg, a question, etc. and then decide if I should move on or stay. If it was an insult, I moved on, but it is still enough to kill the mood.

    Sorry that I expect people to not insult me for trying something different and not use the ye old bt, ds, coh, dh build :P

  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 1,533
  • legrosporc69legrosporc69 Applicant Posts: 250

    I dont think BT will help you if you get tunnel because its only good for the people you unhook. DS is nice if you are solo but that mistly because the other survivor cant do a safe unhook and dont run BT. I dont think you need those perk every game to counter the killer gameplay.

    The perk you use had no synergie together so maybe a build around deception would be better like deception, quick and quiet, head on and another perk that can help you at anytime like DS or kindred.

    With any means necessary you could have gone flip flop, power struggle and window of opportunity.

    Honestly i think the only mistake you did is you had good perk but no good perk combo your are not playing the meta good perk alone wont carry you out of a pinch.

    I think for killer its harder because the issue is the time it take for survivor to finish a game so they are kinda force to run slowdown perk unless you drop your mmr enough that you can meme around without worrying about the game to be over after 4 or 5 minute

  • About8GenjisAbout8Genjis Member Posts: 100

    I didn't say I put on BT against tunneling, but to help out other survivors if they are being camped (hence the "and have something for the camping").

    I did escape, I did "win" some matches, I was able to use deception successfully and even power struggle, but I also had games where nothing worked and those games were mostly from a sweat game where they just tunnel you out of the game, no care about the decption, any means, etc.

    I did use a power struggle build about a month ago and that went the same way, with me still escaping, but only because I know how to actually play survivor and not my perks giving me value.

    And the games where I died and wasn't able to use almost any of the perks was because of A and above Tier killers giving it their all to get that 4k, which can feel ######### a survivor (especially as a solo surv), when you know that DS and BT could have helped in that situation, extending the game and maybe getting a fun deception use.

    I guess what I want to say is that, there are games, where if you do not have DS or BT or an exhaust, the game can end for one really quick, regardless of their skill level, making me want to use BT/DS and such in every game, just for that not to happen, for the sake of me and my teammates, but that goes against what I want to do: try out new perks all together and not have DS/BT for once.

    I guess I have to apologize to you all for talking so much nonsense. I just feel a little shaken up after trying out new perks, just to be met with insults and not having a lot of fun moments with these perks, since the killer or survivor just want to sweat the game out quickly and move on.

  • legrosporc69legrosporc69 Applicant Posts: 250

    Its understandable its just the way the game is right now. The biggest issue is right now the meta is tunneling because using the hit and run style and catching survivor when they are in a dead zone is dead thanks to boon perk.

    The best time to play dbd was the summer right after nemesis but sadly the bad optimisation ruin that patch but that was the time were you could play anything without getting camp, tunnel or slug to much unless the killer you play use those tactic example twin and oni.

    The game is just in a bad spot right now for fun and original build maybe when they nerf boon this will change and the sbmm dont help because you are in a certain sbmm with the meta you use the second you remove those perk you should lose for a good amount time because the killer will assume you have the meta and will play to the best of his ability to kill all of you. So because of sbmm you need to trow a lot of match until you face easier oppenant for any original build but this take a lot of match and its really boring to do the only hope the player have is to wait for the dev to do something about that and its probably going to take a lot of time.

  • OpenXOpenX Member Posts: 890

    When you go and play with a weaker build in the days of MMR I guess you can't really complain when you lose? But I would not take the game too too seriously. It's not balanced enough at all and it's heavily RNG depednant. Especially when the matches are so short who really cares? Test out something and if it doesn't work you can try something else 5 minutes later, or in your case 1 minute later haha.

  • About8GenjisAbout8Genjis Member Posts: 100

    That is not my point though. I am fine with losing, just hate it that you need DS and BT in almost every match in order to keep it fun and that people are insulting you when you don't.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 2,480
    edited January 10

    Not tryna to sweat as either. I normally just use borrow, autodidact, we'll gonna live forever and kindred for solo play. Haven't run Ds since I did Laurie's adept. Game got sweatier for me but honestly I don't see the point on climbing the grades. Why you tryna to go against sweatier killers and survivors?

  • ProfessorPinheadProfessorPinhead Member Posts: 1

    No actually, my killer games have been unusually un-sweaty. Not too many circle of healings, but still getting the 4 dead hards of course, and not super hard “genrushers”. Not to say I haven’t been getting good survivors - I have, but they’re not tryharding their ass off to win like it’s a tournament with a million dollar prize pool.

  • selflessneaselflessnea Member Posts: 565

    Don't know what my mmr ( I have a pretty high escape rate roughly 70-80% each night, and my kill rate is probably close to 3k) is but I usually run off meta builds on both killer and survivor. I would say the sweat is there for some matches but for the most part if possible during the match, i can pull off the thing I wanted too for survivor.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 837

    No, I do not experience such pain ... anymore.

    I was like you and had many bad matches but after some time I stopped caring about my escapes and kills and just let it go. It took a while to derank and now I am in the soup of wonky build where my wonky build can be played and I have fun.

    Sure sometimes I encounter SWFs or a sweaty Blight. But this happens far less now...

    The thing is: You have to kick your MMR in the bucket to have fun and use fun builds. You can not sweat and expect casual opponents, if you want to play at the top...well, you gotta face a harder competition.

  • ggskggsk Member Posts: 48

    DS is dress code.

  • MenacingBoopMenacingBoop Member Posts: 1

    Yeah same, I wanted to run aura reading perks for huntress so I can get better with her and stuff, but I kept getting gen rushed, t-bagged, clicky-clicked event tho I didn't have a single chance of chasing someone properly. So yeah now I'm running ruin/undying/corrupt and soon the perk with scrooge hooks

    I'm a really bad killer atm so I don't get why I'm getting against survivor friends running iridescents addons on their toolboxes and medkits, sending me to haddonfield with their boons and DS/unbreakable. That happens 4 out of 5 matches, and when it doesn't, I get against noobies that don't even know how to use their camera..

    I always end up camping and stuff because I've got only 2 hooks when the last gen is popped.. Just to try and get some points out of this

    but yeah, about "using fun perks" you can do that as a killer, you'll just probably get 0k without camping and stuff, wich I suppose you don't want to do since you're using fun perks..

    sorry for my english '~'

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