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Ghostface question

km66km66 Member Posts: 111

Is it possible for ghostface to get his shroud power instantly? I always thought it takes a few seconds to build up before he can insta down a survivor but I just faced a killer that was insta downing everyone way way way quicker than normal, like within a split second he had his power.


  • BlackRabiesBlackRabies Member Posts: 486
    edited January 10

    Not sure exactly what your asking but ghost face can build the exposed meter on survivors and leave it at 99%. When shroud is available again can just quickly switch it on to stealth stalk for the 1% and instant down you.

    Has add ons that can make stalking quicker and when learning from cover is also faster.

    Don't remember but his default Cool down to use his shroud to go back into stealth is 24 seconds and has 2 add ons that can shorten it little bit more.

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