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If Status Icons go live, what Icons should be considered?



  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,339

    The list is a too detailed.

    Cleansing is no necessary, but totem counter really needed. But then Noed should be reworked fully. Since then Noed too weak for fail play Killer and still broken for camper/tunneler.

    A blessed totem already give you info, no need for Blessing totem. Same to Vaccin, you get info after they used.

    Going for the save is not really necessary, if A on hook, B C & D on Gen, Any of them lose the Gen icon, the other 2 knows there is 1 guy going for the save.

    Healing, Sabo is also not necessary for me too.

    Gates, yes.

    Camped, yes. But we have Kindred so Im afraid its not going to happen.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,032
    edited January 12

    I believe some of them should be automated, if you need to open a wheel menu and select a message it can cause trouble with how you interact with gens, heals, totems etc, essentially you press M1 and pay attentiont o skillchecks, it is cumbersome and may raise problems with skill checks appearing at the worst moment (like when you decide to scratch your nose and a fast skillcheck appears).

    Then some others actions more subjective could be activated like "Im being facecamped" or Killer is close, automating the facecamping tell could be hard to get right, if its radius based the Killer can camp outside of it, if its timed based it may activated if the Killer is kicking gens and pallets nearby the hook with the intention of leaving after doing it, its subjective and its up to players to decide those things.

    Also controllers, the number of buttons very reduced compared to keyboards so the less inputs the better for them.

    Voice chat is actually the hard solution, if you live in USA or Middle East its ok, if you live in Europe or Asia you have a problem not everyone speaks the same language and even if English is widely spread a lot of people dont speak it very well or at all. Plus the problems with insults, racism, sexism etc, I remember in Dota2 when 2 countries had a beef if you had 1 of each country on the same team the voice chat could get... intense.

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 1,380

    unhooking and cleansing, mending is not necessary because we can see someone who is affected by the status effect so we can easily guess they are mending.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    So long as you're in an animation of doing something it stands to reason you just need to have one Button to press that selects the Icon based on the Action that you are currently performing.

    It does lose some versatility as you can only say "I'm doing ___" rather than being able to say, "I'm going to do ___" (Which means "I'm going to do the Unhook" Needs to be workshopped)

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747
    edited January 12

    In regards to Facecamping, I agree, however we already have two Inputs already tied to unused events while on Hook, Point/Beckon, and this could be used to have a "Leave Me/Save Me" Icon

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,032

    Yeah the unhook one should be decided by the players by selecting a wheel, I believe is one of those subjective actions that cant really be automated, there are probably some more we can come up with but unhook and getting camped are probably the 2 biggest concerns.

    You are right on the repairing/heal/etc, since you are already pressing 1 button can be freely automated, you start fixing, the HUD changes accordingly.

    You are right, I rarely use emotes so I didnt remember the point/come to me ones, those 2 buttons can be used to send the message to the team about camping.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747
    edited January 12

    Then there's also the question of how to boil this down to its most generic sense, such that these Buttons can now have easily identifiable Icons/descriptors.

    What I'm currently thinking of is having it be:

    Speak (sound wave emanating from a Head with open mouth)

    Listen (Sound wave approaching Head with an Ear)

    Edit: Hell, if it's just the Icons you don't need to do any localization outside of the User guide

  • FixtionuLFixtionuL Member Posts: 54

    I hope that a lot of these ideas are jokes.

    If survivors can none verbally communicate every single thing in the game killers will need to be buffed through the roof or all just switch to playing survivor. Killers in their current state can't compete with all survivors being able to have SWF efficiency.

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,643

    Gens, Healing, Totems, Exit Gates and Face Camping with the killer. Or am I the only one that does that?

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    Can’t say for all ideas presented but the jist is to allow improved soloQ communication so that Killers can be buffed, yes.

  • _VTK__VTK_ Member Posts: 227
    edited January 12

    Hearing heartbeat, being in chase, repairing generator, healing, opening gates, sprinting

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    "Near me", "On me", "I'm Healing", "I'm Opening Exit Gate"

    Sprinting... Can't say I've ever done a "I'm sprinting" callout before. What would this be used to convey?

  • FixtionuLFixtionuL Member Posts: 54

    The problem is the devs want to watch how things play out and then react after a few patches roll through.

    If too much info is added killers will get steam rolled more easily and be in an even worse state than they currently are.

    Start with a small amount of extra info and then shift focus to killers while watching how solos perform.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806

    Okay, the name of the game is as few information as possible to prevent confusion but enough to make it work...

    Repairing and being in chase are a no-brainer for me. Being in chase is the most valuable information to indicate that you can be bit more bold and the information can already be transmitted as we see when an obsession gets chased. Repairing is also important so that the person in chase knows that the chase is worth it.

    Now "Camping" would be a valid option too, however I would opt for "In Terror Radius" insteads. The game can also already register if a Killer is nearby and the survivor on the hook already knows this. A small icon that you are still in the Killers Terror Radius would be fine for this. Nothing to obvious. This would also help with slugging Killers.

    I would start with these 3 and expand from here on.

    "Opening the gate" would be pretty sweet, but without a way to tell that a gate is 99%. This has to be assumed by the play themself as this systems is not there to let you in on the finer details.

    "Hiding" would also be nice. The ability to see if a survivor is in a locker would be pretty neat. However I do not think anybody aside from me would like this.

    "Going for the Rescue" is also an idea, however this could be tricky. How would you implement this?

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747
    • Generator
    • In Chase
    • Killer nearby/Camping (Contextual based on Hooked or not)
    • Going for Unhook

    Generator, In Chase, Going for Unhook are all Actions you are performing. "I'm ___"

    Killer nearby/Camping are all Things happening to you "They're ___"

    If we were to use existing commands:

    • Pressing the Point button:
      • On a Generator - Generator Icon pops up
      • While in Chase - Obsession spindles pop up
      • In the direction of a Hooked Survivor - Unhook Icon pops up
      • On Hook - I'm safe/Come rescue Icon pops up
    • Pressing the Beckon button:
      • In the Killers Terror Radius - Greyed out Obsession spindles pop up
      • On Hook - Unsafe/They're camping Icon pops up

    I can't recall if it's a Tome Challege, but I think there's a Challenge that has you pointing at the Killer while using Alert and their Aura shows up, which is more or less the same tech that you need for the "In the direction of a Hooked Survivor" condition for the Unhook Icon.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 806

    Neat! I did not know that such a mechanic was a thing.

    With pointing and those rudimentary shout outs much could be done. This sound quit good.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Killer's precise location is broadcasted to everyone in the survivor team as well his ability cool downs and his entire loadout.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747
    edited January 12

    General location.

    Such as: I’m in Killer shack looping the Killer.

    The only needed information from that statement is how far away you are from Killer shack based on your map knowledge, and you recalling the general map layout.

    Lets say we replicate that using:

    Point - While in Chase

    Player A presses Point while in chase with the Killer at Shack.

    Player A’s Icon is updated with Obsession/Chase Spindles.

    Player A’s Icon has a wide compass with a width based on range around their portrait Icon pointing towards their location.

    Player A’s Character Portrait performs the following:

    For Player A, who is in Killer shack: A circular glow (as they are on top of themselves) Surrounds their Character Portrait, and they have their Character Portrait updated with Obsession Spindles.

    For Player B, who is nearby Shack: Sees Player A’s Obsession Spindles, and sees a general glow around Player A’s portrait as they are within range of needing to be paying attention to their surroundings to figure out location information.

    For Player C, who is across the map; sees Player A’s Obsession Spindles and a narrower glow pointing in the direction of Player A

    While this is much more general and easily digested information than SWF comms, it’s also lacking in the granularity that comms can provide, which I believe is an acceptable trade-off.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,032
    edited January 12

    I think a totem counter is actually more damaging to the Survivors than the Killer, NOED is rarely in play and cleansing all 5 totems usually means nothing and wastes a ton of time on generators, even it is in play the sheer time you waste searching and cleansing 5 totems gives the Killer more time to snowball while if NOED gets activated the Killer rarely gets more than 1 kill since everyone else just leaves.

    Going for save and camped are probably the 2 most important since those are the 2 of the 3 situations where the info SWFs have really make a difference plus we have the October Q&A where they said they want for Solos to have an easier time countering facecamping without changing the hook mechanic too much so unless they have some kind of weird idea my guess is theyll be giving a way of telling the team to push the gens and forget about saving.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Why make things complicated?

    Just give the killer an object of obsession aura 24/7 broadcases to the entire survivor team including his loadouts at some corner of the screen.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    Too much information. However, a point action that give a Killer Icon that points in a general direction would probably suffice and be ambiguous enough.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,276

    I'd say:

    1. Gen
    2. Healing
    3. Totem
    4. Chests
    5. Chase

    Think that's all the important ones. I think anything more would just be too much.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Too much information? Isn't that what baby survivors want and can't learn? Bottle feed them everything lmao.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    You reworded your initial comment without adding anything of substance.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    You wrote an entire essay not knowing it's just as useless as mine.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    I mean purely from a hedonistic perspective I like thought experiments. So, mine does have a use. I'm sorry you don't value your own opinions.

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