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Should buff new movement speed of Killer for balance.

Should buff new movement speed of Killer to balance.

4.6 > 4.8

4.4 > 4.6

nurse 3.8 > 4.4

ghost face & the pig (Crouch) 3.8 > 4.0

the blight neft 4.6 > 4.4 because ability very fast movement speed (like the nurse)

while you buff but the survivor Do you know how much the killer players have dropped? Just a little buff Will it dies? (The survivor players are already more than the killer players.)

Actually, I wish I had more buffs. But I can't ask for too much. Survivor, BHVs sweetheart. buff always.

I'm really curious to see if the devs play any games they make. In Asia, the killer has no place to stand. Repair the generator very quickly. Can hang 1 person, finish fixing 2 machines, the killer will cry.

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  • MasterGritMasterGrit Member Posts: 329

    it's not that easy

  • YukiShiori21YukiShiori21 Member Posts: 40
    edited January 13

    actually we should speed up both side together, this way the raw chasing time will remain the same, straight chasing for example, but chasing in the loop areashould be more challenging.

  • kaskaderkaskader Member Posts: 167

    no no no.

  • dante3887dante3887 Member Posts: 9

    This change isn't a good balance, it may cause killers easy to take down everyone without their ability.

    They should buff most of killers' ability since those are killers' feature.

  • ZimxahuewZimxahuew Member Posts: 7

    Because the current version is that as long as the generator is repaired, the survivors can escape extremely easily, causing many team games to end in less than 5 minutes. On the Asian server, the survivors can repair 5 generators in the fastest 5 minutes, and if they chase down 1 survivor, they will directly repair 2 generators. Repaired 3 generators. If more than half of the survivors on the Asian server have nothing to do with him or her in the whole game, they will always stick to the generator like a leech. The kind, and this kind of generator that only comes to repair quickly will not walk the killer. If you encounter a killer, you will be quickly knocked down by the killer in a very short period of time. Most of these survivors will bring these three skills to prove themselves, indomitable, creepy, to speed up their own repair of the generator, and because of the skills: perseverance, this kind of survivors repair hair in a state of injury The motor doesn't want to replenish blood to restore the state, it just keeps repairing the generator. For this kind of survivor, they win by escaping from the exit, and they don't care about the lives of their teammates, unless they know each other, and this kind of survivor saves teammates on the hook, basically not really wanting to save teammates. , I only save it for the sake of points. For this kind of survivor, repairing the generator is more important than saving their teammates, and when such a survivor's teammate is hooked by the killer, it may be a No one came to save him (her) even if he was sacrificed to the end, and it was the same that the killer didn't guard the corpse. Then after the generator is repaired, just open the door and run away completely regardless of the life and death of the teammates.

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