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What if Red Skill checks were added to Hex: Huntress Lullaby?

BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 779
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Although it isn’t the strongest perk out there, it is pretty fun to use with Oppression.

For those that don’t know, the red skills checks originated from old Hex: Ruin. You had to hit great skill checks in order to gain progress on a generator.

It could possibly be a strong perk if the red skill checks were to be added to it. It can give Huntress Lullaby that push to be used in more load outs. What do you think?


  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 982

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  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    Old Ruin was a noob stomper with little effect on Vets that the Killer had to put 0 effort into.

    Unless it only happens at max stacks of Huntress lullaby, that's a no from me.

  • BlackRabiesBlackRabies Member Posts: 487

    Red colored skill checks will never be added back to the game as color blind people won't ever see it.

  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 779

    But that’s the beauty of it. With little to no skill check sound, survivors will have to hit great skill checks in order gain progress on a gen.

    It would be useless if you had to have max stacks to gain its effect and besides, the killer still has to hook survivors in order to get tokens. So not the same at the start as before.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    So, to clarify, you want Hex:Huntress Lullaby to literally just have old ruin integrated into it?

    Buffing old ruin with stacks to reduce skillcheck noise notifications so it's even more oppressive on new players?

  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 779


    1 stack = 1 Random survivor affected

    2 Stacks = 2 Random survivors affected and so on.

    by the time you get to 5 stacks all survivors are affected and skill checks no longer give notification. It’s a useless idea anyway, I forgot about color blind players. I’m just going to throw the whole idea out the window.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747
    edited January 13

    It stands to reason you could change the physical shape of "cursed" skillcheck zones rather than using color alone.

    And this actually does make the Perk more interesting. I had thought you simply wanted old ruin across all 4 Survivors at 0 stacks at the onset of the game. But a Per Survivor effect would be interesting.

    Hex: Huntress Lullaby

    • While Hex: Huntress Lullaby is active, Hooking a Survivor Curses that Survivor and grants a Token.
    • Cursed Survivors lose x/y/z% Generator progress when hitting a Good Skillcheck.
    • Hex: Huntress Lullaby grows in power each time you Hook a Survivor, gaining 1 Token, and affecting Repair and Healing Skill Checks:
      • 1 Token: shortens the time between the Warning sound and the Skill check by -14 %.
      • 2 Tokens: shortens the time between the Warning sound and the Skill check by -28 %.
      • 3 Tokens: shortens the time between the Warning sound and the Skill check by -42 %.
      • 4 Tokens: shortens the time between the Warning sound and the Skill check by -56 %.
      • 5 Tokens: disables the Warning sound.
  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 779

    0 stacks, no lol. I really wish it be changed to something like that, maybe add, perk will light up upon receiving stacks. Although it should be like this for most Hex perks, I am looking at you Third Seal.

    Yes, I approve. I really do think Huntress Lullaby has potential to be good. I just want Huntress to have a least a good teachable. Every killer should.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,927

    Huntress Lullaby is one of the few Hex perks I think isn’t strong enough to be a Hex, especially because it does absolutely nothing until it gets some tokens. Hypothetically even if the perk totally removed the sound cues from the start of the game, no tokens needed, it still might be a somewhat weak effect that shouldn’t be a hex.

    But at least if they got rid of the tokens it would be an obvious buff. People could try it out at that point, and if was still too weak maybe just make it not even be a Hex or buff it some additional way.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 2,976

    So you want to take old Hex: Ruin

    And just call it Hex: Huntress' Lullaby?

    where's the logic behind this? It will still have the same problems as before which is screwing over newer players and not doing a damn thing against experienced ones

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,558
    edited January 13

    The thing about Lullaby is that the game is not only played by veteran players. Even veteran players will miss some Skill Checks without Notification, so it would be at least annoying.

    But, newer players will probably miss A LOT Skill Checks. And this would be too much. With Lullaby being a Hex they can at least do something against it, but otherwise, it would be a pain to go against for new players.


    So... Basically old Ruin? How long did you think about this idea? It cannot be long.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,927

    I agree that the game isn't played only by veteran players, but it's not clear that only veteran players can consistently hit Good skill checks with no sound cue. You can't balance a perk solely based on how brand new players might react to it, because frankly brand new players will make mistakes against anything you throw at them.

    Also, consider that Huntress' Lullaby only actually gets to that no-sound cue point once you've hooked 5 people. That's quite a lot of hooks to get to that point. Compare it to Devour Hope, another Hex perk that require 5 hooks to ramp up to full power, and ask yourself which of those two Hexes is more impactful once they reach full strength, or even 3 tokens? I would say the answer is clearly Devour Hope, Exposed Hits and free kills is WAY more effective than survivors maybe missing some skill checks possibly.

    So in other words Huntress Lullaby is a Hex that has the same ramp up requirements (more or less) as Devour Hope but with a much, much weaker effect. And Devour Hope is a decent perk but far from overpowered, so it's hard to imagine that Huntress Lullaby is even a good perk at all let alone a good Hex.

  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 779
    edited January 14

    It’s more like if Hex: Ruin and Hex: Huntress Lullaby had a baby.

    I thought Old Ruin’s main problem was that the killer had it at the start without doing anything and was overused by the player base? And besides, the idea of Huntress Lullaby would fix majority of the issues old ruin had before

    You would have to build up the perk by hooking survivors, similar to Devour Hope. No more red skill checks at the start of a match.The killer will have to hook survivors to get use out of it. This will lead to less tunneling from the killer if they want to get actual use of the perk and rewards them for doing their objective.

    Skill checks will be more difficult to hit. With the Skill check sound cue decreasing overtime + cursed survivors need to hit great skill checks to gain gen progress. This will catch survivors off guard, including veteran players. No sound cue + Great skills check only = Really Tough skill checks.

    Optional- Random dull Totem will light up, upon receiving stacks. This will prevent the killer from getting their totem cleansed at the start of the match. Other Hex perks should do this.

    As for Newer players, Do Bones. I’m just kidding. They are a lot of ways to counter it. Perks, Maps, prevent getting hooked (if possible) Just do what you do to counter other Hex Perks. They will have to adapt eventually.

    Besides, although I liked the idea of buffing Huntress Lullaby, it wouldn’t work out. Color blind players have a difficult time seeing the red skill checks.

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  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 1,942

    I would rather have Huntress Lullaby have 5 Tokens from the beginning.

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