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Any chance for a new Anti-Cheat System?

Epicwarhog69Epicwarhog69 Member Posts: 10

Playing now in (possibly) high MMR I have encountered a lot of cheaters. Is there a chance for a new anti cheat system or a better report system?

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  • knellknell Member Posts: 563

    First step for BHVR is to come to terms with the fact that the current course of action they have been taking to deal with cheating is mostly inadequate and worthless. Instead of dealing with the actual source of the cheats/hacks, they've seemingly been putting more effort into dealing with cheaters and hackers. But at the same time, they've been giving cheaters and hackers more ammunition - e.g. giving them free Epic accounts to use whenever their current accounts are banned. Another issue is that the reporting system is already too time-consuming and complicated with too many steps, and in dire need of streamlining and simplification. And to top it off, there is never a feedback on the results of said reports. Most players are not going to keep going through the hassle and the difficulty to report players when their effort is not reciprocated in any way. Sure, they might take all the necessary steps the first several times, but when it happens over and over again, they'll eventually feel discouraged to do anything.

    And that is another problem: players have lost complete confidence in the anti-cheating system in DBD - to a point where players are always wondering whether the outcome of a match was due to an intentional cheating mechanism and not just an accidental bug. When players outlook of the game is of constant distrust of the system, the game stops being fun. BHVR needs to address the problem head-on by communicating to their community of their intentions and methods to fix it if they want to regain their confidence. 

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