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Is it possible to do 360 billy and bright with high DPI or controller?

Pannat1Pannat1 Member Posts: 28

Is it possible to do 360 billy and bright with high DPI or controller? Or anything method?


  • SmukSmuk Member Posts: 735

    bright you mean blight?


    Blights dpi has no impact - was updated.

    Controller with 100% is same

    as mnk blight.

    Controller settings make your QoL bad, so its more an issue that controller movement and typical killer stuff is worse then on mnk.

    Blight can do maximum of 90.

    And 180 is only achieved by summimg angle.

    start rush 0 degree.

    Hugh tech/scoot slide 90 degree.

    Typical flick 90 degree

    equals 180

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 684
    edited January 14

    Controller with 100% is same as mnk

    I've said before it's really not and I stand by that, getting hits in the open is substantially harder on controller than MnK.

  • SmukSmuk Member Posts: 735

    As long as you are on top of them shoulder flicks are the same.

    Yes mnk has a bit wider error tolerance, but its not something that makes mnk godmode compared to controller

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,352

    No its not possible

  • DatFastBoiDatFastBoi Member Posts: 451

    No lol

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 506

    I don't think a full 360 is possible with either of those characters, the closest you can get is if you lag flicked with Blight but even then i believe that only goes up to a max of 270 degrees.

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 684
    edited January 14

    This I've also said before: It's not enough to get right on top of them even with the 180° hitbox because they can easily spin in either direction and get out of range before you swing and you cannot react fast enough to flick in their direction, not to even mention the less-than-ideal console fps.

    In LilithOmen's videos he clearly has no trouble shoulder flicking and hitting people in the open, and in my own experience it's one of the only things as Blight that I feel is just out of my control unless I try to predict which way they'll spin to pre-turn, but I shouldn't have to just put it down to a 50/50 when I've got the survivor out-positioned and should very easily be able to capitalise on that.

    Unless of course they don't spin, or just heavily telegraph their spin, in which case its not an issue.

  • SmukSmuk Member Posts: 735
    edited January 14

    Maybe it is that I play on new gen and I have 60 or more fps?

    I wait for last moment as they decide to choose spin way. I still say its more of an human error rather then controller.

    Yday lilith had a lobby where people actually knew how to counter play blight and the wiggling part …he did miss a lot or rushes and showed some respect to the players not playing as headless chicken

    Depends if bhvr have unlocked fps

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