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Man RPD is going to give me a stroke

Sorry to the two Kate's left in the match, but I just couldn't take it anymore. 1 survivor quit, the other I killed. There were two ninja Kate's left and I was so bored trying to find them on that God awful map.

There were two shadow boon totems too. So when I did find one and hit her, she'd rocket boost away completely hidden, no way to know which of the 5 directions she went.

This went on for 5 minutes before I was like I'm done. So boring and frustrating. You hear a gen across the hall and wind up in a dead end trying to get to the damn thing, and then wh3n you finally do they are ghosts....

Trying to navigate that hellhole of a map is twice as hard with shadow step boons everywhere too. I just couldn't do it anymore it was so boring and time wasting.


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