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Why does Deathslinger has such a slow windup time

FoodntFoodnt Member Posts: 54

I could understand why huntress had it. i mean she throws them and they get faster and fly better when you wind up longerso yeah.

but why does deathslinger needs to windup that slow.

He has not the range like huntress (18 meters) and only the first shot you hit is a guaranteed injure.

but at least he got a small terror radi- oh never mind its 32 meters.

so he cant even be stealthy to get faster into the 18 meter range.

yeah i get it just be better and adapt , but i just want the reasoning behind the changes and maybe you opinion to this change

(yes i know the change was long time ago , but i still want to talk about it)


  • furret534furret534 Member Posts: 64

    I think their reasoning was it was annoying. I'm pretty sure that's entirely it. Since it's BHVR they nerfed him and didn't give him any buffs to compensate so he's essentially a joke killer at this point. Probably will be for the forseeable future. BHVR is really good at making only bad decisions.

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,091

    Deathslinger had a problem where he could combine the concept of a quickscope with faking his ADS, forcing the survivor he's chasing into a lose/lose scenario. Do they dodge in case he fires? If they do, he'll keep walking and not fire because they lose distance dodging back and forth. Do they run straight to make distance on him? If they do, they'll be a much easier shot and he'll decide to fire.

    It was a problem, and that's why he has to ADS fully before he can fire now. It's also why there's a brief cooldown after lowering your gun before you can raise it again or swing for an M1.

    The Deathslinger changes weren't particularly well handled, but there was a good reason to do something to begin with. He still needs improvements now, of course, I'm not defending his current state- just pointing out there's no defending his previous state either.

  • FoodntFoodnt Member Posts: 54
    edited January 16

    yeah that sound reasonable. the pre nerf deathslinger was pretty good . but the nerf was to harsh. it felt like a "just throw it in" adjustment

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    He can still shoot very fast (before they can react) and can still zone the ######### in your drawls.

  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 2,863

    Pretty much what @jesterkind said.

    They toned down the annoying part, except he can still kinda zone you for free, and they gave him absolutely nothing to compensate.

    And he wasn't exactly a top tier killer to begin with, so..

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,087

    Well, Deathslinger used to not have that. It was very fun to play as him. But... Survivors didn't like the fact that his 1v1 was incredibly strong, so they butchered that. However... the Devs didn't take into account that the reason he was mid tier despite a very good, and probably borderline oppressive 1v1 is because he was ridiculously slow at getting anything done in the 1v4.

    So... now we have a killer who still has the worst 1v4 in the game but only a slightly above average 1v1.

    To make things worse... instead of nerfing him in such a way that he'd still be fun and still have a niche where he was the best... they... didn't do that. The delay on firing feels terrible to try to work around. His hold ADS has never been good but unless you were running the addons that make holding ADS an off brand Pig Crouch you just didn't do that ever but now with the delay you have to hold ADS and it sucks.

    To make things somehow even worse the Terror Radius nerf he got slapped with has completely destroyed all of his other play styles outside of the boring as hell cycle of Locate -> Chase -> Down -> Repeat. The man could go with ranged insta downs, he could go stealthy, and he could go split pressure. He wasn't the best killer at any one of those things, but he functioned where his competition couldn't. Unlike Huntress, playing Deathslinger on Lery's and Hawkins didn't suck. Unlike Myers and Ghost Face, Stealth Slinger requires less narrow winding corridors and has a backup plan for maps like Rotten Fields. Unlike Legion and Plague, he actually had a 1v1 power to use after spreading some damage. Literally all of that is dead now. Long live BBQ, STBFL, M&A, Pop/Pain Resonance I guess.

    I gave up on literally all of that after considering myself to be a hybrid Legion Slinger main for quite a while. Now he's gotten replaced by Spirit and Artist.

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 1,018

    Really all they needed was the delay on lowering the weapon. That would've stopped the annoying 50/50, because you couldn't just stop aiming and immediately hit them. But it'd still allow for quick shots, which is what made him unique. That mixed with his need to reload every shot is what made him skillful and rewarding.

    Now he is none of those things. He feels clunky and not rewarding at all. He's a pretty low tier killer right now imo just because of his lack of impact and pressure. He used to have the ability to end chases quickly which made up for that, now not so much. He also doesn't feel unique, or like there's any reason to play him over huntress.

    He now has a larger terror radius, but the same movement speed. He now has a wind up like she does, but an even greater delay than when she lowers her hatchets. She doesn't have to reload after every throw. He can only fire a set distance, where as she doesn't have to. Her hit boxes are more forgiving as well. She does everything better than him. The only thing he had was the quick shots.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see him down with the twins as one of the least played killers going forward.

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