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Sacrificial Ward

Playing as killer I decided to throw in a sacrificial ward to cancel out any survivor offerings; a survivor threw in the Eyrie of crow map offering, needless to say we went to the Eyrie of crows map. Is this a bug??? Or did i just get poor RNG and we went to that map anyway. How exactly are Sacrificial wards intended to work?


  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,367

    I once brought a Sac Ward and there was an Ormond offering. We got sent to Ormond anyway. Pretty sure it isn’t a bug, because it doesn’t remove the chances to get the map, it just removes the offerings and it’s normal RNG from there.

  • GuyFawxGuyFawx Member Posts: 1,927

    They cancel any map offerings in play and randomly picks a map from the pool. You basically just ran into bad luck avoid vegas for the time being

  • WallydraigleWallydraigle Member Posts: 3

    Oof okay thanks guys, will take avoiding vegas into account.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,403

    Hm. If two people here used it and got the map from the "cancelled" offering anyways that seems a bit strange rng.

    Maybe it is a bug.

    I should try this offering sometime as killer to see if i got the map, if they play an offering.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,138

    It’s not a bug.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 8,044

    Just random chance, you happened to get Eyrie as the random map.

    The only way for the survivors to override that Sacrificial Ward is for all four survivors to burn the same map offering. Otherwise the map will be random.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,589
    edited January 17

    It's a huge reason why Sacrificial Ward is terrible. Not only can you get the same map you cancelled, but there might not be a map offering at all so it's just wasted.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,395

    I seriously wish that Sacrificial Wards were returned to your inventory if no map offering was used. You can't predict when somebody's going to send you somewhere, and they're way too rare as it is.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,589

    Eh, but then I could just run one every match and more or less delete map offerings from the game. Actually that's a good idea, let's just delete map offerings altogether. It's more fair for everyone and less clutter in the Bloodweb. Win-win.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,395

    Good point... didn't think that through well enough. Though I'd also be game for losing map offerings. They were a good idea in theory, but very abusive in practice.

    (Though there's always the third option of just properly balancing the damn maps so that Midwich isn't killer heaven, Haddonfield and Badham aren't kryptonite, RCPD isn't the Mecca of troll squads, etc.)

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