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Why do killers get mad at teabagging?

If you’re playing killer and you’re playing in a scummy way such as shaking you head no, hitting on hook, camping the whole game, tunneling one person the entire match, and slugging to death, why do you get mad if survivors manage to get the gates open and teabag you? I understand the killers that play normally and still get teabagged, that’s understandable… but to the others (which is about 70% of the killer players), why? You kinda deserve it.



  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,333

    I know why. I just don’t empathize with it.

    No one cares about another player pressing ctrl when they’re winning.

  • Mert_MKMert_MK Member Posts: 632

    Let them be mad, just makes it more satisfying after having to endure a super boring game.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,054

    Frankly nothing you listed is scummy its just part of the game.

    To view it as scummy and use it as some kind of justification for being abusive is more scummy than what you listed.

    BM'ing shouldn't insult people either, because basically its just other people mashing buttons on their equipment and I'm supposed to feel bad, well good luck with that.

    I think everyone needs to stop making the game so personal all the time. They also need to stop justifying being obnoxious to others simply because they choose to take everything so personally.

    This is part of the reason I want a solo play mode because I think its far to much to expect the player base to grow up a bit at this point.

    I'd rather game with bots than most of the take everything personally or too seriously, entitled, childish, tantrum throwing sore losers that make up a huge number of the player base.

  • TransverseCasterTransverseCaster Member Posts: 522

    I think everyone cares but you. It's obviously rude. There's no reason to do it unless you're baiting them on purpose for tactical reasons.

  • KomiKomi Member Posts: 243

    Because when survivors do it to each other its a language, but when its towards a killer its almost always when things are going their way and they wanna rub it in. And thats fine, but to then demand to know why they are then tunneled for it should ask themselves "Why did I tbag the killer if I didn't want this result."

    The same applies to why killers also do performative language, because things are going their way

  • Travis_BatemanTravis_Bateman Member Posts: 181

    70% ? Lmao yeah,i bet you wouldn't like it if a killer let you and your 3 teammates bleed out for 4 minutes

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
    edited January 18

    Someone gets mad about it?

    I love when they do it. I always have headbang contest with Deathslinger when he is reeling me.

    Even hitting me on hook is usually just "what did I do?". I have never thought that is toxic thing.

    It's most likely because I am killer main, so I just think he is doing it for a reason as most killers do. But some survivors are doing it just to be annoying.

    I don't care if they teabag, or click when I am tunneling. They want my attention and this is valid thing to do. But when I am going out of my way to play fair and they do this? ######### them.

    Teabag after each drop pallet? You will die.

    I hate when they wait on exit gate just to leave when I get clos. Just either leave or give hit for #########'s sake.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 311

    isn't that called taunting? sometimes you guys rub in in their faces and some of them are very sensitive and will take it seriously. I don't care if you spam ctrl but if you click ur flashlight I will reciprocate

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    I don't care about normal clicking, unless they really spam it. But macro and scollwheel flashlights are going to get camped.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 800

    I actually like it in some circumstances. Like when survs teabag after a pallet stun. You just gave me a pallet AND you're wasting time. I had one the other night use like half the pallets on the map in one chase and teabag me at every drop. By the late game there were almost no pallets and I ended up with a 4K.

    Teabagging after a pallet stun is a great way to announce that you don't play killer, also. I am more than willing to eat pallets in the early game; you're doing me a favor. The bagging is just comic relief.

    As a survivor I teabag in two instances only:

    1. The killer is a camping Bubba
    2. I am trying to draw aggro from a teammate who is being actively tunneled.
  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 311

    Yeah and theres scroll wheel flashlights? 👀I don't see flashlight clicking as anything else but to provoke you.

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