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Yet another case of invisible skill checks.

Ray_PenberRay_Penber Member Posts: 88
Come on devs we have been reporting this bug since the update. I had to yet again gen tap the entire match because I couldn't see the skill checks. I have also had a match where there was nothing on my screen besides me and the map. No skills checks, progression lines, perks, heads at the bottom, nothing. Fix this damn bug already.


  • Wolf_e303Wolf_e303 Member Posts: 2

    I just started the match and all I saw was me, the map name and anything you would see in a normal match where you may roam, except for the heads, skill checks animation pop-ups, or commands. Please fix this, I de-pipped because of it.

  • Austinmd02Austinmd02 Member Posts: 66
    I was playing as Michael Myers on red forest and the pallets were invisible, until I would break them then you could see the pieces of it
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