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2022 and still no FoV adjustments…

DatFastBoiDatFastBoi Member Posts: 449
edited January 19 in Feedback and Suggestions

Now don’t get me wrong, I know Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game and that the fact that FoV in this game is  restrained to 87 (weird number) is due to balancing, that said:

Most killer mains I interact with do want a FoV slider, or even just a Shadowborn buff to make the game look and FEEL better during long gaming sessions. A FoV slider would be preferable that said, since some people like the current 87 degree FoV, or don’t want to mess with their muscle memory.

Having to run a perk just to give you some basic QoL like FoV is kind of a bad design choice considering most games nowadays have options for it, even on console (Titanfall, Apex, etc…)

The game’s balance at the moment and the SBMM system doesn’t really allow you to run perks that give you QoL adjustments, and most people that want to try these perks out, just stick with their 4 slowdown perks.

Motion sickness plays an important role as to why I wanted to start a discussion. I actually do suffer from motion sickness and I feel kind of forced to run shadowborn, because not using it will make me feel sick after 3/4 games. And having to grind to be able to get the chance for it to appear in the bloodweb 3 times so I can play killers I’ve bought with my own money is taking me so much time, so I can only assume what some other members of the community are going through with this game’s infamous grind.

What’s your opinion on a possible FoV slider feature ? Do use shadowborn when playing as a killer ? And why or why not ?


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