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Who do you think you would beat in a fight?

Who do you think you could beat in a fight?

Rules: You have no time to prepare you have to use what you have at hand or nearby, If you choose Legion remember is all four of them.

Evan MacMillan - Trapper

Philip Ojomo - Wraith

Max Thompson Jr. - Hillbilly

Sally Smithson - Nurse

Michael Myers - Shape

Lisa Sherwood - Hag

Herman Carter - Doctor

Anna - Huntress

Bubba Sawyer - Cannibal

Freddy Krueger - Nightmare

Amanda Young - Pig

Jeffrey Hawk - Clown

Rin Yamaoka - Spirit

Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey - Legion

Adiris - Plague

Danny Johnson - Ghost Face

Demogorgon - Demogorgon

Kazan Yamaoka - Oni

Caleb Quinn - Deathslinger

Pyramid Head - Executioner

Talbot Grimes - Blight

Victor & Charlotte Deshayes - Twins

Ji-Woon Hak - Trickster

Nemesis T-Type - Nemesis

Elliot Spencer - Cenobite

Carmina Mora - Artist

Imo I think I would easily be able to beat Hag she a twig for crying out loud. Try to place a trap grab her and snap her like a twig



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