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Dried Cherry Blossom double standards

lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,437

Had a ttv lobby so I decided to put on my Sunday Best. I had a feeling I'd get out gamered with Iron Will so I took preventative measures and slapped on Dried Cherry Blossom even though I suck with that addon.

Sure enough, a Claudette tries to make cheeky Iron Will plays. She was a good looper but she relied too much on her perk to carry her which is the reason she died.

I watch the stream and Claud was L I V I D the whole match. The Feng streamer was all like " This Spirits a decent looper! I sure wish I knew how to play against Spirit!" but Mr. Iron Will is just going on and on saying "addons. Addons. ADDONS. SHES RUNNING THE ADDONS" and said "This Spirit is cringeworthy at best"

I feel like this kind of a double standard here. I dont fault anybody for running IW, but why is it ok to have a crucial part of my kit invalidated, but when I choose to do the same thing, I am Hitler Reborn?

You weren't meant to spend the whole game injured with Dead Hard ready to go, but that exists so I just have to deal with it.

The only reason I feel compelled to use this addon is specifically for Iron Will. If people didnt run IW, I would never consider this addon. Spirits kit was designed around audio tracking, so all this addon does is force you to loop me normally. And plenty of people do just fine looping me with no Iron Will.

I'm not saying Survivor Bad, I'm just tired of constant double standards.

This addon does tremendously change how Spirit functions, but why do people obsess over this addon and say its busted, broken and shouldn't exist when the other side can just flip the script on you and do the same thing?

If knowing where people in Phase is is such a huge deal, then let's remove all Survivor audio and visual cues in Phase so all survivors are equal and perks are irrelevant during the phase.



  • ActualPainedFrogActualPainedFrog Applicant Posts: 279

    I find spirit incredibly boring to play, I enjoy Nurse and Oni because their strong, but require immense amounts of experience to play.

  • ActualPainedFrogActualPainedFrog Applicant Posts: 279

    I never said she didn't require skill, it's just the amount of mechanical skill required is not to my liking, I have a grand total of like 6 games played with her at decently high MMR and I easily won them just because I've watched people play her before.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,658
    edited January 19

    I dislike the way both iron will and cherry blossom function right now.

    Cherry blossom IS a dumb addon. IW being as good as it is against spirit is too.

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,437

    I'm trying to get better! Bodyblocking with her and trying to guess which side of the pallet the survivors really on is a ton of fun.

    I feel like shes got good counter play on both sides, I actually enjoy playing against her now.

    Its crazy how much her directional audio did for balance imo.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 8,769

    I agree with all of that! I used to not enjoy going against her and that really made me upset for a while because she means a lot to me. The directional audio makes me feel satisfied with her now. I do miss the gen grabs but that's just whatever.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,651

    You know what? Starting tomorrow I will play Spirit-chan more and git gud with her, even though I suck at her game, right now!

    I feel that IW shouldn't be THAT effective against her and maybe that IW and Stridor should cancel each other out, so that she can always at least play at her base kit, but that's just wishful thinking, a wild pipedream of mine, so I'll have to learn make do with what I got!

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,651

    People will complain when you play Demogorgon, as its unfair to play a killer who isn't even in the base game anymore.

    People will complain when you don't play Demogorgon, because they always enjoyed versing him and are sad that he is that rare, now.

    You can never win, neither appease everyone, so don't bother and just play your way.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 8,769

    I recently made a post on what further changes could be done with Spirit and suggested that Spirit should always hear 50% grunts of pain while she's in her power, to lower the gap between Iron Will and non-Iron Will.

  • ActualPainedFrogActualPainedFrog Applicant Posts: 279

    After that you should play Oni. Why? Cause it would be cool.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,651

    Yeah, that sounds not bad, actually. Counterplay to a strong killer is all fun and games, and if an off meta perk somehow counters you in a big way, that's kinda ok and you can laugh it off, but a true and legit meta perk, one that you can reasonably expect two of in each random group and up to four in legit SWF pre-mades, shouldn't invalidate anyone killers power like that. This is just really bad game design.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,651

    Oni has a big place in my heart and I am reasonably good with him. But you can always hone your skillz and learn how to better smash face :>

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,437

    Would it be a stretch to almost make a comparison to Saboing Trapper Traps? Because that's how I almost feel it's like

  • ActualPainedFrogActualPainedFrog Applicant Posts: 279

    It's always nice to meet a fellow Oni enjoyer, good luck with learning Spirit.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,651

    We already got that: you can DH through Trappers bear traps and t-bag him from the other side, while he must walk through or around.

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,437

    Oh yeah, that's a thing. I feel bad for Trapper these days especially with the new map

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,651

    Yeah, the new map is especially harsh on Trapper, I experienced that myself just the other day. I noticed that I got a few party streamers lying around in Trappers inventory and decided to tackle a few of his Tome challenges that I got unresolved. Well, bless my luck, for I got two Eiry maps back to back and I could to practically nothing there. You can try to trap pallets during a chase, as to render it unusable to the survivor, but thats about the best you can do. No grass or rubble anywhere to hide your traps in general, so you can just trap the main building and hope that the basement spawns there. Otherwise just trap the Killer Shack with all you got and hope that your friendly survivors suicide in your neat little kill box.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,463
    edited January 19

    I love Spirit but my ears cant discern the subtle audio cues of survivors, and her chase music....heck all chase Music blows out any other sounds. Even with my new headset it's hard for me to hear those cues.

    The Devs want to make accessibility changes for players with disabilities but make chase music that drowns out all other sounds. You have to lose the chase just to hear them.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,546

    To be fair, both sides are full of double standards

    "dead hard is too broken" while running blight with alchemist ring

    "ruin too OP" while running BNP

    "camping too strong" while 3 people rushed gens with commodius

    "circle of healing too powerful" while facecamping with insidious bubba

    Ruin, Pop, Dead Hard, Circle of Healing, Alchemist Ring and Commodius are all things that simply need to be changed(aka, nerfed) so other perks can be compensated more. This game would be more fun if Pop was 15% so that Surge/Jolt can be 12%, or Eruption can be 10% easily then too.

    Pain Resonance and Pop together are already a pain in the ass to deal with together, especially in public matches. Pain Resonance gives free info on where you need to go, slap it on a high mobility killer and no matter where it is, you can Pop it too. Thats 40% gone for just hooking 1 survivor. Let alone that it can still stack with Surge/Jolt and Eruption. As long as Pop exists in the state that it exists in now, Pain Resonance can never remain at 15% on the long run.

    The other pairing obviously being Dead Hard and Iron Will. Iron Will is fine, but it amplifies the strength of Dead Hard. As it stands now, perks like Flip Flop cant really be buffed without DH recieving a nerf(that might not seem logical at first, but why do you think wiggling out is nearly impossible without 2 survivors running very specific perks? it would be fine to wiggle out more often if DH wasnt as strong as it currently is)

    I am honestly hoping that the strongest perks on both sides either be nerfed or recieve a negative consequence, like DS deactivating if the player progresses the game, before the end of this year. I think DH is too difficult to nerf without obliterating it into uselessness(it's meant as a dodge, just the i-frames is very weak, just the dash is practically useless against half the roster), so I'd say DH could do well with a negative consequence where it either keeps exhaustion upon being hooked, or has double exhaustion so it has practically 0 chance to be used twice in 1 chase on bigger maps. Either that, or give more perks an exhaustion clause to it. Like Sloppy Butcher giving a 2 second exhaustion(or haemorrhage in general).

    For survivors, random teammates make a lot of killer perks very overwhelming, for killers, some perks make it very hard to face SWF. Both sets of perks simply need adjustments for the future health of the game. It's not fun being forced to run the most broken ######### just so you can keep facing opponents that are actually somewhat of your own skill level.

  • Travis_BatemanTravis_Bateman Member Posts: 204

    Some people say DCB is OP,even though is the only counter to Iron will (a truly op perk)

  • Travis_BatemanTravis_Bateman Member Posts: 204

    Ruin don't need to be nerfed,its high risk high reward,you want it to be Based around RNG (######### design) while being pure ######### ?

  • Travis_BatemanTravis_Bateman Member Posts: 204

    Also pain Resonansce is not free,you need to: Chase,down,and then hook,getting hooks is free now?

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 392

    Suppose it was just frustration when you might seem suspicious to them at first. I'm not convinced by this though, I tried that addon once and I gotta say it's just incredibly useless. You'd be able to hear the moans and grass and footsteps to know where the player is anyway. You have to stand like right next to the complete stationary IW user to get an use out of it so any other addon just seems so much more viable to me.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,995

    Double standards? Here? In Dead by Daylight? Surely you are mistaken. Nothing of the sort has ever occurred, least of all by a humble survivor.

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