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Most Miserable Map/Killer Combinations?



  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,232

    Shape on Rotten Fields.

    Can't stalk through corn and they can see you before you can see them anytime you approach ANYTHING.

  • Midori_21Midori_21 Member Posts: 693

    Nurse and RPD, or any killer who isn't nurse on Badham.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 3,894

    Any M1 Killer on Badham Preschool, Haddonfield, Red Forest, R.P.D etc

  • ryseterionryseterion Member Posts: 445

    If you play it right then the game isnt that bad, especially as pinhead since he is anti loop with a good passive power.

  • AltarfAltarf Member Posts: 1,043


    Pinhead's anti-loop ability is one of the weakest in the game, especially on this map. It's completely countered by tight spaces, walls, and pallets - all of which the Game has in literal dozens. There's a reason why Clown is so bad on the game, and it's the same reason why Pinhead sucks on it. The amount of clutter that snaps Pinhead's chains, combined with the huge abundance of pallets that when dropped, make his chains near-useless, which is enough to make the power itself useless a lot of the time. His chains are good at windows... but the Game has, like, three of those and 32 pallets.

    Pinhead's passive power is entirely reliant on the survivors not knowing how it works. Much like survivors not bothering to take their traps off until the timer has activated, survivors that wait until the Chain Hunt has already begun in order to find the box are playing incorrectly and should be punished. Pinhead's passive is definitely the best out of the passive slowdowns because he himself can interact with it... but it's still not something that carries him unless the team doesn't realise "hey, one of us should probably run over and solve the box when it's at 75%, and then he has almost no powers."

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    Trapper/Eeyrie of crows.

    I don't even play trapper, but whenever I face one here, I almost want to intentionally get caught in a trap just to make the poor sod feel better. Seriously, his traps stand out on that map more than lit hexes do anywhere.

  • foxsansboxfoxsansbox Member Posts: 879

    Nurse on Mother's Dwelling. It's literally a wall of Tall LOS objects that connect directly to tall tile sets. It's unreal.

    Dwight didn't need no locker he just turned into a god-damned forest nymph.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,548
    edited January 20

    I'm a Mikey main and I don't mind that map. There's usually a tight three gen somewhere that's easy to defend.

    Corn maps are Mikey's biggest enemy as the corn literally hinders his power to stalk.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    Let's see here....I have lots of complaints here.

    Lery's with Chainsaws, Blight, Huntress, plague, Oni, and trickster.

    Trickster - any autohaven map (high walls with high debris).

    Artist - Swamps

    RPD/Haddonfield - anyone.

    The game - I actually like this map. if I had to choose a killer not to use on this map it would be Twins.

    Mike, Ghosty, Pig, and Trapper - Don't want to see crow map or coldwind.

    gas Heaven - also don't want with anyone. I just have the worst experience with this map. I can count on one hand how many times I have won on this map as killer. It's not even the worst map I just have terrible luck if I get it.

    Shout out to Midwich - I find this map to be the most balanced overall for killers and survivors. Just my personal opinion though.

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    That's sad to hear, because corn maps make him scary as hell from the survivor perspective. Never sure where he's at.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 5,283

    Midwich, Yamaoka, Dead Dawg are generally pretty fair. Shelter Woods can be very RNG, but usually fair. Asylum is decent on most killers.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    Yamaoka is not terrible. Dead Dawg is a ######### show. Have to spend 2 minutes knocking out walls to catch good survivors. On top of that it has the ability to spawn 3 gens on upper levels which are harder to defend. Also not a small as it looks. Shelter woods is killer sided imo.....I don't usually say any map is killer sided just some worse than others for killer. Asylum decent on most killers.....Now you lost me did you read this thread or not.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,307


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