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Which Licensed Survivor do you think showed have Voice Lines the Most?

D34D_B34TB0XD34D_B34TB0X Member Posts: 167

To be honest, I think the voice lines should be a part of the Licensed Survivor's gameplay, much like Pinhead's.

It could give them a little more life so I'd be like you're playing as your favorite horror movie final girl or video game characters.

Maybe say a popular line when you perform an action, like stunning the killer or when someone heals you. Stuff like that. Maybe have them talk to each other when the killer ain't near. They just can't talk when the killer is close, just for realism.

Maybe have them say "Oh, sh*t", "d*mn it", or "Sonnuvah b*tch" when the killer finds them in a locker. INTERJECTED. I don't know really, I might be thinking out loud.

Which Licensed Survivor do you think showed have Voice Lines the Most? 17 votes

Leon and Jill - "S.T.A.R.S team reporting for duty."
Scary_Punk_GhostFobbo 2 votes
Steve and Nancy (I don't think it's possible thanks to Netflix.)
William "Bill" Overbeck
Seiko300dugmanshinobu149 3 votes
Heather "Cheryl" Mason
Quinten Smith
Laurie Strode
Guiltii 1 vote
Detective Tapp - "I'm solving this case"
Any Legendary Set/Ultra Rare Set. Chris Redfield, James Sunderland, etc.
Cornpopers_EvanThePoliceMarc_go_soloSaltEChip 4 votes
OG Survivors need voice lines.
ReikoMoriBothSidesEnjoyerAkitamaru 3 votes
None, I hate the voice lines. And chocolate.
GibberishTapeKnotValikSmoe 4 votes


  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,860
    William "Bill" Overbeck

    I had to sit on this one for a little bit. Before my vote would have immediately gone to Steve and Nancy because I desperately wanted their voices to be re-done by the actual actors themselves, Joe Keery and Natalia Dyer, imagine how amazing it'd be to have their voices replace the atrocious ones we currently have in-game with brand new voice lines to boot. (Nancy actually isn't all that bad- but Steve is horrendous).

    Unfortunately like OP mentioned, it'd probably never happen.

    The next one I'd say is Quentin Smith, because the Nightmare on Elm Street chapter just needs some love in general. One of the few chapters that still doesn't have licensed cosmetics to this day, is in a little bit of a weird spot licensing wise, perks need some attention, etc. etc.

    But 1. Quentin's voice doesn't really need to be changed imo and 2. Quentin was actually voiced by Louis McLean- a beloved member of the dev team who is no longer working on the DBD project. So unless they brought McLean back to provide voice lines (I'm not sure about the likelihood of that or if actual voice lines would sound very quentin-like) then that would mean they would erase this entire little bit of his contribution to the game and I'm not sure if I'd want that- even if it was Kyle Gallner.

    So at the end of my thought process I decided to vote for Bill because he's got a pretty unique voice in the game- and from what I know of the L4D franchise he has some pretty iconic lines that show off the rough and grizzled personality of the Vietnam Vet.

  • SmoeSmoe Member Posts: 358
    edited January 20
    None, I hate the voice lines. And chocolate.

    I rather have any and all voice lines during the trial be a thing for Killers only.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,672
    Any Legendary Set/Ultra Rare Set. Chris Redfield, James Sunderland, etc.

    I just want to be able to play as James Sunderland, go up to a killer, point and say "Have you gone nuts?".

    He is the master of tact afterall!

    He has some other iconic lines that could also be fun.

  • AkitamaruAkitamaru Member Posts: 3
    OG Survivors need voice lines.

    I really like the og survior idea personally, but if I was to give the mechanic a touch up I'd personally put it on an emote wheel and give the survivor the ability to use a line whenever and each line, or the whole wheel, goes on cooldown for set time. To prevent spamming or trolling. I could fine tune my idea more but you get the gist.

  • DeadByStreetlightDeadByStreetlight Member Posts: 150

    I love Bill's "Why?" while carry him. 😁

    But please no more lobby sounds like "What now?" 🤐

  • Cornpopers_EvanCornpopers_Evan Member Posts: 2,428
    Any Legendary Set/Ultra Rare Set. Chris Redfield, James Sunderland, etc.

    I won't lie, this isn't me looking at this from a "want" perspective, this is me looking at it from a business perspective. I feel like they're going to want to add voice lines and the such more towards legendary skins in order for people to feel incentivized to go and buy those skins.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 5,873
    William "Bill" Overbeck

    I think of all the survivors other than Ash, Bill probably would have some of the best one liners. 🙂

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,079
    None, I hate the voice lines. And chocolate.

    While I like chocolate - survivors need to shut up, not speak up.

    Sure- hearing a voice line every once in awhile has its novelty. It would be pretty cool to hear Bill, Jeff, or Feng give character accurate lines when they start healing or preform any sort of action.

    But this has a few unintended consequences:

    1.) It will get old. People play this game for thousands of hours. Having a voice line for an action, pulling from a roster of 3-5 per action with a 15 second cooldown isn't going to remain novel for long. Not only will people get tired of hearing the same lines every few seconds EVERY match, but it has the potential to ruin people's favorites. Feng can be fun to be toxic with, but if she starts spouting annoying dialogue 4 times a minute - 12 times a match minimum - people may take offense to her voice and have to abandon their main for their own sanity.

    2.) It breaks stealth. What only YOU can hear them? Only other survivors? What if you go for a sneaky heal, or try and touch a generator under the killer's nose and sneak away - suddenly that novel voice line is going to blow your cover... for no benefit at all. People are going to smash keyboards once Dwight says "Let's do this!" for the millionth time on a gen you're trying to get done while the killer is distracted - causing the killer to turn around after hearing it.

    3.) Things are fine as is. You know things are ideal when the most voiced-up character with Bruce Campbell only has dialogue in the pre-game menu. Survivors absolutely and unequivocally do NOT need voice lines at all to be enjoyable or relevant. This adds nothing to the game and the dev team should spend their time on better things - like fixing bugs, creating new maps, or changing perks.

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