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Latest stats for killer pick rates and kill rates and maps with highest and lowest kill rate



  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 3,197

    I think it's cause he destroys solo queue. But kinda lame against swf

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 2,482

    Those are stats from ALL ACROSS THE BOARD, aka completely useless as indicator for more than general trends.

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 2,008

    These stats aren't really indicative of anything meaningful at all because of how drastic skill levels range from novice to pros in this game.

  • cluxdxcluxdx Member Posts: 73
    edited January 21

    Yeah if you're saying killer is "so much easier" I can already tell you don't know what you're talking about and have never played the role against any remotely competent survivors. That said, I'll attempt to address you in a legitimate manner.

    First off, learning to play killer at top level currently has a considerably larger time commitment because individual survivors are just skins and there are really only a few general strategies depending on the killer (pre-drop against ranged killers, W gamer against 115s, play the info game against Nurse/Spirit), whereas every single killer has a unique power that takes time to master. Sure there are general skills that need learned and can translate from one killer to another and some killers are easier than others, but it can still take anywhere from hundreds to thousands of hours to properly master any one killer power depending on its difficulty and intricacies. You are not gonna tell me you can just pick up Blight and do perfect 180 lunges and scoot surfs and not have me laugh in your face.

    Secondly, killers have FAR more to manage because of the nature of asymmetrical games. Every time you chase one guy, you have to worry about what the other three are doing. You have to find ways to get as many people off gens as possible because there is no way you can win off 1v1 alone even as the best killers in the game; high level Nurses still have to slug and tunnel to secure kills in tournaments because of that reason. Your goal should be to have at least 2 people off gens virtually the entire game, whether that be off of hooking and gen pressure or off either slugging or tunneling to remove someone from the equation entirely.

    Lastly, I'd argue this statistic hides how much the survivors can have in their favor because it's all ranks rather than people who've hit the soft-cap, and because survivors often die due to altruism late-game when they could just 3 man out the killer and end in a win. I can't count the amount of completely lost games I've pulled back purely because people thought they had a little too much leeway and/or got too cocky when they could've just let me get my one kill and left. Easily a quarter of my games are won because they spent more time clicking me than slamming the last 2 gens, and that's not even mentioning the amount of wins I still get because of getting players far below my skill level because MMR is struggling to do its job properly.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 1,876

    But the stats pin it pretty close to 50%. And pushing it there would require more killer nerfs/survivor buffs, which I don't think these forums want.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 807
    edited January 21

    To be honest...I play Pinhead a lot. Like...a lot. He was a gift from a dear friend who knew about my obsession with Hellraiser.

    Yes, he is weak in the chase and yes, he destroys SoloQ survivors. However mostly because they just refuse to go after the box. He also destroys new and low-rank survivors who refuse to go after the box even more because they do even more stupid things like "solving the box right next to Pinhead".

    However for me he does not need a buff. Not that I would not take one.

    Not breaking your own chains would be pretty sweet already. However I would not say that chains should take longer to break per se. Long range chains: Yes, perfect to reward my long range curved chain. Short range, no, I do not need this.

    Mastering them AND making them a beast at high MMR!

  • Animal_MotherAnimal_Mother Member Posts: 149

    Wonder why BHVR decided to omit data for pick and kill rates at high MMR? They always used to separate overall and red rank stats.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,278

    You can but it shouldn't need to be done. Console players have plenty of buttons free that could've been used to remove the chains.

    It's bad game design when your forced to change the default game controls immediately.

  • remoirelremoirel Member Posts: 187

    Bubbies nerfs on the horizon at long last

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 1,574


    I was referencing these two charts as the one that was given previously was very incomplete. Don't bother blight because he was new killer when this was shown. notice how plague and demogorgon are more popular and higher in kill charts and notice how freddy, spirit and deathslinger all have mostly halved pick-rate and much lower killrate from their negative changes. Wraith got some positive changes and he get played more.

    at least one thing is true, buffs = increase killer pick rate, nerfs=decrease pick rate.

    That is why I wished there was high MMR to compare to Old red rank chart

    Kill-rate just feel very meaningless for all rank section, like what are we suppose learn from this chart? that new player nurses and trickster lose a lot and that new survivors struggle vs pinhead & freddy the most? pointless information.

  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 691
    edited January 21

    Honestly those new stats look much more balanced than the old ones i saw. We have some outliers but in general it looks fine. Of course those are not detailled enough, as they already said Twins are a good pick in high tier and tournaments etc as they are very strong in the right hands. I think the same goes for Trickster, if you play him territorial then he's not that weak. Pig on the other side is carried by add ons a lot.

    The only problem i have is that this is mostly because of the "powercreep" (Killers get a lot of buffs, then they introduce boons to balance high kill rates, now they introduced new Scourge hook and deadlock to counter this again) which is going on in this game since some time

  • SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 517

    This honestly shows us nothing - which is so disappointing to receive when considered.

    It is just a collation of stats, with no regard for Low/Mid/High MMR, where different killers and playstyles are optimal. Not only this - but there is only ONE killer that shows a real issue which is Twins. Nurse, Huntress, Wraith and Doctor are filtered lower due to the high playrate that they receive - giving them generally more of a chance to fluctuate due to an inconsistency in player skill.

    Then you have a decent killer like Cenobite, who has the SECOND lowest play-rate, but because he doesn't have glaring issues, his playerbase is mainly players that invest time into the killer - thus propping him up in his killrate. The only thing that I would say is that this shows he's not an entry-friendly killer, and that he is often than not played by people that are already confident in him. Hag and Freddy both follow this pattern too..

    Then you have the kill-inflated killers like Bubba, Artist, Myers, and Trapper - who have high play-rates and kill-rates because of how 'easy' it is to secure killers?

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,035
    edited January 21

    If I remember it right a few months ago they said there was a 15% discrepancy between Solo and SWF escape/kill rate, I wonder how that discrepancy translates into this info.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,415

    Pinky finger is somewhat warranted but flask of bleach makes literally 0 sense. It’s still going to be his best add on anyway though

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 674

    Twins pick rate is still too high, looking forward to a <0.5%

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 4,965

    And the nerf goes to number 5.

    Better luck next time other killers.

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 927

    I think once they can show MMR ranks like the old rank system, they can do it, but I'm guessing it's easier to lump everything together because, theoretically (hypothetically?), most players should be playing with and against others of the same MMR so the graph is good enough.

    When they show ranks, then everyone can identify what's high, mid, and low... but really, you can get high MMR with the lamest strategies. I would be surprised if there'd be a huge difference. And besides, from what I understand, they're still adjusting parameters behind the scenes.. MMR tweaking will be going on for a while yet.

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