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Killer tonight in a nutshell

AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 766
edited January 22 in General Discussions

Me: Turns on DBD. "I've only played artist twice, and both times were against really good SWFs, maybe I'll get more even matches tonight so I can actually try her out."

Queue up, instant match up, two TTVs, so I dodge. Look then up, it's a full SWF on comms all with the same builds, dh, ds, bt, and either a boon, unbreakable, or prove thyself.

Glad I dodged that. Queue up again.

Another TTv, look then up, same situation, full team, full meta loudouts, so I dodge again.

Queue up again, another completely different TTv with a full swf, and you guessed it, the exact some perks.

Turned off DBD, on to more fruitful games. Hopefully the backfill fixes will help some cause this sucks. Getting babies when playing my main, but get full sweat squads on killers I've never really played.

Why they had all killers gain MMR when one does makes no sense to me. Yeah I get it, you shouldn't go against pure babies because you do have some experience on killers in general. But going against full sweat squads on killers that you have no idea how their power works, doesn't make sense. If I'm on my main killer, sure, bring the sweat. But this sucks overall and makes me not want to try other killers. But at the same time, you can only play so many matches on a handful of killers before you get bored. So I guess I'm just playing something else tonight.

I hear civilization is good, might try that out.


  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 713

    As much as I think the SBMM system is garbage, this is a tough situation to deal with. Like you said, shouldn’t have really good killers facing baby survivors just because they are playing a new killer. Unfortunately I think the only option is to try playing during the day when it’s more solo queue teams and hopefully easier. Playing at night on weekends is mostly sweaty SWF squads and not a great time to be practicing new killer unless you don’t care at all about being abused by the survivors.

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 766

    I agree, timing is a big factor. I don't think it's fully a sbmm issue, although it's an attributing factor cause of the backfill right now.

    I just think they should've made the cap a bit higher, slightly harder to reach, not much just a little. Then make two baselines. You have a starting MMR if you're brand new to the game, which they did. But then make a slightly higher starter MMR for the different killers, and then make it to where each killer MMR is individual to that killer. So if you're experienced at the game, you don't go against baby survivors just cause you switched killer. But you also wouldn't be forced to go against the sweat squads you'd be facing on your main.

    Also the whole balancing thing. It's just boring and stale to go against the same 3 perks on every survivor in every match, with only one or two perks being different on the whole squad.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,768

    This is exactly what mmr is for. If you want to play against chill, you need to chill. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too, fam. Not anymore.

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 766

    I do play chill. That's the thing, I don't camp or tunnel, and constantly use meme perks like unrelenting, spies from the shadows, and just all around meme builds. Like my basement only build that involves agitation and monstrous shrine where I'm only allowed to hook in the basement.

    It's just that matchmaking is busted currently.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 4,220

    SBMM is certainly more a symptom rather than a cause.

    Like nothing really changed balanced wise when SBMM dropped. All that changed was good killers were getting matched against good survivors or good teams more often. Something that was rarer in the rank matchmaking, because of how easy it is for average survivors to get to and stay in red ranks.

    Though quite a few people had some hope that we'll see some good killer balance changes after SBMM data gets collected. But I can't see anyone who holds that belief anymore as we've gotten more killer nerfs since SBMM dropped. And the only nerf survivors have got now since SBMM is CoH getting a minor nerf to the healing speed that won't change it's overall impact on the meta.

    Killer just sucks to play right now and there's no hope the devs have any intention to improve it so killers are slowly jumping ship. This can be seen with all the topics complaining about survivor queue times.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,768

    Either that or the TTVs are sus. It is not unheard of. Most of the ones I play against are so bad, bro. Meta builds on comms or not. Maybe you should just give them a chance? They might just surprise you. 😉

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 766

    Oh I did lol switched to nemesis who I have a little, not much, but a little more experience with. Got another full swf, all the same perks, got the largest macmillan map variation. 5 gens in 4 minutes with 3 hooks. Fun.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,495

    Played against a SWF streamer who brought RCPD + hook offering. 2 of them always ran to the same spot, knowing that I won't reach a hook from there. Slugging did nothing, because they both had Soulguard. One player disconnected and the only solo in the match was doing 4 gens alone. Because those 2 would never move away from that area.

    I ended up tabbing out and watching the dev stream until this was over.

    Later I searched the VoD of the streamer and he was making fun of it. Whole chat turned against him.

    Do people really wonder why killers dodge TTVs?

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,768

    Soul guard is so underrated... It is actually the main reason I run iron grasp/agitation. I respect it THAT much. But yeah, I get why people dodge them. I just don't bother because of what OP said, you just backfill into another one and I do not have the patience for that myself. I came from Overwatch to dodge long queues, I am basically allergic to them to the point where I didn't even want to do my survivor daily at all into being a survivor main during the day. I am that committed to the cause. I hate survivor mains with ever fiber of my being and even I have become one... I have no morals.

  • foxsansboxfoxsansbox Member Posts: 937

    I was about to genuinely sus the sincerity of your post and then it slowly devolved into your good ole' self.

    This just happened to me. Ruin got found in 5 seconds. All Scourge hooks were nowhere to be found because the map has more Zip Codes than my grandpa's asscheeks.

    Needless to say, I've revised my Nurse build.

  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 310

    u guys are scared of ttvs and those builds but they always go down the fastest and or always ######### themselves up. I get scared of some teams too but where is that gonna get me dodging 24/7

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 11,495

    Most of the time, i just click ready and tab out to do something else. Only tabbing in once the match started. So i don´t really care who i face or what they have equipped.

    But some streamers just want to harvest salt.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 1,125
    edited January 22

    Its kinda the same for me: for the longest time I would always reroll survivor dailies, but now I started to do actual survivor games during the day, and I am even enjoying it! Madness...

    But the difference between me and most other survivors is, that I don't BM the killer,unless they are total douches, and I even gave a few mercy hooks when the survivor team was totally dominating and crushing the killer.

    But I am still bored by the fact that survivors are basically just skins once you reach level 40 with them. This is so much wasted potential and they should give them more identity.

    Back to topic: I dodge twitch groups sometimes, too, but about 50/50 I give the challenge a go. A lot of twitch swf groups are totally sweat and bully squads, but sometimes its just the different gaming perspective. I had a twitch SWF group once that run circles around me and gave me an extra hard time, so that the game wasn't very fun for me. I later looked up that stream and they were actually pretty nice people and didn't badmouth me at all or something. I just had the misfortune to chose the two competent members of the team for my chases, while the two others were scared shirtless everytime they got so much as a whiff of my terror radius. So the mean sweat squad could be just some normal dudes, killing a few hours.

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