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Buff one "useless" survivor/killer perk

RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,826

I put useless in quotation marks because technically every perk HAS a use. That said, for me it'd be

Survivor: Diversion

Option A: Reduce the timer from 45 seconds to 25 seconds

Option B: Keep the 45 sec timer but also allow the timer build up to occur in chase.

Both option would allow 2 stacks of diversion and remove the criteria to be crouched and motionless to use

Killer: Predator

Survivor tracks remain for 8 seconds long and are different colors (sadly this wouldn't help color blind people but i'll try to think of an alternative) This helps with tracking specifically the prey you want


  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,234

    Predator: Redesigned. Now: Every time a survivor performs a rushed action while you are in a chase with them, you gain 2% Haste. This resets on injuring or downing a survivor.

    Diversion: After being chased by the killer for 10 seconds, this ability activates. You become invisible for 2 seconds and the killer receives a loud noise notification at a random nearby vault or pallet location.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 3,348

    Diversion actually has a 30 second timer now

    But my perk idea would be changing Technician, Ive always seen it as the "gen stealth" perk, and I want to emphasize on that more

    Idk how to word this into a perk description so Ill just give a brief explanation, make it be able to fake a generator regressing. So the generator sparks but isnt actually regressing.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,234

    I really don't like making 'wiggle' stronger. It just creates problems on maps where you get bad hook spawns, setting up a situation where you get completely screwed by something out of your control.

    Wiggling out should be a result of the killer misplaying or being too ambitious, not the result of 'survivor has x perk equipped' - considering that they actively get punished for dropping survivors at the Grade screen.

    I'd rather make Boil Over something completely different.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,826

    I'm just imagining the killer having sight of the survivor at the 10 second mark and watching them fade out of existence XD

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,826

    Okay I actually cackled at your Lightborn suggestion. that was a genuine good laugh

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    No Mither

    Go on out, kid, it is just a scratch.

    Your thick blood coagulates practically instantly.

    You suffer from the Broken Status Effect for the entire Trial, but benefit from the following effects:

    Pools of Blood are suppressed.

    When injured or dying, Grunts of Pain are reduced by 100%.

    Your Recovery speed is increased by 30%

    You can recover whilst moving

    You can recover fully from the Dying State

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,779

    BLOOD PACT: All the same effects as there currently are, but once the healing has been done the scratch marks disappear for 6/8/10 seconds, and the Haste status remains as long as both survivors remain within 4m of each other.

    CLAUSTROPHOBIA: Same effect as before, but add that failed skill checks block all vaults within 24m radius for 3 seconds.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,203

    I would cap grunts of pain for both, No Mither and Iron Will, at 75%. The absolute silence is way more debilitating then most players imagine. Of course its a cool QoL upgrade, not to care about being hurt or not, but I really think its no good design to invalidate whole branches of the players arsenal with just one passive, unlimited perk. Also, it's effect on Spirit is really enervating and debilitating, flipping the board completely, ie the survivors have way more info on her then the other way around.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    I’m just having a bit of fun buffing crappy perks in a vacuum, but I actually agree with you and if I were in charge of balancing there’d be no iron will effect at all because it’s ridiculous imho.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,240

    Predator: in addition to what it currently does, when hitting a survivor with a basic attack, you see their aura for 8s

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,203

    Thanks for your consideration :)

    But yeah, I think instead of this sluggish, glacial pace, BHVR should much more often, maybe every two weeks, throw out small changes like this ideally at the PTB, and constantly tune stuff. It doesn't always have to be big things, but just change a few numbers up or down and see how things work out.

    Right now stuff changes so slowly that you can watch gras grow literally.

  • IdontknowtbhIdontknowtbh Member Posts: 467

    Slippery meat: you have 6 attempts at escaping the hook. Same chances as before, but you don't call on the second stage.

    Then someone might actually use it.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,489

    There are a bunch of them. Are you sure we can just do one?

    Killer perks:

    Brutal strenght: Buff it to 10/20/30 % , even if you pair it with fire up, that would give you a 50% , it means that you break pallets at 1.3 seconds which is fast indeed but the survivor is able to create distance without creating that much of a distance.

    Lightborn: When someone tries to blind you, your speed is increased by 5% for as long as the user's aura is revealed to you. This would be to combine actual lightborn with one of the Hillbilly add-ons, on real it would be pretty useless though.

    Coup de grace: When you press the active button ability, the next lunge is increased, your red mark is shown to the survivor and to you until you lunge. This way, the survivors know if you have it, gives it a bit of counterplay and gives to you some consistency since you know how long your next lunge will be and you can use it whenever you want it.

    Coulrophobia: Almost the same BUT, survivors outside your TR, have a 10/15/20 % health speed penalty.

    Survivor perks:

    No Mither: . You start the trial healthy, but as soon as you recover from the dying state or a survivor heals you from the dying state , you have the brotken status effect.

    Appraisal: You can rummage multiple times the same chest as long as you don't pick up the object... This will keep the idea of the perk and give it some use, in case you don't want the item that is inside of the chest, instead of being forced to look for another chest.

    Any means neccesary: Shorten the time from 40/30/20 BUT... a pallet can be lifted just once in a trial, so if someone else lifted it then you can't lift the same pallet again.

    Pharmacy: You open chests 100 % faster (because yes, making the time faster is not going to be game breaking so... why don't make it as fast as it could be?), the first time you open a chest, you'll get a green medkit with a brown add-on/ yellow add-on/ green add-on.

    I don't recall anything else but I'll be adding it if I think of something else.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    Ahh mate that would be nice wouldn’t it. As you say, they just need to make incremental changes and go from there. Very little risk of anything going awry.

    I remember once the devs said something along the lines of needing a super computer A.I. to be able to balance perks due to how many there are xd

    What nonsense lol

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,826

    It's amazing how strong some of yall think this new Boil Over is but okay. I guess I didn't say the perks had to be remotely fair or realistic XD

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,826

    a Third Seal that can't be broken isn't strong? Literally not being able to see where anyone is that gets knocked or hooked.... lol okay

    Side note: Iron Grasp, Agitation, and Slugging all counter Boil Over if you're looking for counters

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,521

    Well I made a post saying how much I'd want to buff Flashbangs but it isn't a useless perk.

    So for survivor I'd say Aftercare to work with Flashlight/Flashbang saves. Isn't really much of a buff but it's something that's annoyed me for a long time.

    As for killer I'd say Distressing. I'd make it work so that:

    • Everytime you hit a survivor with your M1 attack, you gain a stack.
    • Each stack will increase your terror radius by 4m.
    • You can have a maximum of 8 stacks.

    Think this would create some interesting pairings with Infectious Fright and Unnerving Presence. I was going to make it down based but I don't think that's good enough then.

  • PyrosorcPyrosorc Member Posts: 94
    edited January 31

    Perk: Deception

    Change: Deception is now activated with a different button than locker entry, similar to Dead Hard.

    Why it's a buff: you can now actually fast-enter a locker while Deception is off cooldown, allowing a mindgame.

    Honestly Deception is currently stronger at rank 1 than rank 3 because of this.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256
    edited January 31

    Killer Perk: Monstrous Shrine

    Basement hook-type hooks spawn in 4 places on the map, and the chance to escape from them is lowered by x percent. So you'd have some hooks spawns with 4 hooks.

    Survivor Perk: Ace's perks.

    Make luck also have a chance to make vaults/missed skill checks/explosions not trigger. So you could escape a killer chase by getting lucky because the killer didn't hear you vault or fall.

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 982

    Coulrophobia: effect lingers for x seconds after leaving the TR

    No one left behind: activates upon completion of last gen

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,257
    edited January 31

    Your fervent care of the Hooks found in the Basement has aroused The Entity's interest.

    The Basement Hooks possess the following benefits:

    • Increases time to be unhooked by 15/20/25 %.
    • Increases Skill check difficulty in second state by 5/10/15 %.
    • Increases Self-Unhook penalty by 3/6/9 %.
  • GuyFawxGuyFawx Member Posts: 1,911

    Killer: Monstrous Shrine

    For every survivor hooked in the basement gain a token and when carrying a body to a hook above ground if you have a token and come up to a broken hook consume that token to repair that sabotaged hook immediately.

    Survivor: Lightweight

    As soon as you become exhausted your track marks are hidden to the killer for the next 20/30/40 sec

  • sudintlinksudintlink Member Posts: 185

    monstrous shrine :hooking in the basement will cause entity progress to be 100% faster as long as you are camping within 4 meters

    Dead hard: dead harding into the killer will stun them for 5 seconds and make them drop survivor

    Vigil: allows you to get exhaustion back why running and gives you 7% haste

    Nobody escapes death: starts at beginning of the game as well as end of the game and is 5% haste

    Mettle of Man : 1 protection hit will activate mettle of mam

    Coop de grace : gives you +10% lunge permanently per token

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,360

    Brutal Strength: Kicking a Pallet can cause Deep Wounds and Hindered onto Survivors within 2-3m... and increases Gen Regression to 200%

    Predator: Gives direction to the Scratch Marks

    Oppression: 5% bonus Regression on the "random" Gens affected by Oppression

  • apathyincapathyinc Member Posts: 373

    Mettle of Man: grants the ability to perform actions such as repairing generators, cleansing totems, and opening the hatch with a key while in the dying state.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,594
    edited January 31

    Survivor: Diversion - Remove the condition of needing to be in the Killer's TR and just have it be a straight cooldown

    Killer: Jolt/Surge - No cooldown & no basic attack requirement

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