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Is RCPD the absolute worst map

N8dogN8dog Member Posts: 541

Is RCPD the absolute worst map 50 votes

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  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 877

    It really needs to be divided into 2 maps. Such an atrocious map

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 927

    I love the map itself since re2 is one of my favorite games, but gameplay wise it’s the worst lol

  • KajdanKiKajdanKi Member Posts: 218

    I love this map as a survivor. Its a great one especially agaibst Pig which makes the game pretty hard.

  • N8dogN8dog Member Posts: 541

    We could have had the raccoon city streets but NOOOO...

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,091

    I don’t mind RPD as much as corn honestly. Right now RPD has the broken Boil Over spot, but aside from that most of the pallets in it are gameable I think. It’s just a little confusing getting around it sometimes.

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 1,479

    the experience is too frustrating for me, im spending more time trying to find my way than doing anything, i had a similar problem with Midwich but its not as bad as this map

  • Thr_ustThr_ust Member Posts: 464

    It’s absolutely massive, finding gens is a pain even if you know what you’re doing, pallets are either so useless they could not exist and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference or are so strong that they’re borderline god pallets. The map is so completely unbalanced and yet it’s such an awful experience for both sides that even bully squads will rarely choose it. The only killers that actually have fun on this map are wraith and stealth Myers.

  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 418

    I hate swamp or preschool more as killer

  • NoOneKnowsNovaNoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,346

    Swamp and haddonfield

  • FauldsFaulds Member Posts: 895

    No, because the map i hate the most is gideon meat plant (as a killer). And, as a survivor, no map frightens me in particular.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,278

    RPD is way too big and hard to get around, it's a freaking maze.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,762

    The map is way too big and maze like, it's easy to get lost, totems are nearly impossible to find, and there are a couple infinites. This map is horrible.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,475

    Stop the hate - was the same Hawkins...

    If you play it a few times you get used to the layout.

  • BafflingMoronBafflingMoron Member Posts: 7

    Nah it’s enjoyable as killer

  • TrickstaaaaaTrickstaaaaa Member Posts: 1,256
    edited February 6

    The map is not as bad tbh for both sides. Because as killer you can get a nice 3, or even 4 gen set up. You can shut down the one half of the map. As survivor all you have to do is make sure to get one gen done on each side, and to complete the middle gen. And with that you can call it a wrap. For me haddonfield and the badham realm are my least favorite maps.

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513

    that's true. the right side of the map (including the main room) and the left side (including the main room) would both be mediocre maps on their own.

    also, it's a bit too complex and cluttered.

    (for context, I said no because I don't think there's a worst map. If there was though, it'd be RCPD)

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,278

    Hawkins was nothing like RPD other than it being an indoor map.

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 4,302

    In terms of how fun the map is to play, it's def one of the worst


    I will say one thing about RPD, once you learn it - it's one of the most static maps in the game. Barely anything changes about it, which you could argue is a point against it but for survivors/killers map RNG plays a big part in deciding who wins or loses. Once the few god pallets are gone, all RPD has is annoying long corridors, a god window and really weird generator spread.

    Let me put it this way: The generator spread can either heavily favour survivors (only 1 gen in the center and the rest divided) or it can have 2 generators in the middle, giving the killer a huge advantage.

    It's a bad map, there's no question in my mind about that but it's not the absolute worst map. I'm comfortable saying i would rather play on RPD than Fractured Cowshed or Haddonfield.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

    It's not the best, but at least it has a creative spark. In my opinion, some of the oldest maps are the worst - by virtue of their lack of creativity.

    I'd rather have 3 matches in a row on RPD than a single match in that 1 autohaven map that has no structures and just a shack in the middle. It's just drab, uninspired and boring.

  • SmoeSmoe Member Posts: 636

    I'll take any in-door maps over outdoor maps any day.

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