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6 and a half days, still no 6000 shards as promised.

I've been waiting for 6 and a half days now to receive my iridescent shards for Bubba's cosmetics being removed, this site used to have a disclaimer saying people would be getting their shards and that the issue is being worked on, and yet here I am, still with no shards, and there's no more disclaimer about the shards, seemingly as if the issue has been "resolved"

I have progress for this achievement, I played Bubba for at least one game before the required date, and I still do not have the shards I was promised.

Please fix this, some compensation would be nice for having had to wait so long, especially considering the fact some claim they received double the amount, and a friend of mine, who doesn't even own the Leatherface DLC, got 6000 shards for some reason. They haven't even had the game for a year.


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