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My life as a killer, A short story for both sides to enjoy

lonesomekilllonesomekill Applicant Posts: 246
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Get home from work, shower,play with cat, dinner, log in to dbd. Legion tonight, savoy and dip, beer, lets go. 45 secs and first down, its the sarge(why *cough why), guilt, too fast, i let him wiggle free, 2 secs later a gen pops😒. Get torched by meg, i kick a gen, take that meg, torched again by meg. Gas mask nea destroys me in chase, i get 4 hooks, 0 kills, we all dance at gate, GGs. Later on, David! Put on a damn shirt, i chase kate denson, still chasing kate denson 😆. Claudette come on! Stop healing, at least give me the meg. I get torched by meg. My first kill, poor dwight. Shirtless david stuns me with pallet and shakes his ass at me. Its awkward and i run away. Later my second kill 🥳 but its a pity suicide from a gas mask nea 😔 thankyou sweetheart RIP. Then the horror, chased by 2 idiots with torches and flash bombs, i down feng but she disappears, DC? No there she is way over there ☹. Im told in chat i suck and should die. Hey! I know i suck. It gets worse so i turn off xbox. Take a shower in my clothes, scrub my hands but the dirt wont come off. I put on my pjs, and cry myself to sleep while i spoon my cat. I hope to dream of the nice groups, but no, its meg with a torch. The next day i get home from work, shower, play with cat, dinner and log in again. Why?

Because i LOVE it!

Thankyou survivors, seriously. I love you too meg. I hope this puts a smile on some faces 😀

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