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DS is still not an anti tunnel perk.

SquidBadSquidBad Member Posts: 56
edited February 3 in General Discussions

The time DS gets it's greatest value is when the killer is not tunneling, but going for the only survivor left in the end game. As an example: gate is open, survivors unhook a guy. They each take hits, or they don't. If they take hits everyone gets out. If they don't take hits, the guy is downed, and can freely crawl out as the last survivor. If they have DS, the killer is stabbed for picking up the only remaining survivor in the trial.

Another example of where DS is not an anti tunnel perk, but is actually a forced 60 second game extension is something I can actually showcase.

If I had left her on the ground to find hatch I would have not had this issue. Therefore DS is acting as an unnecessary game extension and it should deactivate if the survivor is the last in the trial.



  • BirdSpiritBirdSpirit Member Posts: 186

    It's fine imo. I get DS'd a lot because ppl that just get unhooked run through a hag trap 10 sec after the unhook and get slapped. If it's only 2 people left and one is hooked, I'll let the hooked person die first and wait the DS out/find hatch.

  • KrimbarKrimbar Member Posts: 200
    edited February 3

    If you look at how DS was originally working, you could say they pulled a 180 on that perk, from literally attacking the killer and denying a regular hook, to making it only intended to be used as a defense against tunneling with a seemingly unintentional byproduct of being still powerful when used offensively.

  • SquidBadSquidBad Member Posts: 56

    oh, its the "DS already got nerfed" argument. It literally doesn't matter. One nerf doesn't rule out another nerf. It doesn't matter that it used to be more powerful, it's only the current state of the perk that matters for future changes.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,304
    edited February 3


    If it wasn't for the possibility of aggressive locker use, I'd be fine with DS.

    It can be a very annoying perk at times, but I understand it's need.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 837

    Honestly, I hated the old DS but the new one is fine. It punishes hardcore tunneling as it should and even allows for some interesting interactions where survivors fake certain actions just to bait me into eating the DS. I have zero problems with the perk as it is because even when I groan while eating a DS I know that this survivor has done nothing to progress the game.

    Say what you want, I think they made DS a pretty good perk that should stay as it is.

  • dallasmedicbagdallasmedicbag Member Posts: 571

    seems like an average trapper game to me

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,371

    Of course not. Best anti tunnel perk is Devour Hope by a lot

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,498

    Well, I mean, it is still anti tunnel. It is just socially acceptable to tunnel during end game. I guess? At least the reasonable survivors would agree. Those other ones, we all know.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,731

    lol you are just really unlucky, perk is fair as intended.

  • LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 292
    edited February 3

    I think last year (pre nerf), the perk was too strong. Post nerf, DS is a joke imo. The amount of time it provides until you're finally tunneled out of the match isn't worth the perk slot imo.

    Oh, did i mention that your're completely useless for a whopping 60 seconds? That's about 1/5 to 1/4 of a match. WoW :D

    Also many killers be like: "Hey [Insert your favourite Smart AI here], start a 60s timer.".

    This trick works especially well with Bubba or the Trickster :)

    I rather get tunneled (if the killer can get me) out of the match and go for the next match, because i don't want to play that kind of match anyway.

    Also BT isn't a viable anti tunneling perk too, because i think many people should be able to count to 12. Bad luck if another Survivor pre dropped every pallet nearby :D

    Well, BT is stil much better than DS, so you're pretty much screwed if you don't take it.

  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 978

    DS is in a good spot right now. It helps prevent tunnels because Killer's are mostly afraid of it, but in reality, it isn't as bad as it's made out to be. The nerf, which was pretty necessary, removed a lot of the invulnerability aspect of it, and made it pretty fair overall.

    It's really in a more niche spot now after the various tweaks to it. It'll give you some immunity right after a hook, but really, even if you land it how much time does it give you? Killers can just go after the unhooker, you can Make Your Choice y'know. It's really only 100% useful in the end game when it can mean the difference between a death and an escape. I see way too many people DS a Killer and get knocked down almost immediately. The distance it affords you is negligible except at extremely high MMR where 1/2 seconds count.

    I honestly would rather have a team with DS instead of a team with DH or BT (if I could make a choice). DS really feels quite well balanced, shockingly enough.

  • PleassBuiltInNoedPleassBuiltInNoed Member Posts: 617

    You literary won, what more do you need from this match?

  • Astral88Astral88 Member Posts: 58

    DS is absolutely fine. It’s not giving as much value anymore as it was supposed to give and as an anti tunnel perk it absolutely serves it purpose. If you become greedy, then this is not considered as an argument for a nerf of a perk.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,613

    Make it non-functional once the last gen is finished and I'd be fine with it. I'd even support buffing it from there.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,202
    edited February 3

    There were several ways where you would have been able to avoid this situation.

    But I agree, it is not an Anti-Tunnel-Perk since it does nothing against tunneling at all.

  • Astral88Astral88 Member Posts: 58

    I hope you are joking, cause if so, that rly is a bad joke.

  • oreoslurpeeoreoslurpee Member Posts: 44

    honestly, DS doesn’t need a timer at all. it got nerfed where if you do an action then it’ll cancel so just remove the timer because it’s not fair that a killer can continue to tunnel you and avoid your DS by slugging you for a minute or less

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,613

    Nope. DS should not be usable during the last leg of the game IMO, but I think buffing it as compensation if they remove that is fine.

  • Astral88Astral88 Member Posts: 58

    I think different here. Quite so often I've noticed tunnelling and camping at the end game as well. Killers should not be rewarded by one of the less possibilities to help survivors to screw them even more over.

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252
    edited February 3

    I have to agree. DS isnt anti-tunneling at all. And yes, the only value is in endgame scenarios. So Killers have perks for endgame use only, but survivors arent allowed? Killer entitlement and double standards again.

    And to those situation:

    1. you just failed your objective at all. several survs alive in edgame = your fault, unhook gets through without hook trade = your fault, players bodyblocking or using the one perk that didnt do anything the entire game before = thats how its played.
    2. you didnt wait with the hook til second to last surv was dead on hook = your fault, you didnt wait until hatch was spawned to close it while surv was slugged = your fault. and a totally rng based situation with spawning the hatch right next to the survivor LOL

    So to be hoonest, you just did several mistakes and still complain about a perk that doesnt even do whats its proclaimed to do? Sigh.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,487

    Really? It doesn't stun a tunneling killer and buy the user time to get to a loop and waste more of the killers time? It doesn't buy the user time during endgame to run out an open gate? It doesn't give the team a chance to work together to distract the killer and help the tunneled person break LOS and sneak away? How much more powerful does it need to be to make you happy? Should it stun the killer for ten seconds while fully healing you and teleporting you away to the opposite side of the map?

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,613

    Survivors should not have such a massive safety net at the end of the game that can effectively guarantee an escape. I would rather they have better anti-camping/tunneling safeguards in the earlier parts of the game.

  • HermitHermit Member Posts: 192

    DS is actually in a good spot right now. If a killer really wants to tunnel one player out early they might have to deal with three health states on an injured survivor (if they get greedy and active BT).

    Disabling it during EGC is the only point in question because during EGC tunneling and camping don’t exist, the hooked survivor is the only remaining objective for the killer. And it punishes killers that didn’t tunnel the whole game.

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